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  • Any good songs for long journeys? :)?

    Well I am going on a 23 hour coach journey to Austria for skiing next week and i will be listening to my ipod the whole way most probably! I know i will get bored of my ipod so does anyone have any new songs or especially good ones for journeys?

    I like music from the charts; like tinie and status and things like that? thanks :)

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • Things to do on a 22 hour coach journey! :D?

    Yeah I'm going on a coach with my school in a couple of weeks to austria, 22 hours away (don't ask why we aren't flying, it's stupid)

    I get travel sick very mildly so will only be able to read and play my ds for a limited time.

    Any ideas, simple ones of things to take to do?

    Thanks :)

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Blackberry curve.. BBM... HELP!!?

    Hello, so i have a blackberry curve 8520 on a £15 contract per month for 24 months...

    It gives unlimited texts, 100 minutes but i want bbm! i thought it would come with it but it didnt and people tell me i need a data plan?

    I dont want to pay any extra per month and so is there anyway i can change it to get bbm?

    Much appreciated! :)

    3 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Why cant I get BBM? help!?

    Hello.. Please help!

    i have a Blackberry Curve 8520 on a 24 month contract... its got unlimited texts and 100 minutes. on my BB; BBM is installed but none of my contacts get my requests and I dont get any BBM requests from others... I dont know why because I can get on it etc.. Any ideas?

    Thanks :)

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  • I am getting a Blackberry Curve 8520, will i get BBM? Please help!?

    I am getting a Blackberry Curve 8520 on contract with unlimited texts on o2 network.. Will I get BBM without having to get it myself?

    Please help! I dont think i will be able to afford it if i have to pay contract and add-ons so please help me know in advance! :)

    4 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • How can you print/transfer a photo onto fabric?

    Hello; for my sister for christmas she has asked me for a pillow/cushion with a photo of the family on it. i have looked it up on the internet at places like snapfish and snappy snaps but they are far too expensive as i have to get other presents too!

    Does anyone know how or where i can get a photo put onto a piece of fabric so i can make a pillow myself to take off the extra cost?

    thankssss :)

    3 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • London Eclipse Movie Premiere?? :)?

    Does anyone know where the twilight saga eclipse movie premiere will be and if you can get tickets for it?? i would absolutely love to go even if i can just stand at the red carpet! please help if possibnle :)

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Colossus or Nemesis Inferno? THORPE PARK :)?

    Heyy im going to thorpe park in a couple of days and I dont really like the huge rollercoasters but all of my friends and fam do so i look stupid waiting until they get off until they will come on something smaller :)

    this time i hope to go on one of the big rollercoasters but i wanted to start off smaller for my first proper coaster :)

    so which out of nemesis inferno and colossus is least scary/fast etc... thanks .

    5 AnswersAmusement Parks1 decade ago
  • Am I overweight?? Help!?

    Ok so I am 15, about 5"9 and around 154 pounds... Is that alot? I have lost a couple of pounds this week but I was wondering if I needed to seriously think about losing abit more? Help! :)

    4 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Does/did anyone love The O.C?

    About 6 months ago my friend was going on and on about it so i gave it a go and i absolutely LOVE it! i bought all 4 seasons cheap on dvd and i have watched it about 3 times throughh! who loved it and does anyone still watch it?

    seth and summerrrr are the best ;)

    2 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • parents seeing my internet activity? HELP??!?

    Ok so whenever I go on my laptop it just seems that they know what im looking at? i dont know why but yeah so I was wondering if there was any way they could watch or see what websites I have been on? They have a laptop which they share and my sister also has a laptop as do I. We all use the same wireless connection... Please help me! I really want to know if I have privacy on the internet :)

    2 AnswersPC1 decade ago
  • What are your top TV couples? (L)?

    What are your top tv couples? Just curious please answer! :)

    12 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Best Tap Tap Revenge 3 tracks?

    I have tap tap revenge 3 on the iPod touch and i'm bored of all the free songs seeing as though there are only about 5 from the charts that are free...

    What do you think are the best ones/packs to buy because i cant buy too many so i want the best ones! Thanksss

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Getting themes on the iPod touch?? Help pleasee!?

    I want to get a theme on my iPod touch 3g but i dont really want to mess around with it by jailbreaking it... can you get a theme without jailbreaking my i touch??

    5 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Do you think there will be more O.C?

    I mean personally i would love for there to be a movie or just a one episode thing to bring it back one more time...i love that show :'(

    although i have the box set i would love for another o.c thing on tv!

    what about you...have you heard any rumours?x

    1 AnswerSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • How much does it cost to fix a laptop key?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and my comma and right shift key have just stopped working?! i wanted to get it fixed because I need to use them to write essays etc... so its quite inconvenientt...

    does anyone know who i can contact and how much? :)

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Is the O.C shown on tv at any time in the UK?

    I love the O.C and i am buying the dvds but i wanted to know if it is still shown on tv in the uk?:)

    1 AnswerDrama1 decade ago
  • Help me: WATCH NEW MOON ONLINE :)?

    I went to see New Moon in the cinema on saturday but i cant wait until like March to watch it again so i need to find a place to download it on the internet, please help mee!

    i have looked everywhere and people have been giving sites but all of them have surveys which i dont want. i have graboid but my account expired and i downloaded DivX 7 but i cant find a video to play on it

    Please Help Me!

    6 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • How many careers can you have on Guitar Hero 5?

    i have just bought Guitar Hero 5 for the Wii and i made a band and a rockstar etc... but then i tried to make one for my sister, and i couldnt figure it out, can you even have more than one career profile? thanks :)

    1 AnswerNintendo Wii1 decade ago
  • Does the cervical cancer jab really hurt?

    Im 14 and i am having the first jab in 2 weeks and i am terrified!

    I know i shouldnt be such a baby but i am so scared!


    9 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago