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  • Creative or Orly quick dry nail treatments?

    I went to a manicurist a while back, and she used this oil for fast-drying on my nail polish and it worked really well. I'd like to buy it, so if anybody knows what it is, please help me out!

    It's from either orly or creative, came in a regular nail polish bottle and was applied with a regular nail polish brush. It was an oil that didn't dry onto the nail, so please don't tell me about quick-drying topcoats.

    Thanks :D

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  • What is the lifespan of a pig nosed turtle?

    Yep, just wanna ask what the lifespan of a pig nosed turtle a.k.a fly river turtle is when kept in captivity with pretty good conditions

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  • Ladies wearing men's shirts?

    Any ideas for how a lady can wear an oversized men's shirt? Like how it should be worn, with belts and shorts or whatever...

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  • Care for fly river turtle / pig nosed turtle?

    I've had my fly river turtle for about 2 years now, and he's been living in terrible conditions. Just a tank of water with NO plants, NO filtration whatsoever and i thought it was time for a change. Can anyone help me out with this and give me a few tips on what i should do?

    My turtle's quite small for a fly river turtle, about 3inches long only.

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  • Is it bad to paint all the way to the cuticle when applying nail polish?

    I always paint all the way to the cuticle and sometimes over it, but i've noticed that manucurists don't, they start about a milimeter away from the cuticle. Also on the instructions that came with a bottle of opi start to finish base and topcoat it says to start painting 1/32 inch away from the cuticle.

    So is it bad to get nail polish on the cuticle?

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  • What's the trend in nail polish colours this season?

    What nail polish colours are in fashion right now? According to O.P.I it's silvers and browns, but what do you guys think?

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  • How to apply eyeliner for a goth effect?

    I end up looking like a clown when i try the "pencil eyeliner all around ur eye and smudge" thing.

    goth makeup tips for the rest of the dace would be great too :)

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  • What's the difference between men's and ladies sneakers?

    Other than sizing of course... And colour... Are men's like chunkier or something?

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