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  • How can I stop my aunt from taking my introversion personally.?

    Hello. I inhabit a large house with my aunt. I help her, I have a business in the large basement, etc. It isn't some loser situation.

    Every few days, she gets pissed at me for my life style, ways.

    I'm extremely introverted. I prefer solitude for hours. I can study and learn my business for hours, alone, hyper focused. Guitar, art, singing, meditation, walks listening to podcasts, exercise. I can easily lose myself in hobbies for days.

    I go out of my way to ask her, if she needs any help. What she would like me to assist her with, as her arm is weak. Etc. If not, I often am in my room, or the basement. I dislike leaving the house.

    My inner battery is continuous. Out in public, people, even around her who I love, I get drained .

    She's very opposite. Highly extroverted. Endless small talk, wants me to sit and watch tv , when I could be drawing, reading, etc.

    I do interact with her, fairly reasonably. But she hates being alone, the house makes her lethargic, etc. I get it.

    But she takes it out on me. I've said COUNTLESS times, it. Isn't. Personal. It's how I am. It's how mostly every other introvert is.

    And still, she randomly gets pissed off at me for it. And I'm finally getting tired of it.

    Im about to shout, I can't help it you need people, and to go out all the time. I don't require that, and that crap often makes me tired and bored.

    Yes, I could move out. But I have a 20,000$ business in the basement. It's not exactly a wise idea.

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  • I don't understand my aunt. Introvert here.?

    For various reasons, I live with my aunt. I help her, and etc, and build a basement buisness.

    She's very extroverted. I am not. I'm extremely introverted. I could stay in my room, all day and night, drawing, reading, writing, learning, studying, singing, playing guitar, or just working or exercise.

     She always wants to talk, and hang out. Which I'm great with, I love her and being around her. But solitude is a battery for me. I get drained around people.

    She periodically just gets ****** off at me , out of the blue. I've explained to her many times it isn't personal. I make sure to help her when I can, with everything she needs done.

    But I just cannot enjoy idle chat,  or aimless tv watching. I could do all day and not say a word. Continuous study work, or perfecting an art.

    She simply doesn't deal with it well. And I don't understand why. We think completely differently.

    Help lol.

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