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  • Membrane Sweeping at 38 weeks and 5 days when or if can i expect labor to start.?

    This is my first child, and yesterday, I was only 1 and Half cm, and at about 11:30 am my doctor swept my membranes and though maybe that I would go in labor that afternoon due to the amount of blood. I had some spotting and cramping afterward and one very painful contraction then nothing. Today so far, I have had some light cramping and that's it.

    How likely is labor will start soon, and how long after my membranes have been swept can it take labor to start?

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  • 37 weeks pregnant, lost muscus plug.....?

    I am 37 weeks pregnant and I began losing my plug last night. Today I continued to have what looks like a light period and light cramping to accompany it. Baby is moving just fine. Tuesday I went to the doctor and I was 1 cm dilated. I was wondering with lost of muscus plug and the cramping about how long could it take for labor to begin.

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  • Which Name Do U like Better?

    For a girl:

    Annalise Marie

    Serenity Ayrabella

    Christianna Abrielle

    Patience Evangalee

    Emily Rose

    Pagan Christianna

    Jayane(Jay-Ann) Marie

    For boy:

    Jaydyn Richard

    Rylan Kade

    Richard Kade

    Richard Taven

    Taven Richard

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  • Help with baby names to incorporate everyone.?

    I need help with baby names that will have a little bit of everyone names.

    For a girl that has the names:


    Lisa, Ashley, or Marie


    Cathy or Denise

    For a Boy:

    James or Edward


    (and the boy names has to work with the name Richard)

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  • 6 Weeks Pregnant....Will you experience Symptoms on a Daily Basis?

    I was pregnant back in April-May of 2010 and I miscarried at 5 and 1/2 weeks. Now I'm pregnant again at 6 weeks, I'm paranoid that I will miscarry again. For about the past week, I suffered from morning sickness through out the entire day everyday. Now its periodically. I still lose energy and my breast are extremely sore. Do you experience symptoms daily or can they come and go.

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  • Can birth control make you have pregnancy symptoms?

    I just finished my second month of yaz birth control. For the last week I have felt extremely dizzy at times, dizziness, nausea, increase appetite. But during the end of the 2nd week into the 3rd week I had to take amoxicillin 3 times a day for 10 days. Half way through my antibiotics I had sex for two days with birth control as my only source of protection.

    My period started fri like it was suppose to but for all day fri and sat it was spotty and all I basically needed was nothing but a pantyliner and I didn't produce one clot. Today I've had one quarter shape clot that was dark red but it wasn't tissuey it was nothing but muscous. My period is heavier today, but I've only produce that one clot. Which is unusally for me.

    My symptoms are still present such as dizziness, nausea, and hunger, I'm cramping a little, and also I've been a urinating more frequently also.

    Could it have been mix of my own hormones and the hormones from my birth control making me feel this way, or could it be pregnancy?

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  • How can you tell if ur pregnant while on birth control.?

    I had to take antibiotics 3 times a day for 10 days while on birth control, and just a few days earlier I had skipped 1 day completely. On the third week of birth control, 5 days after startin my amoxicillin I had sex with bc as the only source of protection. Abt a 5 days later I began to feel dizzy, and nausea. Then my appetite increased. Also my dizziness came so bad that I nearly passed out. About another week later my period is here but it isn't right. Its a light flow, bright red with no clots, but its muscousy and watery. With light cramping, and all my other symptoms the nausea, dizziness, and hunger are still present.

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  • Am i experiencing Decidual bleeding?

    Ok yesterday was the start of what is suppose to be my period but all I did was spot for 10 hrs it was light pink, then its was very light stringy and red, the back to light pink then stop. This morning its still light but red, very muscousy and stretchy, and runny. But no clots as of yet. Ok, for the past week or so, I've had intense dizziness, nausea, hungrier than usually and exhaustion/fatigue. Also no cramping.

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  • Diabetes or Pregnant?

    Ok, I for the past week or so I have been tired to the point of barely able to stay awake at work some days, hungrier than usually, and dizzy and sometime the dizziness is almost to the point of passing out. I have a huge family history of diabetes. Ok I was also on yaz birth control and I skipped a day altogether. Then I was also antibiotics and didn't use any other form of protection.

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  • How Soon Can I take a Pregnancy Test and get Accurate Results?

