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State Trooper / SWAT / Narcotics Officer....... Been 5 1/2 years @ Penn State College....... Going for my BS / Crime Scene Investigator. ...LOVIN" EVERY MINUTE OF MY JOB(S)...!!Proud mommy of 2 girls.....16, and 11......... Widowed.........

  • Not Type 1 or 2 but all the signs of type 1 diabetes and gaining weight?

    I did my 5 hour fast, and I have a A1C of 5. I now know I'm not diabetic, although I thought I was Type 1. I keep gaining weight. I'm 5'8, and always weighed in at 130- 140 my entire life. Out of the blue, I started passing out, slurred speech, dizzy, etc... So, I tested my blood sugar, and it was 71. Okay, to most of you that sounds GREAT~Right? Well, I pass out when mine drops below 70. My blood sugar has always been 109-119 until I started taking Topamax for headaches. After going off that drug, my blood sugar has been so messed up (very low for me).

    And BTW, I did not lose 1 pound taking Topamax (found out it's a weight loss drug as well).

    I do NOT eat chips, ice cream, cookies, fatty foods, as a matter`a`fact, I hate those foods. I drink Diet Sunkist, eat green beans, stewed tomatoes, cottage cheese (limit 1 cup a day), boiled egg, ~ you get my point, BUT, I gained 10 pounds! I walk my dogs, I am active, so this has me at a loss!

    Gaining weight w/out fatty foods, blood sugar drops for NO reason.

    I'm open to ANY and ALL Suggestion.

    Before anyone says, IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD ~ save it... No it's NOT! I don't pass out on purpose, and I sure want to lose weight, NOT GAIN! I'm not putting on pounds for the heck of it*

    I have seen 3 Doctors, and ALL I'm getting is....... I dunno!

    I hope someone has an intelligent answer here. This Yahoo Answers is getting ridiculous, and I'm never on here anymore due to "kids" sitting in their easy chair, eating cheetos, with nothing better to do than be mean!

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  • My Female Husky Puppy Eats Over People ?

    Does anyone know why a [female] husky puppy likes to eat over my Rott, and people ? Without fail, I give both my dogs treats, and the husky pup walks over to chew (rawhide, bones, etc...) over my Rotts head/body, or wants to chew over my lap, or legs. I've never had a husky. Is this normal ? Do all husky puppies do this ? Do they grow out of it ?

    I've always owned Rotts, and have never had one do this. It seems odd to me, but then again, it might be the breed...?

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • Do I have a right to know if my son is dead or alive ? Indiana Law ?

    My son is 38. Do I have a right to know, if he's dead or alive ? Let me explain what happened :

    My son has been very ill. From birth to age 14, the doctors said he wouldn't live to see age 40. He's

    been married, and divorced, then remarried (I think they're married). He can not have children, and

    this woman he's with, has 13 grandchildren, and 2 daughters (my son's age). The daughter was in

    prison, had a baby, and asked my son to adopt her. He agreed. This woman has held the baby over

    my sons head! Demanded he pick her over his entire family, OR he would lose the baby! If it wasn't

    for HER daughter, my son wouldn't have a baby!

    She called me (after my son picked the baby), and told me she was going to spread his ashes when

    he dies, and never tell us he's dead!

    I miss my son, and want to know if he's okay. She's worried too much about life insurance on him,

    made threats, had him arrested, and the list goes on. He only has 1 lung, and if he's hit, the doctor

    said "Immediate Death"!

    Does anyone know Indiana Law ? How can I find out if he's okay ? If he doesn't want us knowing where he's at, that's fine, just as long as he's safe/okay.

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  • Can ANYONE HELP me ???? PLZ ????

    I have a problem. Almost everytime I go online - doesn't matter if it's MSN , "IM" , Yahoo , ANY SITE - I get a white page , and it says ::: ABOUT BLANK .... I have to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del , and hit end task . I go back to check my email , and it does it again... It's doing it now *

    Does anyone know how to fix this ? I called Gateway - they haven't a clue (go figure) , and I am online College --- It messes me up and sometimes I lose my syllabus & forum page b/c of it .

