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  • How do I tell my ex I'm seeing someone new?

    My former partner and I dated for five years, and broke up in March. We have one daughter together, who is two. After breaking up we continued to live together as roommates because it wasn't a hateful breakup and as students neither of us could afford a new place.

    In April I started emailing and texting a man in the province I would be moving to for grad school. We had a few phone conversations, too, and were in daily contact. I didn't hide it, but didn't spell it out for my former partner either.

    In July I moved to the east coast and met the new guy for the first time. We really hit it off. He met my daughter near the end of August. We've only been officially dating for two months, but have basically been "involved" for five, and I feel like at this point it might be time to tell my ex about my current boyfriend. How do I tell him this, and is this too soon?

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  • Common law separation, with house and child?

    My common law partner of 5 years and I are separating, and not because I chose to.

    I was accepted into graduate school in another province. We are Manitoba residents. I wanted him to come with me, he refused. I wanted a long distance relationship until I complete my MA (two years). He refused. So, he has forced a separation. The problem is that we have a daughter (2 years old) and a house that we have owned for two years.

    We have already agreed that our daughter will come with me. I thought that we would keep the house as a joint investment until he wanted to move (which he will have to do eventually), and then we would split the income from that sale. I also thought he would rent out the basement rooms to make up the income he would be lacking without me. In return, I was not going to force litigation on custody of our daughter or ask for child support. Now he is saying that there is no way that I will be allowed to maintain partial ownership of the house without supplying half of the mortgage and and utilities. He is threatening litigation.

    My question is this: Under federal and/or Manitoba laws, what are my rights in this situation? Do I have any? Can anyone think of any possible recourse? I won't be able to afford payment on that house with a grad student's salary and a child to support (not to mention daycare costs), and losing that equity would be a definite disadvantage as well. Any constructive advice would be appreciated.

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  • Can you help me find this webcomic?

    So, a while back I started reading this comic that I thought was fascinating, but I can't remember what it was called!

    It was about three girls who head into the woods to collect mushrooms. They find this tower, and accidentally activate a switch, sending them into an alternate world where they can lay eggs (of all things). When they cross back over into the real world, the eggs turn to gold.

    Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I'm desperate to find it again!

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  • Should I leave my partner?

    First off: Yes, I know this isn't the most conventional forum for this kind of topic, but the internet has a way of giving real, objective and sometimes harsh advice. I need to hear it.

    My partner (26) and I (24) have been together for five years. We have a two year old daughter. We are both students. He is graduating this year with a degree in education, and I am graduating with an Honours BA. Next year, I will either be attending grad school or taking a job with JET (*if* I am accepted into the programme). My partner and I get along well. We have a relatively acceptable sex life (standard for parents of young children). The problem is this:

    I will HAVE to move this summer/fall, and he doesn't know that he wants to be with me enough to get married, and he definitely doesn't know that he wants to be with me enough to move with me when I a) go to grad school or b) join JET. As a certified teacher, he could work basically anywhere in Canada and could easily get a teaching job in Japan, so that's not his concern - it's whether or not he loves me enough to give up what he has here to move with me and our daughter.

    He has given me ultimatums before: Change, or this won't work. The big issue is that I don't clean enough. Three months ago we had a big blow up over this, so I have started doing the dishes on a regular basis, picking up after our daughter (my exclusive duty), and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms (top to bottom) on alternating weeks. I've made extra effort, but haven't received anything in return. The idea was that if I made those changes, he would try to be more affectionate and/or romantic. This hasn't happened at all.

    If I'm going to be going to a grad school or moving to Japan for JET with my daughter without him anyway, should I just cut the cord and end the relationship? He has said repeatedly that as things stand he doesn't want to marry me. I'm still with him because we DO get along in a friendly way usually and he loves our daughter, and parenting is definitely easier with two of you, but I'm not sure that's good enough. Do we "love" each other? I don't think so.

    There is a very real possibility that if I leave him, due to the fact that I have a child and the stomach stretch marks and boobs to prove, I will be alone for the rest of my life. That's a harsh reality to face.

