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50/50 bi, same-sex married, left-leaning libertarian redneck woman who moved from Florida to NYC for love. I'm proud of all those things. I'm always willing to try to help, unless you're just blatantly insulting. I love pandas, NASCAR, swimming, surfing, vegetarian cooking, and just about every type of music except classical, opera, and jazz. That scent of orange blossoms and chlorine? It's me! My main blog is at: My MySpace is at: (Everyone who would know says I was like Lilo from the movie Lilo and Stitch growing up!)

  • A custom background for a Blogger blog?

    Does anyone know how to add a custom background to a Blogger (a/k/a Blogspot) blog? I found some great ones, but I'm finding the HTML a bit intimidating. Specifically, where in the HTML would I put it? I use the Ms. Moto template, if that helps.

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  • Have y'all read the Rolling Stone article about Tony Stewart?

    It's on the cover of their newest issue! It has great pictures. But you can read it on their website, too.

    I love how it went beyond the sanitized tone that NASCAR has been trying to push, and I still have a crush on him, but the question "Why is that boy still single?" got answered for me.

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  • About Kyle and Carl--anyone else disappointed...?

    ...that they used their cars to fight and not their fists?

    Seriously, that bit of bumper cars at the end was cowardly, and disrespectful to the crews who work hard to put good cars together. Even Jeff Gordon shoved Matt Kenseth a couple years back. Wouldn't a real fight have given the fans something worthwhile to watch? It's not like either one had to worry too much about points penalties.

    Also, if Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards did get into a fist fight, which one do you think would win? Carl has muscles, but Kyle has mean.

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  • Would you pet a baby bear for a dollar?

    News story:

    A man baited a baby black bear at a zoo with honey buns, managed to steal him, took him to a truck stop, and charged a dollar to pet him. The little guy is now safe at home with his mother and brother.

    The question: Would you have petted the baby bear if you were at that truck stop? I have always wanted to; I'd have had a very hard time resisting the urge and calling the police instead!

    How about y'all?

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  • Is it good to know that Focus on the Family has some shame?

    A few weeks ago, one of their staffers, Stuart Shepard, made a "funny" video askng people to pray that Barack Obama's prime-time speech at the Mile High Stadium in Denver gets rained out. This when millions of Americans have recently dealt with either droughts or flooding.

    Well, it took bloggers getting mad and Keith Olbermann calling Shepard "the worst person in the world" of the week and even Focus supporters and staffers getting very uncomfortable at this suggested use of prayer, but they actually pulled the video.

    I am actually relieved that some people associated with Focus have shame and/or don't think God is as much of a petty creep as Stuart Shepard. What do y'all think?

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  • Witches/Pagans, what do you do when you feel powerless?

    I feel like my magick doesn't do anything, like I can't do anything, like it doesn't matter whether I do anything or not. I don't not believe in the Gods; I don't doubt Them one bit. I seriously doubt that I am being heard, though. The things I desperately want aren't happening. The two people in this world I love most are hurting bad--my brother physically, my wife emotionally. And I can't help.

    I know I'm not the only Witch to ever feel this way; I just haven't read much about it and don't know how to bring this up to Witchy friends in real life. How do you shake that feeling off? How do you account for it?

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  • About "Make Me a Christian," British reality show...

    Article on a Christian website (they think it's great):

    13 non-Christians, including an atheist, a lesbian, a Muslim, and a Witch, gave up their normal lives for three weeks and had intensive Bible study and spiritual mentoring in Christianity.

    Non-Christians, would you appear on a show like this?

    Christians, do you think this is a good idea?

    And British users, have you seen this show, and can you tell us more about it?

    I wouldn't do it (I'm bi and Pagan) because I can't bear the thought of being separated from my wife for three weeks, but if I were single I might just to test my own strength of character.

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  • A Muslim holiday instead of Labor Day--why is this bad?

    I am referring to a situation at the Tyson Chicken processing plant in Tennessee, one that quite a few conservatives are riled up over. The new union contract makes Eid Al Fitr, not Labor Day, a paid holiday.

    Now, I love Labor Day and wouldn't want Eid Al Fitr substituted. Most of my company is not Muslim. Most of this processing plant's workers--700 out of 1,200--are Somali Muslims. I would think that this affects things.

    Also, wasn't the point of Labor Day to celebrate ordinary low wage workers? So if the majority would really prefer another day off, doesn't it make sense to let them have it?

    What do y'all think?

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  • What's the meanest thing you ever said to your younger brother/sister?

    This one's for older siblings.

    I'll start. I'm 7 1/2 years older than my brother. He reminded me of this tonight. Once when I was 12 and he was 5, I had to miss a party to babysit him. I did not get invited to a lot of parties. Then he decided that my new eyeshadow would make *great* fingerpaints!

    So I told him he was adopted. When he pointed out that he had a little T-shirt from the hospital where he was born, I told him that his real parents left him there because he was too ugly and that our mother, who was only there for a physical, only took him home because she felt sorry for him.

    He's forgiven me...sort of. Now. Has anyone else been that mean, or meaner?

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  • Have you ever totalled your own Yahoo! Group?

    Like, one you founded? Why, and how did you feel about it?

    I did it tonight. It was about a controversial topic (I'm not going to mention which one because I don't want to taint peoples' viewpoints.) I didn't mind arguing; I did mind people calling each other names and a few very loud bullies in the group. The bullies were quicker to start fights than I was able to keep peace, and I do have a life outside the computer, so...I walked out and handed it to the first person who said they wanted it, and I know almost for certain it'll be dead within a month.

    Does anyone have a similar experience?

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  • Witches/Pagans, have you ever been tempted to do a ritual for...

    ...a professional athlete or sports team?

    I'm asking because my favorite NASCAR driver (Tony Stewart) is having a horrible run of bad luck right now, and the more my non-Pagan friends tease me about how "maybe you should do a spell for him," the more reasonable it sounds!

    Now, I'm not going to do it because I don't think the Gods actually care who wins the Sprint Cup championship this year; I'm just wondering if anyone has been tempted to *try* it. Or have you actually done it? :-)

    Note to non-Pagans: Yes, I know this sounds a bit weird. Note to conservative Christians: We already know you think we're going to hell.

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  • Pagans, is Samhain a good wedding date?

    A couple Pagan friends of mine are wondering. One says yes, the other is iffy on it, and their daughter would prefer not to miss trick-or-treating. I don't think it's all that good, either, but it *is* a New Year and a time for ending the old and beginning the new.

    What would you think? It won't have any bearing on anything, but I'm curious.

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  • Is this a good thing for atheists and Pagans to do after the Rapture?

    An atheist at Craigslist has offered to care for Christians' pets after they get Raptured up.

    What do y'all think?

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  • Focus on the Family's prayer for rain--what do y'all think?

    This "humorous" Stoplight video from Focus on the Family asks people to pray for "torrential, small-stream-flooding, an umbrella ain't gonna help you rain" on a specific time and place.

    No, not any of the California fires. Denver, over the stadium where Barack Obama is set to deliver his nomination speech, that very night.

    As a Witch, I'm thinking, "And we're the ones who get accused of cursing other people?" I'm also thinking there are *much* better places to pray for rain if you're going to do that.

    What do y'all think?

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  • How bad did the Brickyard just *suck*?

    And what do you think could/should be done so this race, which is normally a pretty good one, isn't loused up like this again?

    I'm blaming the COT and Goodyear, myself. There should've been way more testing. But I'd like to hear other theories.

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  • Spiritually speaking, would it be too terribly tacky...?

    ...for a group of friends, mostly female but with two or three men in the group, to dress for Halloween as a group of FLDS members? One of the men in the group is inspired by current events and not bound by good taste--he dressed as Larry Craig last year by putting on a refrigerator carton with wingtips (the better for demonstrating his wide stance) and a pair of suit pants that he kept down.

    Also, how would you react, and would you try it yourself?

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  • Evolutionary changes within the past 40 years--what do y'all think?

    I found this so amazing when I read it. Yesterday, Olivia Judson, an evolutionary biologist, blogged about evolutionary changes that have happened in the past *40 years* for the NYT. It's really cool. What do you think about it, and the examples she cites?

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  • Has anyone done this at Starbucks?

    I have always made a point of ordering "small, medium, or large" instead of their ridiculous mixed-language terms. I feel like if I'm paying them, I'm not obligated to learn how to talk like a pretentious idiot in order to get their product. I have persisted even when I get "corrected".

    Has anyone else done this? And yes, I know it's kind of petty.

    So glad my office has sent me on coffee runs to McDonald's instead lately, where I can order in English, and that Starbucks stores aren't coming up like weeds anymore! I'm lovin' it! :-)

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  • Question for Christians *and* atheists, about horoscopes...?

    Do you read them? Do you credit them at all?

    I ask Christians specifically because I was taught as a little Christian girl that they are anti-God, and atheists because officially y'all aren't spiritual at all.

    Yet I know that there aren't a lot of Pagans or New Agers in America, not enough to keep the horoscopes in every newspaper in this country, and I noticed my favorite atheist reading her birthday horoscope for the year today. :-)

    So, why?

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  • Does James Dobson's involvement in this election annoy you?

    He seems to think his "endorsement" will just make or break John McCain and the Republican party. Now he's generously considering giving McCain his endorsement.

    Does anyone else find this--I don't know--a bit arrogant and high-handed on his part? Or, alternately, does it matter to you how and who he endorses?

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