    I have to hit end task , and start all over -

    Thxs in advance*

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  • NEED HELP - ANYONE - Cell Phone Toons- NOT Tones????



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  • 10wks Pregnant--Vaginal Problem--HELP???

    It seems everytime my husband & I have intercoarse , 2 days or so following , there is an oder from he))..... I'm scared to insert a douche..... Has anyone had , or have the same problem ? If so how do you get rid of the oder ? I've used anti-bacterial soaps , & I can't get rid of it .....

    BTW- I am 10 weeks pregnant , had a miscarriage 10/31/06 , AND before it's said , NO , I have NO STD's etc... I am an Indiana State Trooper , take very good care of myself , I've just never had this problem until I got pregnant . . . I'm trying to be careful - don't want to lose the baby . . .

    Any Help ?

    O , one more thing ---- I looked online for Home-Remedies ... Some say - Garlic - ?? Any truth to that ? They said , take a clove , wrap it in gauze , insert one hour & remove . . . Is that safe ?

    Any Help will be appreciated ...

    Thanks in advance . . .

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  • How would you react to this situation* women ??

    Ive been with this guy off and on since August.... Over the way I disipline my kids, he left.... ( meaning* I didn't beat the snot out of them when he thought they needed a spanking )..... He said sorry he was out of line, and we got back together...... He lives 45m away from me, and the drive for me is hard with kids....... He asked me to come on a week day (night), and I couldn't make it, so he texted me and said, dont try to cover up-- things happen-- I know its hard to keep up with all the men.... I dont cheat** So, we havent talked now for a week or so...... My grandpa just died at 11:30p (12/26)..... I texted him and was crying and said... MY GPA JUST DIED !!!! 10m AGO !!!! He texted back and said Im so sorry ! Thats it !!! Its 3:45a and he still hasn't called me ! Am I just being emotional because my grandpa just died, or am I right in thinking he should've at least called......???? He is mad at me, but still !!!! If Im just being emotional tell me ! Please !

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  • Best line on tatersalad, or Git-R-Done ???? Come on, make me laugh ! ??

    My two favorite comedians are tatersalad (Ron), and Larry the cable guy........ I need a good laugh...... Any jokes welcome........

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  • Any help would be appreciated.. Check cm....How to know ???

    Please no smart remarks..... Im really down right now... I lost my twin babies 10/31 (miscarriage)..... If you are trying to check your cm daily to notice the change----- How can you tell a difference in your cm v/s your husband ejaculating in you ??? I mean, if its stretchy when ovulating, and your husbands is sticky as well, how can you tell the difference ? OR can you ? Im not trying to sound dumb, I just need to know-------Would it be better not to have intercourse until you get the stretchy cm ? I dont know ? I started today, and I usually have a 26 day cycle...... Last period was 11/29....LH surge detected on 12/10...... Had intercourse 12/9, 12/11, 12/12 and so on..... I should have hit the day... ? ? ?

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  • Im curious..Im also 31, no minor here... Im not gay, but had a guy friend who is...Awesome person I might add?

    My Q is, what is it like..... I mean I couldn't imagine kissing another woman....... Especially two men.... ? ? ? I dont get it... Can someone explain to me, ???? Im not here to start an argument...Not at all.... Like I said Shelby is my friend, he is gay, but If I ask him he might get offended, and I mean no harm... Just curious... Thats all .... Also, dont know if this makes a difference or not, but ONLY when hes drunk---- sometimes he will hit on a pretty woman.........????? If he isn't drinking, he wants men.......

  • I have a Q... Why do people report others and then hide ? !!?

    If someone mislicks and spells wrong, or didn't exactly phrase a Q right, why do people REPORT ? AND then when you go to their profile , but no emails allowed ! If you report you should have the balls to come forward ! RIGHT !! ? We have people from all over on here...... Some talk different, some spell different, so whats up with this !!!???? Does yahoo watch the reporters and how many times they report ?? I feel if you dont wanna answer GO ON ! I think if your home NO ONES holding a gun to your head making you answer ! Why do people make fun ,report, and hide ? This question is to the people that do this !

