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  • Is there any way to use the Page Source of a page to find out when that page was posted?

    I want to use a page as a source for my research project but I'm not allowed to use a web page unless there is a date to show when it was posted. Is there any way I can search through the Page Source of the page to somehow find out when the page was posted, or last updated? Because I can't find it anywhere on the page. Thanks!

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  • What Is The Name Of This Game?

    So I'm trying to remember the name of this game I played a long time ago at a friends house. I can't exactly remember what system it was on but you started out small, and then you would roll on things and the more you rolled on the larger you would get and the more things you could roll on. It might have been made by Sega. Thanks!

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  • Science Research Topics?

    I need some topics for my science research class. They need to be specific. Thanks!

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  • Is there freedom of speech in Brazil?

    Is there freedom of speech in Brazil?

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  • Suggestion for a book for me to choose for English?

    Anyone have a suggestion for a book for me to choose for an English oral report? I would like a non-fiction book. I'm interested in Technology, Science, Math, Mystery, stuff like that. If it's Mystery and fiction thats ok, but i would prefer non-fiction.

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  • Plugging An XBox 360 Into My Computer Monitor?

    I recently ordered an XBox 360 and I got a suggestion to place it in my room and plug it into my computer monitor. I have a 22 Inch computer monitor with an HDMI plug to play the XBox on HD. Do you think it would be worth playing it on my monitor or playing it in my basement with a larger TV, just not HD? Thanks.

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  • When is the next XBox 360 Coming Out?

    I want to get an Xbox 360 and I want to make sure that there is enough time before the next Xbox 360 is coming out so there will be plently of time to play with my friends.

    So, does anybody know when the next Xbox 360 (Like the Xbox 720 or whatever) is coming out? Thanks.

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  • Call Of Duty 4 Problem Please Help?

    Alright. I play Call Of Duty 4 on my PC. Whenever I go into a server with Search and Destroy, for some reason I get an error that says "Kicked By Punk Buster. Corrupt File/Memory"

    So I found out that this is because I have a cracked .exe.I have a cracked .exe so I don't have to keep putting my disc to play Call of Duty. I didn't realize that you didn't need the disc for multiplayer, so i also got a cracked multiplayer .exe. So, I patched the game after I got the cracked multiplayer exe (so my cracked MP exe is at 1.7), and then found out about this error. So I want to switch back to my regular exe since I saved it, but now i realize that the normal .exe is still at the 1.6 Patch. Whenever I try to update it from 1.6-1.7 it says that I already have the 1.7 Patch and that I don't need it, so it doesn't install. So now I'm stuck at the 1.6 patch. Is there any way to fix this?? Thank you!

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  • How are the DNA bands made visible after 'running the gel'?

    This is a question I have that I need to do for homework and I can't seem to find. If anyone could help that would be great. Once again, the question is:

    How are the DNA bands made visible after 'running the gel'?

    The topic is restricting DNA by the way.

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  • Science-Research Ideas?

    I need to get 2 Research Ideas for Science class. The idea can't be too vague but there has to be enough information on it so I can research get and get a lot of facts. An example would be Narcolepsy, its not too vague yet there is a lot of information on it. Thanks!

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  • Digital Movie Creator Vista ?

    I own a Digital Blue Movie Creator 2.0. I use it as my web-cam to do video chats. I recently got a new computer that came with Vista and my Camera does not work on it. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Such as get a driver for Vista or something like that? Thanks!

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  • A Question About RAM?

    Alright, this is just a question about the RAM in my computer. I have Vista 64-Bit Edition with 4 GB of RAM. If I go into my Task Manager, it says Total RAM - 4094, Cached RAM - 2997, and Free RAM - 40. When I'm playing a game such as Call of Duty 4, the Free RAM can go down to 0 and the Cached RAM will go down to something around 2800. I'm just wondering why does the Free RAM go to 0, and if this is a problem of some sort. I'm just interested, the game works fine but I just noticed it and got interested. Thanks.

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  • Call Of Duty 4 Problem!?

    Ok. So, I bought Call Of Duty 4, and after I installed it I realized it didn't run on my computer. I've already used the serial key and everything. I now have a new computer, so I transferred the Call of Duty 4 folder to my new computer using my external hard drive. Now I found out that I can't find the box anymore and to play online I need my serial key. I searched up a lot of things and learned that you can find the serial key using RegEdit. So I tried this, went where i was supposed to go but I could not find it. Now I found out that there is no registry file in my Call Of Duty 4 folder. Is there any other way I can get my serial key? Or maybe create a Call of Duty 4 registry file? Thank you!

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  • How do you use RegEdit on an external hard drive?

    I want to run RegEdit on my external hard drive, does anybody know how? Thank you!

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  • I'm wondering if this is a decent video card?

    I want to buy a new computer and I want to customize one using Dell. The only video card I can add to the computer is an

    ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is a good video card. I'm thinking of playing Spore and Call Of Duty 4 on my computer and other games too. Thanks!

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  • World Of Warcraft Problem. Please help!?

    Well I'm playing on a private server with a few of my friends. I installed the full game from the trial, got hamachi, and tried to loggin. It would say success and then make me press cancel and then it would say "Session Expired" and nothing would happen. Somebody please help!

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  • Oblivion Running Slow. Help!?

    I just got Oblivion and found that it goes slow. I have a 256 Mb NVidia GeForce 5500FX video card and 512 Mb of RAM. I've tried everything from changing the resolution and so on. Now another problem I have is that for example: I'll fast travel to let's say the Imperial Palace. When I get there, there is a rendering problem with the land. It looks like me and everyone else is walking in water. But, I know it's not water because I've seen what it actually looks like on my friends XBox 360 and also it just doesn't look like water at all. The rest of the Imperial Palace looks great, but everything still runs very slow.

    Now something I found out is that is that while playing the game, I only have about 15 Mb of RAM left which is not good and I am thinking maybe that is why the game is running so slow. Another thing is that I see that it is taking a lot of memory from the Hard Drive and the Hard Drive memory is a lot slower than the RAM memory. So I am thinking of getting more RAM.

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  • How to insert iPod Nano Video into a Belkin Remix Metal case?

    Well I just got a Belkin Remix Metal case for my 3rd Gen iPod Nano Video, and there are no instruction as to how to put the iPod into the case. I believe you are supposed to pop out the metal part but I'm afraid that if you are not supposed to it will bend and maybe break. Please help, thanks.

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  • I Can't Access My PS2 Memory Card!?

    Well I put in Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80s which I just got and tried to play it when I realized my memory card didn't have enough space to save it. So I restarted the system, went to Browser and when the Memory Card popped up I tried pressing "X" to go into it, see all my saves, and delete some to make room, but when I pressed "X" it just wouldn't do anything. I would keep pressing "X" and it wouldn't go to the memory card, it just wouldn't do anything. Even more odd, if there is a disc also inside and I try to press Right to go to the disc, it goes for a split second and automatically goes back to highlighting the memory card. Somebody please help me!

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  • Working Out Question?

    Would you get results faster by lifting heavier weights, but not lifting them that many times, or lifting lighter weights and lifting them many times? Also, what are some techniques to get results fast on your arms (biceps/triceps), abs, and legs? Thanks.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago