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Not much to say. I'm a 21 year old computer technician from the eastern United States. Computers are kind of a passion of mine - I've been working with them informally ever since I wrote my first program at 8 years old and eventually it became a career. I'm A+ certified at the moment and working towards Cisco certification in hopes of becoming IT manager of a corporate network. Aside from the computer stuff I'm a pretty normal person, if there is such a thing. I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching movies or whatever else is going on in town. I'm pretty laid back and I'm willing to give most activities at least one shot. Morally/spiritually I am a Christian, however I'm also fairly independant: I read the Bible myself and do my own study and rely on my own interpretations, I don't just do what Pastor tells me. As such not all of my morality/ethics align with what is usually considered "Christian".

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