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  • How can I drop assault charges?

    I live in Texas, and a friend of mine assaulted me the other night and ran off by the time I called the police. I filed a complaint and pressed charges. He has a little girl, and pays child support. I just know that if he goes to jail, then that will affect her. I have no intention of ever communicating with or seeing him again. I was just wondering if it was possible to drop the charges, and how. Also, will I still have to give a verbal or written statement even if i want to drop the charges?

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  • Do I have kidney stones?

    I've had a few recurring UTI's within the last 5 months. (Also...for the past 10 months, I've had blood in my urine in almost every lab work prior to some of my UTI's and the doctor said that it wasn't an alarming count and to not worry about it) About a week ago, I had symptoms of the beginning of a UTI....urgency, frequency, and flank/back pain (but no burning). My doctor started me on Ciprofloxacin and told me that if things didn't progress by the end of the week to call back. Things didn't get better, and he put me on Augmentin. I'm still having the urgency and frequency and flank pain. The flank pain ranges from a dull radiating pain to sharp pains that could send me to the floor. Could this be a UTI and I'm just "immune" to the antibiotics or is there a possibility that I have kidney stones?

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  • Is there any relation between tinnitus and taking Benicar?

    I'm currently taking Benicar HCT. Around late December/early January my doctor put me on Benicar. By mid-February, I had a terrible rushing noise in my ear (pulsates with my heart beat). I had just gotten over the flu, so I thought I just had an ear infection. I finally went to an ENT doctor, and she informed me that I didn't have an ear infection and that I should follow up w/my primary doctor. I had an appt w/him in July, still had tinnitus, and the Benicar wasn't really helping my blood pressure either. So he put me on Benicar HCT. I tried mentioning the problem with my ear, and he blew it off saying that it's probably because of my blood pressure. I just think it's awfully strange that I have these problems w/my ear barely a month after starting Benicar. Could the Benicar be the cause of my ear problem?

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  • Can I take birth control pills while taking high blood pressure medication?

    I'm 24 years old and currently taking Benicar HCT for my high blood pressure. I used to take Estrostep Fe about 4 years ago, but switched to the Depo Provera shot because the Estrostep raised my blood pressure (I wasn't taking any bp meds then). I stopped taking the shot after a year of receiving them because the side effects were unbearable. So, now that I'm taking meds to control my bp, would my doctor think it's safe to start the pill again?

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  • What can I do about pet insurance?

    My cat ended up swallowing some thread and will most likely need surgery (I'll find out later on from the vet today).

    I want to be more prepared in the future (financially) for anything that may happen to my cat, and a friend suggested that I get pet insurance. I never thought or realized that there was such a thing. Where can I obtain pet insurance, what are the price ranges, and does every vet clinic accept them?


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  • Should I get another male kitten?

    I currently have a 14 month old male cat that's neutered. My cousin's cat had kittens and she has one male left and wants to give it away. I'd love to have another kitten, but I'm worried about future issues. Should I be concerned about my older cat spraying even though he has never sprayed before? What about fighting? Or territorial issues? Is there a chance that my older cat will start urinating or pooping outside the litter box? What can I do to prevent all of this? Or would it be best to wait until a female kitten is available?

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  • Roth IRA or 401K?

    I'm a recent college graduate and I'm already thinking about saving for the future. Which one is better (Roth IRA or 401K), and why?

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  • Have you ever tried the Cabbage Soup Diet?

    If much weight did you end up losing? Did you use anything else to give the soup more flavor? Did you find the diet worth doing?

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  • How can I get my cat to gain weight?

    I have a male kitten that's probably a little over 7 months and neutered. It'll normally take him an entire day to eat 1 can of cat food. I leave a bowl of hard food out that he can nibble on through the day, and I also give him another can of cat food at night if he's finished the first one, but he normally nibbles on that a little bit.

    My aunt has a cat that's pretty big....She'll feed him his can of soft food in the kitchen (he eats about 2 a day), but puts his hard food and water in the laundry room. Does someone have a reason as to why she may do this?

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  • What about Science Diet?

    Some people love it. Some people hate it. What are the pros and/or cons? The vet that I'm going to take my kitten to, gives out a box of free Science Diet samples. I'm just kind of interested as to what's so special about it and what makes it different from any other cat food like Friskies or 9 Lives.

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  • When do cat's stop growing?

    My kitten is almost 6 months (if not already). I'm wondering when he'll stop growing, just to kind of get a general idea if he'll be pretty big or not when he's older. My cousin has a cat (7 years old) that's related, somehow, to my little kitty and he's HUGE. Should I expect the same?

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  • When do I neuter my cat?

    I've heard that the best time to get a cat neutered is at 6 months. But what are the pros/cons of getting it done earlier? Like at 4 or 5 months? I've heard things like: "My cat will stay small if I get him neutered too soon." My kitten was a stray that stayed at my aunt's house before I brought him here, so we're all only guessing/estimating that he's about 12 to 14 weeks. So, I'm want to get him neutered before he gets his first heat and starts spraying things. kittens stay small (weight and frame wise) or do they continue to get bigger?

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  • What do I do about my super-hyper kitten?

    I have a kitten that is about 12 to 14 weeks old. I understand that kittens have LOADS of energy and need to release that somehow. However, my little Boxer runs as if he's hallucinating. He shoots in between the blinds jumps up the wall, runs into things. He'll sit still and then runs as fast as he can, and just repeats the cycle. My mother has 2 cats back home. When they were kittens, they weren't nearly as hyper as my little one. I know that he needs to release his energy, but is there any way I can get him to slow down just a little bit?

    I've heard tips like feeding a cat soft food that contains turkey b/c it will make them sleep. I've also heard that once they're neutered, they're calmer and less aggressive. etc etc. What should I do?

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