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  • I am ridiculously close to ending my life?

    Right now I honestly can't take anymore of living my life. I hate absolutely everything. I had to quit school 2 years ago because of my depression and anxiety which has left me with 0 friends, I have bulimia but I just binged and couldn't purge because my throat is bleeding too bad, I've gained 16lbs (pretty much went through a stage of starving myself and just overdosing everyday, I'm addicted to taking laxatives, I self harm and am constantly in a&e needing stitches, I was mentally abused by an ex and I still can't get his words out of my head and I can't even go out of my house because I'm too embarrassed about my appearance.

    I don't know how much I can take, if one thing even goes wrong I know its just going to tip me over the edge. I used to see someone from a mental health team but it made things 10x worse. They also prescribed me antidepressants but it made no difference and I think I actually self harmed more when I was taking them. I don't even know what I'm expecting anyone to say I don't know if I just need to tell someone everything that is going on. Ugh.

    10 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • How long will it take for my puppy to sleep through the night?

    I've had my Maltese x shih tzu puppy for 3 days now, she hasn't slept at night at all, not even for 15 minutes. She is constantly 'screaming', I've never heard a puppy as bad as she is. She yells so loud and is stressing herself out like crazy. I've had 4 previous dogs and they were never like this, they whimpered for 3-4 days but were tolerable. I haven't had even an hours sleep since we got her. I need some sleep! Please tell me if there's anything I can do to calm her down. And if you're wondering, we keep her in a XL cage downstairs, I don't know if she should be in my bedroom or what, none of my other dogs were. Appreciate all answers, thanks.

    1 AnswerDogs7 years ago
  • Are farrows marrowfat peas vegan?

    Is the sugar in them processed or no?

    6 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan8 years ago
  • Are there any vegan restaurants in Spain?

    Has anyone been there and ate out being a vegan? Does anyone know if there are farmers markets there or juice bars? If you know about this, can you please tell me where in Spain :)

    5 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan8 years ago
  • Does MAC test on animals?

    They claim that they do not test on animals except where required by law. Since I live in the UK, and we have a no animal testing policy, does that mean that none of the ingredients or the final product is tested on animals? Or do they import their products from e.g. China which could be testing on animals but would not be breaking the law if they were to sell it here? Super confused!

    2 AnswersMakeup8 years ago
  • How long until scars turn white?

    I have a lot of self harm scars from maybe 4 ish months ago (I am getting help dw) and they're so pink and sore. Like I can't even wear something that is tight on my arms because it will just irritate my scars. They are deep, I needed stitches in 5 but only got them in one since I was scared about going to the hospital. So the ones I needed stitches in are a lot thicker and stick out about 3mm above my skin. Any ideas on when they will start to fade and not become as noticeable?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • Is kingsmill bread vegan?

    Is the sugar it has in it raw or not? I wanted to try the new fruit and fibre loaf, thanks.

    4 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan8 years ago
  • How do I get over my OCD?

    I pull all my eyelashes out. And being a girl, it's literally the most un attractive thing ever. I also pull the hairs on my eyebrows out and after, scratch my skin until it bleeds, ive been doing this for about a year. i have told my mum, but she doesn't make a big deal out of it. She just says "you'll live" and it's the most annoying thing ever that she doesn't realise how much my OCD makes me hate myself. Is there anyway to stop this? Thanks

    3 AnswersMental Health8 years ago
  • Toshiba Satellite L870-136, good purchase or not?

    I was considering buying this since it's very affordable. I tried to find some reviews but none were really that helpful, I would mainly be using this for gaming since my computer absolutely sucks when it comes to preforming. I just wanted to know if it was good for that sort of stuff. If it isn't can someone please suggest a laptop that is good with gaming! Thanks

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • will this cut heal by itself? Its been like this for like a week and you can see like yellow bubbles of i guess fat i dunno. sorry about the rubbish quality though, and it is pretty big too

    6 AnswersFirst Aid9 years ago
  • If you get a weave, does it have to be the same colour as your hair?

    Ok so I had really really blonde hair then I dyed it black, I really want my blonde hair back or atleast a lighter colour than black. Can weaves be different from your actual hair colour? Or do they need to be the same cause of the roots?

    4 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • How do I change my dashboard background on Tumblr?

    I use safari. No chrome or firefox links.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • How do I tell my mom I smoke without getting her angry?

    She has seen my cigs before but I told her theynwere my friends, she ripped into me then even.... She has the worst temper ever but I need her to know so I don't have to keep using the 'I'm ill' excuse when I'm really desecrate for a cig. Sorry if you all think this isna stupid q.

    8 AnswersFamily9 years ago
  • Has anyone tried nono hair removal system?

    It looks amazing and it's cheap at the moment too! I heard a lot of people say it does work but some that say it takes too long for it to work so they gave up. Someone tell me the pros and or cons of this product thank you:-)

    1 AnswerHair9 years ago
  • Can you put a box dye on bleached hair?

    I don't like how orange my hair looks (I bleached it from black) and want it to actually look blonde, can I buy a normal blonde dye or will it not take to my hair? Please help!

    2 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • Pain from my belly button piercing?

    I've had it pierced for a year and about 2 months now, the past 4 days i have been having lots of pain from it when i touch it and when I move the bar its mainly coming from the top part. someone please give me an idea on what could this be?

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body10 years ago
  • Whats an iPad with Wi-fi and 3g?

    Sorry if this sounds a little dumb but is it like a phone as well? I'm planning on getting one but not really sure what it is haha, someone tell me please thanks x

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • i just got my ears pierced how long should i wait to stretch them?

    no stupid, never they're disgusting comments please

    7 AnswersOther - Skin & Body10 years ago
  • How to get rid of shaving spots?!?

    Like most girls, we get the occasional shaving spot 'down there' how do I get rid of them?! Its ugly.

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style10 years ago