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  • why can't I find Crystal Light green tea honey lemon anywhere?

    This is all that my wife will drink and since Christmas I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Walmart, the local grocery stores, even quickie marts are all sold out. I tried online as well to no avail. and Amazon are sold out all together and it can be found on Ebay but for about four times the normal price. I haven't been able to find any answer as to what's going on with it, and Crystal Light themselves have not answered my requests for info. Does anyone have any idea of what happened to it? My wife is going through withdrawal and quite frankly I'm a bit scared from my safety if I can't find any for her!!! Thanks guys, I appreciate your time.

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  • Question about Medicare for my Mother....?

    My mother receives Medicare A&B (she is disabled), she also pays a monthly premium for coverage in my father’s group insurance through his work. She is under 65 and is permanently disabled; Medicare is deducted from her disability check each month. She is having a hard time understanding who pays what and how much of her medical bills. Medicare says they will not pay because her private insurance should pay, then she has to pay up to her $500.00 deductable out of pocket. Are there any groups that offer advice or help in deciphering Medicare coverage for people who can’t afford to hire legal help? They make just enough money to pay bills and get by and cannot afford the deductibles that both Medicare and the insurance charge. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  • Malware question for windows XP?

    I have finished doing a virus scan, and my f-secure scan informed me that it found packed.JS.Agent.Y, but was unable to clean it and all actions failed. Is this something I should be concerned about? If so any ideas on how to get rid of it? Thanks.

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  • Information on a rhizotomy?

    I have had lower back pain for over two years now. Initially I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk at the L1-L2 vertebrae. Since then I have had 4 steroid injections and a laminectomy preformed to no avail, (I had about two months pain free with the laminectomy, and the injections worked for a week at best). I have moved to another state and was referred to a new Ortho and started the process all over, except now the MRI shows that the disk has completely collapsed. I have received 4 more steroid injections from my new physician (at best one week pain free after the injection), and he has recommended that I have a rhizotomy. I know the general theory of the procedure and what it does/how it works. But I have found little more information about it. I want to know, if it works, how long it works, and are there any major side effects with it. Would I be better off opting for a major surgery (disk replacement) or should I give this a try? My other concern is that this looks to only mask the problem and does nothing to resolve the injury, is there any chance I could do more damage to the disk by not feeling the pain? Any help would be most appreciated.

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  • Can anyone tell me of a book that has no page number 13?

    This is a trivia question that stumped me, I've looked high and low for one but can't find it.. Any help would be apreciated..

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  • Help with back pain, cortisone shots/surgery/physical therapy..ect.?

    I was diagnosed with a disk protrusion two years ago (L-1/L-2 vertebra). Since then I’ve had two cortisone injections, physical therapy and a diskectomy (sp??) where the Dr. surgically trimmed off the portion of the disk that was protruding. It did feel better for about a month but started hurting again. Since then I’ve had another MRI which showed that the disk has collapsed, another cortisone injection and no relief. It has actually gotten worse since the last cortisone injection to the point that I have a hard time walking, can’t sit for more than 30-45 minutes, can’t pick up my daughters, and now have a sharp pain running down my right side when I stride out while walking. I’ve spoke to my Dr. about a Tens Unit and will be getting one shortly, he has also recommended two more cortisone injections (a week apart), and we have ruled out physical therapy as it seemed to have little to no effect.

    Now for my questions:

    1. Would it be worthwhile having two more injections? The last one did help relieve the pain but it only lasted about a week at best, and the pain is much worse now than before.

    2. I am thinking about filing for disability, it’s been two years since I was able to work (5years as a Paramedic, Two years as a Lab Specialist), as I can’t perform my required duties because of the pain. I’ve been told that it’s very hard to get any type of disability for back pain, is this true (I have MRIs that show the damage, along with medical records for the treatments and medical visits)?

    3. I am also thinking of trying to file for a handicap sticker until I get either the problem fixed or the pain managed (I am now having a hard time just walking thru the local Wal-Mart parking lot these days!!). I am in Texas and can’t find any info online with the state giving the requirements and guidelines for handicap stickers.

    4. Are there any other ideas that one might have that cold help with the back and pain issues? I really don’t want another surgery if I can avoid it, I’ve also found that soaking in a hot-tub helps more than anything but that just isn’t an option financially and I don’t think that my insurance (while very good (Tri-Care, military) would be willing to shell out the cash for a hot-tub to make my back feel better!! I love em, but I don’t think they love me as much to be willing to do that!! I’ve tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, surgery, soaking in hot water, using one of those bath spas, resting, exercising, prayer, chiropractor, massage therapy, dancing in the rain.. You name it I’ve tried it!!!! I’m hoping maybe someone might have other ideas..

    Any help on any of these questions would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.

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  • Any info on Microtel computers....?

    Does anyone have any info on Microtel cpu's? I have been searching high and low but can't find any owner reviews. I'm looking at their notebook's and they look pretty impressive for the price their asking.

  • Notebook purchase advice.....?

    I've been serching for a new notebook and have looked at (Dell,HP,Gateway,Toshiba, and Sony), but I recently found a Microtel notebook for considerably less that looks decent. AMD Mobile Turion 64 MT-32 (1.8 GHz/512kb) processor (this can be switched to a Intel Core Duo T2050 Processor (1.6Ghz/2MB L2) for no charge), ATI Radeon X700 with 128MB VRAM memory graphics, 512MB DDR2 Memory, 15.4" widescreen high def display, 80GB hard drive, Dual-Layer DVD Burner drive, built in wirless and bluetooth, built in web cam. All for $999.00, am I better off spending more money for a better known brand? Is it worth the money??? Any help would be aprecieated... Thanks.

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