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  • What do you guys think is the best option for us?

    My husband is looking at moving jobs and I think its a bad idea at the moment cause I dont see any job security in the new role he has been offered.I dont want to make him feel like I dont want him to take it this cause of my insecurities but then again I do feel insecure about him taking this leap.He is really keen on it cause it pays better and has a better role.If he stay where he is he will get a better pay and a new role soon and he knows that but cant wait any longer for it.The only thing he wants is a good pay more than anything else to lead a better life! which is great but this company is brand new and we are in a foreign country and it scares me to think of him not having a job for a while if something goes bad with this.I have been playing devil advocate to him but I feel bad for him cause all he wants to do is give me a better life...what do u guys think of my predicament!! and what is the best way to put my point across.

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