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  • LADYS I NEED HELP..Please??? Blood-urine ? Levels??

    If I detected my LH surge on 12-10 with a digitl CB&Easy, had intercoarse on 12-9, 12-11, 12-12 , when would I have gotten pregnant.??? How many days do you have to wait even for blood ? I heard it can take 6-10 days for fertilization, and if thats true, how many days past fertilization do you have to wait..... My cycle runs about every 24-26 days...... Last period 11-27..... ???? My Dr said he wont clasify me pregnant until my levels are over 2,600....... I told them I was very early ! I know Im pregnant, so what do you advise ??? Thanks ahead of time for your kindness...One lady on here last night said WaYYYYY to EarlYYY. So what or when should I test..... My nerves, and job need to know..????

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  • Does ANYONE know why it takes 6months - 1yr for a healthy couple to conceive ????

    Im curious*** Why does it take a normal healthy couple that long to conceive ? What are they doing wrong ? OR whats the reason ? Why if timed right cant they get pregnant...... No std's, no stress (very little)......Whats going on with that ? I hear it all the time , but dont know the reason........... ????

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  • Dr appointment.. Blood draw..Levels ??? Help ??

    I go to the Dr today at 7PM for a blood draw...... IF Im pregnant, Im very EARLY.....Like 10-12 dpo........What should my levels be that early, OR is it still to early for blood draw ???

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  • Dr Appointment----Blood draw - pregnancy ? levels ?

    I am very early IF pregnant.... My Dr said Hes taking my blood at 7PM today...... Im scared of the results ! Does anyone know what my levels should be if Im 11 dpo ???? Or around 11 dpo ? Or is it still to early ?

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  • Ovulation?? Conseption ? Pregnancy ?? Period?

    K..... I detected my LH surge on 12-10......... Had intercoarse 12-9, 12-11, 12-12, and so on..........The only symptoms Im having is dull ache type cramps........ NO sore breast yet }......My last period started on 11-29-06, SO, when should my period come ? BY-THE-WAY, had a miscarriage 10-31-06, and a D&C was preformed........... If my LH surge was detected on 12-10, ??? Dont know exactly the day of ovulation........???? Any advise ? Did I miss my day possibly (intercoarse)...??? The pain is not a hurt like a period cramp, its more like a dull- ache type.......Comes and goes....When should I test (HPT)???

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  • ?????First Morning Urine. Can You ???????

    If you wake up, collect a sample, and use your first morning urine later on in the day, will / could it make the test wrong ? Im a state trooper, and in SWAT training, so I cant take a test right away...NO time.....I can collect it, and use it on my downtime....(break)........... Any advise ?

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  • Prenatal Vitamins Giving me headaches ????

    I have been taking Stuart prenatal vitamins + Nature Made Omega 3 fatty acid (1200mg ), .......Dont know if Im pregnant yet, but seems Im getting headaches more often....... Do you get headaches on them, or is it a sign of pregnancy? I ovulated on 12-10, or 12-12 ? So Im very early if pregnant......I dont remember getting headaches on them B-4....?

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  • For pregnant women only.......Please....?

    Ive asked in the ttc section, but you women are so much nicer... Upset they cant get pregnant or somethin'....? When you first found a week or two after conseption, what were your symtoms ? Heres my deal.....My LH surge was detected on 12-10... I had intercoarse on 12-9, 12-11, 12-12 and so on........ I feel cramps, some on my side, and around my ovaries.........I ate toast this AM and instant heartburn ! (had jelly on it).....My breast dont feel sore, ? Im a state trooper, and with SWAT........I take care of my body, and NO std's.........Whats your opinion ? O by the way, I took a CB&Easy digital test..when I took the test stick out, there was a VERY faint line...So faint its hard to see......???

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  • LADYS'~~~Did you start or are you pregnant ?

    Ladys', Id like to hear from the ones that had the period type cramps........Did you ever start, or did your pregnancy test come up positive ?

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