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  • Do I have A Chance With This Job?

    I had a interview August 8, 2013 well more like a screening that included me and some other people, after the interview the person that was interviewing me said they will call you for a drug test and check your background check. I asked how long you think it's going to take before they call me she said she don't know. So yesterday my friend got a call from someone asking about me my friend is one of my personal references. What you think that means since someone called one of my references? Do you think the job got my background check information back first before they called my personal reference or is they just waiting till the background information come back so they can call me and ask is im still interested in working there?

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  • This Job is starting to make me wonder now.?

    Okay so I sent my resume to a job and told them I had experience in that field,etc. so they told me if I want to apply for the position and have my application on file just come up there and get one. So I went up there and got a application, and before I sent the application back I sent them a email to make sure they really was hiring so to my surprise they already hired someone before I even went and got a application so im thinking to myself why they didn't just tell me that when I went and got the application. They could've of simply said yes we hire someone for the position already, but thanks for your interest. So hey I figure they want call me for a interview so I went on with my life then maybe a week in a half later after I sent my application back they sent me a rejection letter saying the position has been filled etc. I wasn't surprised so I was like hey stuff happen so maybe another a week in a half later they got the nerves to call me and schedule me for a interview, I was confused at this point because they just rejected me. So I went to the interview the interview lasted like 10 minutes not long at all, so after my interview the person that was interviewing me said the hiring manager should be contacting you for a second interview so asked how long that will be she said I don't know it should be soon. So I left the interview and a month has passed and haven't heard from the hiring manager yet so I was like hmmm. So I sent them a email out of curious and asked them I had a interview about a month ago and I suppose to hear back for a second interview and I haven't yet so I was just wondering has the position been filled. So I got a email back saying yes the position has been filled thanks for your interests,and the hiring manager was very impressed with your application and we will attach this email to your application. So I said forget it they just playing now so today they called me asked me can I come in for a interview Monday and she also mentioned that the job requires a lot of housekeeping why do they keep calling me if they really don't want me?

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  • Do you all agree with me on this one?

    Relationships don't happen these days, because people go in for the wrong reasons. She got a nice body, he fine he might not have what all I want, but he fine. I'm just with her because she's looks good (etc) , all that shouldn't matter. People cheat all the time, how people on the outside gone want the relationship they want when they see or hear is totally different, (but that shouldn't stop you). Many people always go just because they just want to have sex with that particular person ( oh i just want to **** you. You see why you get the feedback you get. People these days ain't got time for games they to real for that ****. Put out what you want in a relationship who want's a immature relationship, you should wan't a mature relationship them the ones that last the longest. Don't lose hope but don't lose your mind either. GOD will bring you that person when he knows you capable and really ready to be in a relationship until then stay to yourself and true to your own word.

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