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  • Why do autoshops think we are all stupid?

    My daughter has a 1995 neon that I bought her and the starter went bad and so I called some shops to get a quote. The quotes was 350 to 500. Dont believe me call and get some quotes yourself. They said oh man you have to take off the motor mounts and jack the motor up and roll it and the starter is like 200 and lie lie lie.

    Go to ebay buy starter 70.00

    Put the car in my garage open the hood starter on the front of the motor. Took loose left hand electric fan, took battery out(had to to get to one bolt) took starter out, put starter in, put fan back and one hour later the car was done.

    So why do they think we are all stupid?

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  • Why did HVAC people try to rip me off?

    Ok here is the deal. Blower goes bad on furnace, I know it is bad because I open the case and I can see it tryiing to move then it moves then it stops obviously a bad motor. Called a few heating compaines in central ohio and they all gave me an estimate of around $2300 to fix. I did it myself for $700.00 in 2 hours with the help of a relative that does it for a living (he watched and advised) How hard was it ? 2 thermostat wires, 2 electric wires, gas line, exhaust pipe. Saved $1600. Lies I was told by companies: Original furnace 46 years old, it will take 8 man hours, furnace is 40% was 65%, dont buy the other guys stuff it is louder. This is my warning to you they will rip you off in a second. I look like a guy from the revenge of the nerds so they assumed I am mechanically stupid, auctually I do all of my own mechanic work. So how can they lie to people like that and get away with it?

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  • 1985 virago firing issue?

    I have a 85 700 virago and here is its issue.

    Start it cold runs perfect

    in 2 mins one cylinder stops working.

    In 5 mins at 3000 rms or better starts working.

    No loss of power when both cylinders are working, no smoke, no vaulve clicking.

    New plugs.

    I am thinking bad coil, any other thoughts?

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  • Car loan questions on Ohio law?

    I am the first name on a car loan in the state of Ohio and I found out today my stepson has let the insurance lapse on the car. Can I get his name removed from the loan?

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