    So, given that, what would you recommend in my situation? You can be harsh and call me selfish or irresponsible if you want to. i'm a big girl now, I can take it. :)

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  • Can you name this piece of classical music?

    This is going to be tough, but I can't think of a better way to describe it. They play it in basically every movie when something goes crazy, or all hell breaks loose. It starts of with strings on their own, then as the craziness grows, other instruments jump in.

    It repeats basically the same string of notes over and over again, just adding more instruments and getting louder as it grows.

    Any ideas?

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  • Does God owe us anything? Why?

    Many of the answers to my last theological debate question attacked me for implying the God owed us proof of his existence. This had not been my aim at all, but the responses got me thinking. As a practicing Conservative Jew, I have been taught that God DOES owe us some things. Judaism involves belief in the covenant, which is a deal between Jews and God. That means we both have our end of the deal to hold up. Many Jews post-Holocaust felt that God had failed to live up to his end of the bargain, as did others post-Exile, many centuries earlier.

    Now, for the sake of this question, let's assume that God does indeed exist. Whether you actually believe so or not is irrelevant. But, if a God did exist, what responsibility does this God have to its people? Why should or shouldn't the God have to prove its existence to be worthy of worship? Please explain your answer.

    Atheists should feel free to reply, too, but if you want Best Answer, be sure to work within the framework I have supplied you with.

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  • Has God fallen silent?

    Alright, I'm posting this for some fun theological *** philosophical debate, NOT for flaming. Please be kind to everyone involved. Here goes:

    No global miracles have occurred since the composition of the books of the Bible into their current anthologic form. A "global miracle" is one that everyone is witness to, like the plagues against Egypt (where "all Egypt" saw them and knew God was angry), or Jesus feeding millions with one loaf of bread, etcetera.

    Assuming God exists, does this mean God has gone silent? If so, why? Jack Miles had a really interesting theory relating to God's acceptance of his ultimate reflection in Job, but I'd rather hear your theories. Who's first?

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  • How can I run WoW at my laptop at school?

    So, I bring my laptop to uni with me, but I have a two hour spare and then a one hour spare later on. I don't want to do homework the WHOLE time. Problem is, even though my school has "free" WiFi access, they block programs like WoW. I'm paying a $600 + "technology fee" every year... The last time we got new computers was 2005... I really feel like I should be able to play my own game on my own pc. Anyway to get around this that anyone knows of?

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  • Which of these three computers is the best deal?

    I've got $850 to spend on a lap top for school, I'd also like to be able to play a video game or watch movies on it once in a while. I need on to use for taking notes in class. I live in Canada. These are the three I'm looking at, which do you think is the best one for the price based on their stats?




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  • Could we stop a massive asteroid from hitting the Earth?

    Do we currently have the technology to stop a massive asteroid from colliding with the Earth if we were to spot it in time, and how much time would that need to be? Could we at least lessen the impact?

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  • My 18 month old daughter's behaviour is jeopordising my friendship!?

    So, I asked a question here a while ago that more fully described my situation, but my daughter and I are currently living with my friends (mother and father, three children aged 2, 4, and almost 6). The problem is that my friends are letting us stay with them out of the goodness of their hearts, and my daughter's behaviour has become so bad that they're losing patience with us!

    She cries if I don't hold her. Even if she's the one who intitiates play with the other kids, she'll cry if they touch her, or if my friends try to touch her. She cries when I try to help her with her food. She cries when it's bath time. She cries for no reason. She constantly cries - and she isn't hurt or sick, she's been to the doctor. Based on advice I got here before, I started giving her more attention, hoping that would reassure her, but now her behaviour's even worse. My friends' kids never cried like this. I don't know what to do, I don't want to ruin my relationship with my friends. What should I do??

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  • My toddler became spoiled overnight?

    My 1 1/2 year old daughter and I recently moved in with a friend of mine while my husband is away working overseas for the summer. Our friends have three children, all under 6, for are very loud, and I think my daughter's having trouble adjusting. She's just about 1 1/2 years old.

