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  • i am lost???

    what can i do i am so crazy for my ex??? he does not live my me any more but the last time he came down here i heard he had a girlfriend, however i had already made plans to make out with him. so he came down here and as we start to make out his dad calls me on the cell and i had to answer (cause he is an *** if i don't) and my ex goes and runs off..... so i drag him back and start again, but this time he is resisting, so i start asking him wats wrong?? don't u want me??? and he says yes but i have a girlfriend..... then i stopped and looked at him and said yeah i know...i smiled with guilt and told him to come on, and as i am walking away he stops and tells me to come here. he holds me in his arms and kisses me and as we are kissing he he put his hands under my butt and lifts me up so i have to wrap my legs around him and he just held me and kissed for awhile. thats just the beginning now when i call him he says he always has to go or he never replies my texts like he used to. wats up

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  • i have the game sims unleashed, but it says i need sims?

    i do not have sims but can i downloadload it from some where? or do u have any other advice?

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  • what should i do with my ex and

    a year ago i broke up with my boy friend be causei was moving, he was moving, and he was really to childish and got jealous easily(even acusing me of going with his brother with i would never think any more of is is practically a brother to me). well i went up there for school but i never did move so he came down earlier this year and OMG he was hottttt, he was not childish, his hair was longer(which absoulty drives me crazy-in a good way lol). well we went to the pool and messed around and we practically figured out we still had strong feelings for each other. well now he is coming down for christmas for 2 weeks. Anyways i want to hook up with him again... and.......well.... should i it the right thing to do. when he was gone i dieted exercised and dreamed about in my sleep for a week staright. i can't stop think about him what do u think should i get to gether with him???

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  • i have so much time on my hands what else can i do?

    i am a home schooled student and i have so much time on my hands after i am done with school what else can i do? i played with my animals(5 dogs 5cats 1 fish and a iguana), on the internet, and much more but after i am done with all of that there is still 10 more hours left in the day! do u have any suggestions on what will keep me ocupied for a long period og time to help me get through the long hours of this aganising life!!!!!

    i am sending out an S.O.S. here some one answer!! lol

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