    Ok for the past 5 days I have been hungry, exhausted, and dizzy to the point I'm out about to pass out. Today marks the 7th day after sex, if I take a preg test how likely is it goin to be accurate?

    2 AnswersTrying to Conceive10 years ago
  • Yaz BirthControl and AmoxiCillin?

    I had to take to amoxicillin 3 times a day for 10 days, startin the 6th (thursday). On the 10th and 11th, I had sex without any other form of protection. Also on the 4th, I gave my friend a pill and skip the day altogether. Around fri the 14th I started feeling extremely tired and my appetite had increase a little more than usually, and I also I have to urinate more. Yesterday I started the 4th week of my birthcontrol. I was wondering how likely pregnancy would be?

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  • Please Help?? Am I Pregnant or Crazy Period?

    In october I had two periods one at the beginning around the 5, which is a week early then around the 27th. So far this month it hasn't came. Well actually there has been very little light pink spotting twice yesterday, and then some brown spotting today. But only a few dabs, this morning then it has stopped again. Is it possible since I had two period last month that this month will be completely off or won't come, or is it more possibly pregnancy?

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  • Irregularity of a period?

    My period came for the 2nd time in October. First one ended around the 12th and the 2nd one started on the 27th and ended on the 2nd. During it the blood was bright red, with small runny clots, barely any cramping. Which is unusual for me because periods are usually hell.Besides light cramping, I was really nausated, and exhausted with this period. My period ended yesterday, but today I'm experiencing light runny spotting. I have been more sexually active, but have use protection everytime, and I did miscarry 5 mnths ago. What can cause this irregularity

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • How likely is pregnancy.?

    Ok my last period came a week early, and it was full blown (cramps, clots nausea, everything) This is my second period, which has never happened b4, and it started off with light brown spotting, then red spotting, then full blown bleeding. Problem is there hasn't been any clots and though I have some cramps most aren't so bad. I had only 3 relatively bad cramps but nothing like my period. They're similar to the implantation bleeding I suffered through earlier this earlier. The blood is abnormally a deeper red. I have used condoms everytime I have had sex. I'm just wonderin how likely this is pregnancy or is it just my body still tryin to regulate itself after I miscarried 5 mnths ago?

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  • Unusual period PleASE help?

    About 5 mnths ago I miscarried and ever since my periods have been abnormal. One mnth I suffered 3 weeks with symptoms and started a week early. What is weird about this month is it is my 2nd period, I have light to moderate cramping, no clots the flow is lighter. I still nausea like I normally am, but other than that nothing. Usually I have heavy bleeding, cramps from hell, lots of clots.I have had sex recently and have used condoms. But this unusual.

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  • Still feeling symptoms?

    Ok, I miscarried Tuesday, I was about 4 weeks pregnant. From Monday night to Tuesday morning my HCG levels dropped from 15 to 11. I was wondering how long the bleeding will last and how long will I feel the pregnant. I still have swollen nipples, still get nausea the same time, and my hunger is still here. How long will the physical symptoms and bleeding last?

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  • For women who have experienced " full periods" during pregnancy?

    I have heard tales of women experiencing full periods during pregnancy and have healthy babies. I know that they are not true periods, but I was wondering, what do you mean by full periods, clots and everything? Also did it drop your HCG levels? And did your doctor confuse it with a miscarriage?

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  • For women who have experienced " full periods" during pregnancy?

    I have heard tales of women experiencing full periods during pregnancy and have healthy babies. I know that they are not true periods, but I was wondering, what do you mean by full periods, clots and everything? Also did it drop your HCG levels? And did your doctor confuse it with a miscarriage?

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  • Early Pregnancy Miscarriages?

    Monday, I started spotting a little and found out that I was about 4 weeks pregnant. my hcg levels were 15. They did a vaginal ultrasound and it caused some bleeding. That night I started bleeding heavier bright red, but it wasn't like my period. There was now cramping, nothing. THey told me it was it was probably from my exams. Tuesday morning, I passed a huge clot, and went back to the doctor, and my levels had dropped to 11. I have a very few small clots. This still doesn't behave like a normal period. I barely have any back or abdominal pain. I am suppose to go back next week for another blood pregnancy test. My question is how many people have been in my situation, and how did you handle it?

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  • pregnant and bleeding?

    I just found out Im 3 wks pregnant and bleeding. It is dark red and milky with light cramping. Have many people experienced this and still have healthy pregnancy.

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago