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  • Do we hear singers on the radio and on CD's the way they hear themselves?

    I know I hate my speaking voice on an answering machine! Is it the same way with a singer when they record a single? Do they hear it and think, "That's ME?!" I've always wondered this.

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  • Why did my car stall on me?

    I was driving around yesterday, and my car stalled on me while I was stopped at an intersection. As it stalled, my battery and my oil lights came on. Yet I just had the battery replaced this past August, and I checked the's not anywhere close to being low! And I just had it changed a month ago. Then when I restarted my car, it seemed fine. I went ahead and had the car towed to a mechanic just to play it safe. But they're not going to be able to get to it until Tuesday. I'm just hoping to get a "preview" of what could possibly be wrong. By the way, it's a 97 Chevy Cavalier.

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  • What is the difference between Sansa e series and Sansa e series Rhapsody mp3 players?

    I've noticed that Sansa makes the e series mp3 players, and then they make the e series Rhapsody players. Is there truly any difference or is it all just a marketing scheme? And even if I buy an e series Rhapsody player, can I still use it with Yahoo Music Unlimited?

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  • Why is my refrigerator making a loud noise?

    It sounds like a loud motor. I think the refrigerator and freezer might be going out as well. Things just aren't as cold lately, and I've been having to dump out ice cream that has melted despite being in the freezer.

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