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  • Besides pesticides, is there anyway to get spiders out of a Christmas tree?

    I posted this yesterday in H&G, but didn't get any helpful answers.;_ylt=Av_vS...

    I'm looking for a way to get spiders out of my tree. Pesticides are NOT an option!

    1. They are flammable, which is a bad mix with wood and electric mini lights.

    2. I have two small kids and two cats. The residue from pesticides can get on the kid's skin and clothing, or on the cat's fur when they brush against the tree. Plus, the cats like to play with the needles that fall. My one cat will actually carry them around in his mouth; a little treasure that he won't give up.

    Replacing the tree isn't something I want to do. Is there any natural way, i.e. no chemicals, to clean them out of my tree?

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  • Help! Spiders in my X-Mas Tree?

    First of all, I'm terrified of spiders (go ahead and laugh at me if you want.)

    I found an egg sack in my Christmas tree after we brought it in. I got rid of it, and thought "problem solved." But evidently it hatched before I found it, and my tree is now infested with baby spiders.

    I took the tree outside so they wouldn't over run my house. I know that spiders can survive in the cold, and spraying the tree with pesticides is not an option because:

    1. Pesticides are flamable.

    2. I have 2 small kids and two cats.

    So what is my best option for getting rids of these spiders? (Without trashing the tree and getting a new one, or leaving the tree outside for the whole season.)

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  • Ladies, I need a second opinion?

    My sister is getting married in 2 weeks, and my mother needs help with her jewelry. Her dress color is called mocha, but the brown has strong gray-green undertones to it. It's the bottom left one on this link:

    With her coloring, olive skin, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, I'm thinking gold or pearls. Simple and classic, which would work well for her age and the formality of the dress and the wedding itself. She asked me today "What about my peridot jewelry?".

    I think they are too light of a color for the dress, and too yellow.

    Yes, I know it's her decision, and I should keep my big fat nose out of it. But she asked for my help, so let's keep the insults to a minimum please.


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  • I don't know what's it's called....?

    I saw something earlier this year that I fell in love with as a gift for my father-in-law. However, I've since forgotten what it was called, and the store I saw it at has gone out of business. I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me what it is.

    It's a rack that mounts on the inside of a vehicle's roof to carry both guns and fishing poles. It had metal brackets that mounted into the roof with screws, and was advertised as being able to hold up to 100lbs. It also had a flat front that would keep the guns/poles from sliding forward in the car.

    So far, everything I've been able to find either

    1. Carries one or the other but not both

    2. Attaches with suction cups to a back window

    3. Or mounts to the outside of a car, not the inside.

    And my husband and my mother-in-law don't have a clue either, so no help there.

    Does anyone know what's it called, or a store on line that carries something like that?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Out of curiosity, number of sources?

    I was wondering, of those of you who are actually doing genealogy, how many sources do you want before you take the information as fact?

    For example, you find a possible ancestor listed in the 1880 census only, and no where else. Do you add that person to your tree, or do you wait until you've found at least one more source for them?

    I usually want 3 sources, but will settle for 2 if they are good ones, like BDM records. However, I have run into a lot of brick walls where I can only find one source for that person. I'm not sure whether to go ahead with the line, or wait. So I was just curious as to what others do in similar situations.

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  • Looks like Spain had the right idea after all.?

    When Spain chose to ban underweight models, the rest of the world cried foul. I asked if anyone thought the idea would catch on.

    Looks like it has in London. I love this idea, and I support the banning of women who are underweight and unhealthy from the cat walks. Do you think the US and other major countries will fall in line, or stick by the super skinny models?

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  • Looks like Spain had the right idea.?

    Spain did it first, and I asked then if anybody thought the rest of the world would catch up. It seems like it just might.

    Now that London has had a problem with it, how long do you think it will be before the US gets the hint and resrticts the unhealthy models, too?

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  • Spain got it! Will the rest of the world?

    This morning while reading the news, I came across this. I just had to cheer, and show it off. To all the young girls and teens who think that they are too fat, read this.;_y...

    It basically says that Spain has placed a ban on excessivly thin models on the catwalks. It mentioned that in a recent Barcelona weddding dress show, any women under a US size 8 could not model. The new rule for the entire country is that any model under a BMI of 18 will be banned from shows.

    So when will the rest of the world catch up and notice that these underweight women are role models for young girls, and it's not always a good thing?

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  • Your opinion, MOTB dress?

    My sister is getting married in November to a wonderful man. It's going to be a formal event. I love her dearly, but she is a fashion slave. She wears whatever is in style, regardless of how it looks on her. Most of her firends are just as bad, so they encourage her to wear clothing not meant for her plus size pear figure. In school, she was alwyas very preppy because her friends were. In college, she started dating a guy from Texas, so all of a sudden cowboy boots and Stetson hats were a staple in her wardrobe. After they broke up, she went back to the prep. I don't care most of the time, I love her no matter what. But I'm trying to show that she follows other people's fashion, not her own sense of style (if she has any.)

    Our mother just plain has no taste, and freely admits it. She has no clue about how to pick clothing to flatter her figure or her coloring. They have asked my advice for a dress for her, since they both seem to think I have good taste.

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