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  • 說話演講【 2 分鐘】〔20分〕

    題目: 最感動的一次(冩一篇文章可以講2 分鐘)



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  • 楊修之死語譯


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  • 成語故事 (中文 )

    戰戰兢兢故事 ( long story ) help!!! Is homework!!!! thx!!!

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  • 聖經故事的動畫

    我 想 要 聖 經 故 事 的 動 畫 ( 網 址 )

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  • 春秋五霸的動畫

    about 齊桓公、晉文公、宋襄公、秦穆公、楚莊王

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  • Science(F.1)

    Which of the animals are mammals ? (you can choose more than once)

    (a) frog

    (b) cat

    (c) turtle

    (d) seal

    (e) fish

    (f) birl

    (g) rabbit

    Answer : ?

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  • Science(1-10)

    1 living things

    (a) react to every stimulus

    (b) can grow

    2 The leather of handbags come from

    (a) living thing

    (b) non-living thing

    3 variations are

    (a) differences among

    (b) similarites among living things

    4 sea horse is

    (a) a fish

    (b) an amphibian

    5 spiders

    (a) have a backbone

    (b) do not have a backbone

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  • F.1 Maths題(english)

    the number of residents in a small village has dropper by 15% since last year. if there are 221 residents in the village this year, how many residents were there in the village last year?

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  • a maths questions

    (1) r+6/3=r/2+7/6 r=?

    (2) 1/9(h+9)=5/6-1/2(h+7) h=?


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