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Hi. I'm a born again christian and have been for 14 years. Saved in my bathroom one summer day.Couldn't understand the bible for 3months afterwards.But after pleading, praying and attempting it everyday,Someone gave me cassettes of the New Testament, I played them while following along with the bible I had, rewinding every interruption and every time I didn't get it( whichwas alot). 2 hours later I was hooked. I slept with it, falling asleep reading and absorbing all that I could, and it was not enough I wanted more, waking up in the middle of the night with questions and searching into the word for the answers. I took the book every where I went. I would cry every time I would speak of how real the word of GOD was, my friends were sceptical to say the least, and they didn't like my conversion and my new found love in my life. It was a pretty drastic change. I felt as if I had been walking in the dark all my life and never knew it, until that day. HE paid th