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  • Punnet Squares Help?!!?

    So i have a work sheet that my teacher did not exlplain at all. Could you please explain this to me this is one of the problems. Please give me an answer so ill know how to work the other ones. -

    Two short tailed minx cats are breed togather. The produce 3 kittens with long tails,5 with short tails and 2 without tails. What would be the genotype of the short tailed cats? If the two long tailed cats in the f1 gen. breed to gather how many should have long tails in the f2 gen?

    Please also explain incomplete domaince? If you do i will award +10 if you tell me how to award it in the answer. Thanks.

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  • Finals Grade HELP??

    I have a 90 in spanish, and tomarrow is the final it counts for 7% of my grade. What is the lowest grade i can make on the final and still pass the semster with a 80 and above?

    Please help im horrible at math. Thank you.

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  • First

    Im 15 and about to get a truck. I need help picking out what kind i want. I looking for a used truck preferably under 5,500. I dont know how had that would be to find. Could someone who knows truck suggest some nice year and models for my first truck?

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  • Girlfriend Help..?

    I need help geting a new girlfriend. No, im not that nerd who has never had a girfriend..i've had had 9 and a few really hot ones. I was pretty dang popular in at my junor high. Now im at highschool and it's just not working for me..i have no clue why. I dont condsider myself ugly, im not fat, i do have a tiny bit of acne. Just a little on my nose. So far i havnt asked any girls out in high school..i duno i still talk to girls alot. Idk why but i notice myself being a lot more consertive in high school. I used to get girlfriends alot, it used to come naturly it would happen by idk. I like a few girls but i feel kinda like a nobody at high school,im not thogh i play football and talk to many girls. Im just kinda afrid of being rejected now, and of what everyone will talk about and say. I really enjoy haveing a girlfriend and talking and spending time with them. I just need to get my love life started again. Girls and guys can you give me any tips to get a girlfriend again?

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  • Myspace layout request?

    Could someone please make me a fairly simple layout without a fee?

    I would like a skinny layout with a black background and white tables with black text in arial font, then on the left side i would like the word -roho- going down the left side verticly






    i would like the roho to be in gold and arial font, and i would like it to go down the whole left side so it would have to be big.

    I know thats a lot but if you could help me what would be a huge help.

    If you could please email me at

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  • Mike Jones Song HELP!?!?

    Someone help me please this is driveing me crazy!?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Whats the name of this song & Could you find a link?

    Just ingore the guy talking i just heard the song and have to have it.

    Ive looked for 2 days now..someone help please??

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  • Will anybody team standby me in halo 2?

    Will anybody team standby me and my friends up to 35's on halo 2. I have two 48 hour trails and some 2 months. If you want to add HardCoreMuffin saying standby.

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  • Is the PS3 worth the money?

    I am consdering buying a ps3. I alredy have a xbox 360 and a psp, which i am am typeing on now. I guess my qustion is.. is the ps3 worth the money? What are some cool features? I only make ten dollars an hour. So any answers will be helpful. I thoght i might add if i get one im geting one off ebay used.. thanks.

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