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  • What is the file zksjlnxmn17.sys which always causes BSOD in my computer in windows startup (Please help!)?

    A while ago, my laptop ACER Aspire 4730z (Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.0GHz, 1Gb DDR2, Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 4500M) running on Windows XP (Version 5.1) freezes while my friend was playing a game (Torchlight), forcing me to instantly shutdown the computer. After reboot, after the loading screen, and after the "WELCOME" title screen, the Blue Screen of Doom (BSOD) appears concerning a file zksjlnxmn17.sys with STOP NOTICE: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x85613F51, 0xA9427B44, 0x00000000). Luckily, I could still access SAFE MODE with NETWORKING, and hence here I am. Such a file is NEVER indexed when I tried to look for it any major SEARCH websites leaving me clueless and disappointed. I also SEARCH for it in my computer (all "more advanced options" are toggled), and to my surprise, the search yields no result! I tried FULL AVG (Up-to-date) scan and MALWAREBYTES scan and found some trojans/viruses. But, as I vaguely expected, after reboot, the file in the blue screen of doom still persists. I tried system restore twice, both with different checkpoints, but the problem is still there. A few days ago, I remember seeing many svchost.exe (about 7/8) in the task manager and also there's this suspicious reader_s.exe. I terminate those processes using process explorer. I'm running out of available options and I am desperately in need of my computer for my homework. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Please help me fix a code I made about a class "bomb" in C++?

    I've made these codes, but I get an error that says - in line 60 - Invalid use of 'class bomb' when I tried to compile it in Dev-C++. I'm trying to make a projectile "castle defense" game. But, I just first used a single projectile to have a demonstration if it will work.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me. And, if it's not too much of a bother, I would be grateful if you could fix this code, or at least that it'd compile, because I am just really having hard time about classes. Thanks!

    BTW, I use fstream for "future" save game purpose.

    I use another string array ("screen_out") so that the array will be refreshed immediately in display.

    Sorry, I was forced to use "enter" throughout the whole code because posting this question limits some long lines and turned them to "...". T_T

    /*-------------------------CODE STARTS HERE------------------------*/

    #include <iostream>

    #include <fstream>

    #include <sstream>

    #include <conio.h>

    using namespace std;

    int cur_time;

    class bomb



    double _init_veloc_x;

    double _init_veloc_y;

    double _init_pos_x;

    double _init_pos_y;

    int _init_time;


    double _cur_pos_x;

    double _cur_pos_y;


    bomb(double init_veloc_x,

    double init_veloc_y,

    double init_pos_x,

    double init_pos_y);








    bomb::bomb(double init_veloc_x,

    double init_veloc_y,

    double init_pos_x,

    double init_pos_y)


    _init_veloc_x = init_veloc_x;

    _init_veloc_y = init_veloc_y;

    _init_time = cur_time;

    _cur_pos_x = _init_pos_x;

    _cur_pos_y = _init_pos_y;

    _cur_pos_y = (_init_veloc_y*

    (cur_time-_init_time)) -



    _cur_pos_x =






    int main()


    time_t time_a, time_b;


    time_a = time_b;

    string screen_out;

    string screen_in[60][79];

    string screen_projectile[60][79];

    while (1)



    cur_time = time_b-time_a;

    /*----------------CREATE OBJECT---------------*/

    bomb sample;


    /*-------------OBJECT -> PROJECTILE-----------*/

    screen_projectile [int(sample._cur_pos_y)] [int(sample._cur_pos_x)] = "x";

    /*------------------PROJECTILE_SCREEN -> SCREEN_IN---------------------*/

    for (int i=50; i>0; i--)


    for (int j=0; j<78; j++)





    /*--------------------SCREEN_IN -> SCREEN OUT--------------------------*/

    for (int i=50; i>0; i--)


    for (int j=0; j<78; j++)


    screen_out += screen_in[i][j];


    screen_out += "\n";


    /*----------------------SCREEN OUT -> COUT-----------------------------*/

    cout << screen_out << endl;

    cout << cur_time;





    //In the command-prompt screen, bomb 'sample' is shot northeast

    //with let's say init_veloc_x = 2.0 and init_veloc_y = 30.0. As time

    //passed by, bomb 'sample' flies across the screen and eventually

    //falls to the ground.

    /*------------------------------End of Code------------------------------*/

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  • In A Thousand Splendid Suns, why did Jalil still visited Mariam and Nana in the Kolba?

    In A Thousand Splendid Suns, why did Jalil still visited Mariam and Nana in the Kolba? Well... as described in the novel, men overwhelms women and that such a society creates limitations for women... So... in order to protect his stand in life, he could just disregard Mariam and Nana or he could just merely not do anything at all to help them (he even funded a shackle for them and provided their weekly needs of food and other necessities). So does he really LOVE Mariam, Nana, or both, even though he said that Nana forced herself on him - lies? ?

    Thank in advance, I just wanted to know his real motive... I would appreciate it if you could elaborate further...

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  • How to display words from a txt in PHP regarding a defined variable?

    I have .php webpage similar to this:

    http://www./ mywebsite. com/page.php?imageid=xxxx

    where xxxx is an image.

    For a particular xxxx, example would be "flower", i wanted to display group of words from an external txt file.

    Something like this:

    ex. if i type http://www./ mywebsite. com/page.php?imageid=flower ,

    the page will show:

    red, fragrant, small

    The "red, fragrant, small" came from a .txt from the same directory. And, then, if "flower" is change into "food", a different result should show in the page.

    Please help me here. I'm just a beginner in php scripting, and I can only understand very basic php language.

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  • How can I identify a file type in javascript?

    I'm just a beginner in Java. I want to change this lines in the script:

    I wanted to display a link something like this:

    http:// page.php?catid = myimages& picid= image_names& extension= ///jpg or gif, etc///

    I have already somehing like this in the code:(Note: I don't want to edit because I can't understand, and I use spaces in the url because yahoo answers identifies it as a link). I only edit the url.

    var tempcontainer= '<a href="http: // ?catid=testimage&picid='+galleryarray[ i][0]+'"&extension= ....

    ////this is the part I don't know. This part should be something that will write the FILE EXTENSION of the image. Because I can't just directly write .jpg because there are other gif files./////

    example of the end-result of the process i wanted is:

    <a href="http:// www.mywebsite. com/page.php? catid=testimage1&extension=jpg>

    ..... target="'+href_target+'" onClick="return popuplinkfunc(this)">'

    tempcontainer+='<img src="'+imagepath+galleryarray[i][0]+'" title="'+galleryarray[i][0]+' ['+galleryarray[i][1]+']" />'

    tempcontainer+='</a><br />'

    tempcontainer+=(descriptionprefix[0]==1)? descriptionprefix[1]+(i+1) : ""

    return tempcontainer

    IF YOU WANT to picture the whole case of the script to fully understand what is happening, click here:

    This question might sound confusing. But even I have a hard time explaining it... Sorry. Please help!

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  • How to build a PHP webpage that resolves something like this in the address bar- .../images.php?img=test.jpg?

    Please help me about this. I'm trying to make a website that I believe to be dynamic in such a way that when the link about an image, for example:

    should be changed to:

    I'm just new in this kind of stuff. But I just badly needed something like this to update my site easier and faster. I want to display a number of images while using the same format of the webpage, but only the body and some description about the image, change. Presently, I have lots of html files about every single image and its hard to update all of those.

    Another thing, if I have two images:

    the images.php file should only be one file for all the images.

    I'm just a beginner but can understand very basic html and php languages. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I did some research but I don't really know how to explain this very well so I ended up at yahoo answers. Please help! Thanks!

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  • Please help me solve my this equation on Math involving a parabola (i think). Please explain also. Thanks!?

    A point moves so that its distance from the point (2, 0) is two-thirds its distance from

    the line y = 5. Derive the equation (in standard form) of the curve that is traced by

    the point, and identify the curve.

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  • What is the original music title of Electro Fantasy in O2jam (Online Game)?

    I wanted to play that music in piano. But I don't know the original title of it. Please help. Thanks!

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  • Does the calachuchi leaves contained inedible elements?

    My friend is asking question for their project. She wil make a tea from calachuchi leaves. But she is wandering if those leaves do not contain any harmful elements. Thanks.

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  • How can i decreased my growth rate because im getting tall very fast?

    Im 14 years old, male getting tall very fast. Im 169 cm and compared to my classmates im the tallest. How can I maintain or stabilize or lessen my growth rate? Is there a natural way?

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