    For the first week she was fine, but now she is constantly throwing fits the second she doesn't get her away, or she cries for what seems like no reason to me. Whenever she runs into the youngest of her new "siblings" ( a boy of 2 1/2 years) she almost always gets immediately defensive. Today, she got herself so upset and cried for so long that she actually threw up.

    I understand that the transition is stressful, but she's never behaved so poorly before and I don't know how to handle it. She was fine for a while, and now this! Is she old enough to benefit from discipline (time outs, etc.), or should I just try distraction?

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  • Where does that Utena quote come from?


    I remember from an article in Animerica Extra Vol. 6 no. 12 that the Revolutionary Girl Utena phrase:

    "Crack the world's shell, for the revolution of the world!"

    Comes from somewhere else, but I can't find my copy of that issue. Does anyone else have it, or know off-hand where it came from? Thanks.

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  • Redoing countertops?

    I saw an ad for a product called "Stone Effects" that you paint over surfaces (it's a three step system with a primer, a colour and a sealer) to give them a stone/granite look. In the ad someone used them on their countertop. Has anyone tried this, and did it work? I've also heard Beauty Tone Granite works.

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  • What does "faith" mean to you?

    I just recently saw someone on this forum say about cultists that they "have little or no faith." To me, this is wrong. I don't like OR agree with the way they chose to profess their faith (suicide is never a good thing), but I can't deny that they had faith in their leader. It would take a lot of faith to willingly go to your death, I think. But it got me thinking - what exactly is faith to all of you? Be honest - both positive and negative answers are welcome.

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  • Christians: Can You Beat Me?

    This contest is for FUN only! I'll let this question run for the full period of time (three days), so you have lots of time to research - and you'll need to. If anyone can provide a quotation I can't answer, they win. If nobody can, I'll just pick the most eloquently stated or convincing answer. I'm an atheist and I'm asking Christians, but I still promise to be fair - the best answer will NOT be an answer I agree with, but the BEST answer.

    Whew. Sorry that part took so long! Okay, so here's the question:

    The New Testament repeatedly says that Jesus' appearance is the fulfillment of prophecy. Find me the passages in the Bible that are prophesying the advent of God's son, specifically. You can quote from the Hebrew Bible (that would actually be preferable, because it is the most accurate), but please quote in English rendering of Hebrew, because my browser can't handle the Hebrew script. :)

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  • Dress Like This Online?

    I'm looking for a dress much like this one:

    It doesn't have to be exactly alike, but similar. The one in the picture is a very expensive wedding dress, I just want a shorter version in a similar style for a very posh wedding I'm attending. Any suggestions?

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  • Looking for this dress?

    I'm looking for a dress similar to this one - any suggestions of where I can find one? Vintage, patterns or high street - I don't mind! Doesn't have to be exactly like this, but similar. I need it before June. Image is here:

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  • How much does the nameof your undergrad institution matter?

    I have a good GPA, and am writing a thesis, but I come from a relatively small and unheard of university in central Manitoba - Brandon University ( I'm wondering if this will hurt my chances at getting in to a grad school? Obviously, I'm sure I won't be getting into an Ivy League institution anytime soon, but for a more middle-of-the-road grad school, will my school hold me back?

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  • A Good Graduate School For Me?

    I am in the midst of completing a Four-year Honours Bachelor degree with a major in Religion and a double minor in French and Gender Studies. I tend to focus on East Asian religions, and I have an avid interest in Japan.

    Initially, I wanted to apply to a graduate school for Japanese Studies, but there's no way I can make the language requirement - my university simply doesn't offer any Japanese courses.

    I am writing an undergraduate thesis involving Japanese girls and their interaction with Shinto and Buddhism in Japan.

    My first year in University was terrible, and my GPA was 1.13. The next year, I found "my calling," and now my degree GPA is a solid 3.8~3.9, depending on how this year finishes. HOWEVER, because of my first year, my cumulative GPA is a 2.8. :(

    So, my questions are: how much emphasis do grad schools put on cumulative vs degree GPAs? What would be a good grad school to apply for, given my interests and skills?

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