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  • Does anyone have the Koala Home baby crib sold by Babies R Us and been able to convert to a toddler bed?

    I bought this crib for my daughter, now that she is 16 months old, I am unable to find the toddler conversion rail. The fact that it is STILL Advertised as a 4 in 1 crib, and yet you are unable to use it as one makes more mad every time I see the crib.

    If you have been able to convert to a toddler bed, did you use their rail? If so, where were you able to purchase it? If you have used a different rail, what brand/make/model did you use, and where did you purchase it?

    I really do not want to spent $125 getting a toddler bed, when I spent $350 on her crib, that is supposed to be a 4 in 1 crib.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • I have a Dell inspiron1525 laptop the click buttons under the mousepad won't work. Any help? Thanks!?

    My daughter likes to hit all of the buttons on the laptop, I'm not sure if the click buttons are jammed, broken, or if she somehow changed the settings. Any tips would be great, as I can not copy, paste, or save anything with the left clicky nonfunctional. Thanks!

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  • KY state law, when buying a home..?

    We just bought a house, had closing on June 29th, of 2007. We did not have anything written in our contract about giving the seller x amount of time to get out of the house. With that said, he keeps telling us that he legally has 30 days to get out of the house. Is this true? I have no where to look. I will be calling our mortgage people in the morning. It makes no sense to me, why would you own a home, not live in it for a full month, and yet you have to pay the mortgage. I wish my husband would have listened to me and had something put in the contract. Now we are left looking for answers. Thanks!

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  • Brown spotting..periods late..what is going on?

    Thursday, after sex, I started having brown spotting. My period was due the following Sunday, so I didn't think too much of it, however Sunday has come and gone. The brown spotting stopped Wed. then started after sex, but was gone before I went to bed. Then today, thursday, I had blood right after sex, but went away and have had none for the rest of the day. What is going on?! I don't usually have spotting before or after my period. I usually start sunday morning before I wake up and its heavy enough to need something..I have had some occassional cramps, some dizzy spells. I am just confused..Help!

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  • stolen do I go about getting new id and stuff?

    I realize that this is yahoo, but I am on the phone trying to figure this out, and no one seems to know how to answer a phone anymore. My Fiances wallet was recently stolen, and it had his license and social security card. I am having the worse time trying to figure out how to get them replaced. Obvioulsy he will have to do it, but I am trying to figure it out so he can just do it. Everything I read says you have to have your social security card to get a new license, and you have to have a license or ID with a picture to get a new social security card...What is a person to do?! someone help please!

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  • ...pregnancy?...give me some opinions?

    Of course, I know I am going to have to take an at home pregnancy test, but I wanted to get opinions first. My period was due today, and has yet to come. about a week and two days ago, I had some spotting that lasted about 4 days, I had NO cramping. I have been extremely tired, sleeping 10-12 hours a day, a long with headaches, and a lower backache. The last time I thought maybe I was pregnant, my fiance was your not pregnant don't worry about it, I was throwing up for six any rate, when I started spotting the other day...he asked me several times if I was pregnant..told him I didn't know it would be too early to tell..I'm just wondering what you all think, I'm confused and don't really want to spend the money on a test if there's no reason. Thanks for any opinions, and please no lectures!

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  • getting married in about six months...does this sound appropriate?!?

    So, my mom is the only one helping me pay for my wedding, so of course I want to keep her thoughts in mind...however for the reception we have two different opinions...she wants a tea party..and I was thinking finger sandwiches, vegetable tray, fruit and cheese tray, and cake...she is completely against having a vegetable tray at a I'm appropriate it would be, to have a reception around 2pm and just serve cake and punch...this way it is after lunch, and people would start leaving around dinner time...however some part of me feels as though I would owe my guest a meal....opinions please...I don't have the money to go out and get a caterer, and I don't see the point in having a desert reception.....there is such a thing as too much sweets...of course I would still have the dancing and all the fun stuff...I'm just stuck when it comes to the food advance for the opinions.

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  • What causes cramps after orgasm?

    This has only happened to me once before, when I thought I was pregnant. Now, all of a sudden, I'm cramping after an orgasm , the first time it was followed by a very little bit of spotting, that went away within half hour. This is new for me..any answers will help. Thanks

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  • what causes veins to become more noticeable?

    Just wondering if there are any specific reasons that your veins would become more noticeable. It's not any one perticular part of the body but all over, and I hate to say it, but my skin is so pale that having even brighter veins then I usually do, or at least used to..just doesn't look right. Is there anything I should be worried about or what?

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  • Is nasal congestion different when pregnant, then it is when you have the common cold?

    My nose is congested, but I can smell, and breathe, just not as normal as usual. When I usually have the common cold, I can not do either things..I'm just wondering

    5 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago