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  • Does everyone else need to be wrong for you to feel that you are right?

    Do you feel as though you have all the answers and everyone else is wrong or is it possible that others are framing your beliefs in a way you are unfamiliar with?

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  • I have a question about Jesus?

    Here is my question... How can someone who KNOWS they are the incarnation of God suffer? If I knew that when I die I would be all powerful and immortal, how could just 2 days of pain out of an ETERNITY of ruling the universe constitute suffering? How was it a sacrifice for god to have his son die if as soon as his son died he came home to rule the universe at his right hand? I see no sacrifice. I see no suffering.

    Can someone explain this to me?

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  • My fellow Athiest, I have a question?

    I know most of you have read Plato's Allegory of the Cave...

    ...but I would like you to look at these pictures.

    Now the question:

    Are Theists living life on feelings without examining it and getting an impression (the shadows) while we use reason to search for the source of the impressions (reality)? Is that an apt explanation?

    I want your opinions and if you can word it better than I, be my guest........and if you believe I am off base tell me what you think.

    Theists, I'm not attacking you. I am trying to explain my views in a way that is understandable to everyone.

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  • To be fair I will pose this as a question...?

    I used this to answer a question but to be fair I will pose it as a question so that those who are upset by it can respond to it. Tell me what your answer is to this riddle.

    If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to

    Then He is not omnipotent.

    If He is able, but not willing

    Then He is malevolent.

    If He is both able and willing

    Then whence cometh evil?

    If He is neither able nor willing

    Then why call Him God?

    The Riddle of Epicurus

    (Earliest known statement of the Problem of Evil)

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  • Does anyone else see the similarity between…..?

    ….the old argument, by the church, that the earth is the center of the universe and their current one about creation?

    At least they can’t kill people anymore for telling the truth instead of supporting their myths.

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  • Christians will you forgive…?

    I allowed one of your members to upset me and I am afraid I became rather hateful. I apologize for my behavior and will endeavor to not do it again. I took it out on several people in several different questions and I should know better than to be a hypocrite in my own beliefs.

    Will you accept my humble apologizes?

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  • Have you noticed that in all religions….?

    ….almost all sins are animal instinct and virtues are descriptions of when we overcome and keep those instincts in check with our higher cognition? Do you think that religions may have been a way for societies to reward people who were able to show self discipline and not give in to instinct by giving them a pat on the back (calling them virtuous) and promising them rewards after death for their self control?

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  • Is the God Squad out in force now?

    I was just wondering. Every time I give an honest answer based on my beliefs, that doesn’t agree with Christianity I get the thumbs down. I know it isn’t all Christians, some are even open minded but it doesn’t seem like that right now so I figured I would give you ignorant fools a place to mouth off.

    (I respect the beliefs of those who respect mine so if you are not a member of the Militant God Squad this is not meant to disrespect your beliefs. Only the lip synching Christians, the ones that know all the word but just don’t understand how to live it, you know the ones I mean.)

    So lets here it worshipers of God version 2.0 with the Jesus patch, is the God Squad out in force today?

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  • Do you have God version 2.0?

    With the nifty Jesus patch you too can upgrade to God version 2.0. No longer is he the Jewish tribal war God, the God of Hosts. With the Jesus upgrade God is now a God of love and compassion. You can find the Jesus upgrade at any build displaying the torture symbol of crucifixion commonly called a cross.

    To download the Jesus upgrade just have one of Christianities God technicians immerse you in some water for the high speed connection to God. The Jesus patch downloads into your heart instantaneously, it is that simple, you now have God version 2.0.

    God version 2.0 comes with Satan pop-up blocker, sin purge confessions and a comprehensive help library including POOF! There it is creationism guide, Bible verses to justify any argument and a Hellfire and Damnation panic guide so you can put the fear of God in your friends and help them download and enjoy the Jesus patch as well.

    Have you downloaded the Jesus patch?

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  • Why do most people that make faith based arguments not allow email correspondence to discuss issues?

    I do not attack and I do not judge your beliefs but I want the opportunity to have a discussion. Without allowing feedback it leaves the impression that you are either hateful and afraid of hate mail in return or you are so close minded that you are unwilling to risk hearing an opinion that differs from your own. Why not discuss differences of opinion? Who knows you may learn something or teach me something.

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  • How does “POOF! Now there are humans” make sense to anyone?

    In all of your experience, in all the written experience (history) besides the bible and other religious text (with stories passed down from tribal shaman to explain where we came from) have we recorded any other instances of “POOF! There it is”? People once thought that flies appeared in “POOF! There they are” fashion from meat until it was proven that they come from maggots which come from eggs which come from adult flies (I am not using this as a evolution argument but a “POOF! There it is” argument.

    Do you think God is not smart enough to use evolution or are you just so arrogant that you can not stomach the thought that we were once without higher intelligence? In my opinion you insult God with your disbelief of evidence because you are too prideful to admit that other animals are equal to us just because they have less cognitive abilities than we do.

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  • Why is masturbation a sin?

    ROFLMAO I want a real explanation of this belief NOT a bible verse. I ask that you explain your own understanding of why you think God cares if we have a good time alone. Wasting sperm doesn’t work because women don’t waste anything and my body can make more very quickly (it isn’t even human life it only has ½ the DNA required). I can not understand why something that brings pleasure and harms no one AND has absolutely no consequences is a sin.

    1+1=FISH asked if it was a sin and I was suprised at the response, now I want to know why.

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