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  • i messed up my taxes! please help?

    okay so i am in the military. i did my taxes online on h and r block online. it asked for my home of record which is massachutsetts. but i live in texas so im not supposed to pay state taxes. i payed around 70 a month for a year in taxes and only got 270 back. how do i fix this so i get my full refund?

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  • is blood really blue inside the body?

    from the theories that ive heard unoxygenated blood is blue and once the blood is oxygenated it turns red. is this true because ive also heard a lot of people say its only a myth

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  • i know nothing about speakers. HELP! what speakers should i get?

    im looking for a sound system for my apartment. i want a system with a decent amount of bass but i want really good sound quality. i dont know anything about speakers or subs so i am not sure what to get. i was looking at the logitech z602 system or something like that. those are my favorite so far but if i can get better sound quality i dont mind spending another hundred bucks or so. any suggestions?

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  • help me get stationed with my wife?!?

    we are both active duty in the army. we are getting married in a month. we are in training but have been dating for a while and dont want to be seperated after training. she is airborne so she wont recieve her orders until airborne school.

    If we get married before she goes to airborne will that change her orders or will one of us have to request a change of duty station?

    im not sure how marriage in the army works. so im trying to figure things out before i tie the knot :) thanks!!

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  • rate my lyrics please!! its a song about insanity?

    i guess its hard to rate it cuz you cant hear how i rap it or the instrumental im using but just rate the lyrics please. i dont write songs very often. i write poetry and my friend got me into rapping...anyway, rate it 1-10 and be honest and let me know where i can improve please :)

    On the verge of, Insanity amity with the man in me

    Damned to see profanity, Banning me, Inhumanity

    Vanity the man you sees

    Substantial me I planned to be

    The best but I know im living in a fantasy

    Don’t pity me, I know im at the top,

    now I need validity, Bigot they still belittle me

    The surface is simplicity

    in depth I spit acidity

    Divinity I am, I am the minestry

    Consistently slayin the game proficiently

    im losing my mind I cant sleep

    my voice I cant speak

    so I spit subconsciously

    constantly, im a prodigy

    prophesies say im possibly

    probably a man you gotta see

    wanna be theres no slowin or stopping me

    mentally demented

    unintended desendant rejected as expected

    and accepted no pretending

    push until I am perfected

    unprecedented respected

    manifested truth

    and still remain uncontested

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  • I need a rap name please!! funny or serious. but preferrable serious lol?

    Its for my friend. His name is brandon Russel Johnson. I gave him a bunch of ideas but he's picky. Thank you :)

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  • senior prank!!!!!!!!!?

    okay anyone have some good ideas for senior prank? ones that wont get us arrested preferably

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  • i wrote a poem...this one is happier than the last. whatcha think?

    There was this girl I never wanted to part

    I gave her my everything, she had my heart

    But she tore it out and ripped it in two

    And left me in pieces waiting to be found by you

    Ill stand by your side, and wait for you to pick me

    My heart is broken and I need you to fix me

    If you pick up all my pieces and make me whole

    Id never ask for my heart back that you stole

    Baby hold my hand and never let go

    Ill show you the love that you’ve never known

    Girl if you are scared, just let your heart free

    Just let yourself fall in love with me

    My place in this world is right by your side

    Maybe you don’t love me but I need to know you tried

    I know we can make it, I just need one chance

    I knew I was in love after our first glance

    I don’t want to walk the shore alone

    If I’m not talking to you, I don’t wanna be on the phone

    I don’t wanna throw pebbles at anyone else’s window

    Without you by my side the stars don’t glow

    Baby hold my hand and never let go

    Ill show you the love that you’ve never known

    Girl if you’re scared, just set you’re heart free

    Just let yourself fall in love with me

    I went to sleep one night and saw you in my dreams

    It was the first night in a week I didn’t hear screams

    You touched my face and my heart skipped a beat

    We made eye contact and you raised me from my feet

    Within seconds we rose above the mountain peeks

    You stared into my eyes and gently kissed my cheek

    I woke up to realize there is nothing I want more

    So it was three am and I knocked on your door

    When you came to the porch you asked if I was okay

    I said baby there is something that I need to say

    But before I said a word you grabbed my hand and kissed me real slow

    You said there is just one thing that I need you to know

    Then you said baby here’s my hand don’t ever let go

    I wanna feel the love that no ones ever shown

    You can have my hand and my whole heart too

    Because baby I think I’m fallin in love with you

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  • what do you think of this poem/song? :)?

    i just wrote a poem and i wanted to know what everyone thought of it :) here it is

    With just a single word, she got me addicted

    With just a single smile, my sadness was lifted

    Shes all I ever wanted, the girl of my dreams

    But everything is not always what it seems

    Because shes got a boyfriend that doesn’t see what shes worth

    She one in a…however many peoples on this earth

    OH if she let me have her heart, I wouldn’t break it

    But shes got a boyfriend and I cant take it

    Im walking down the beach, with no ones hand to hold

    Its 17 degrees but I cannot feel the cold

    The sun just set, darkness shrouds the shore

    The moon shining brighter that ive ever seen before

    I look up at the stars and wait for one to fall

    Cuz there is one thing I want more than anything at all

    Our love is written in the stars, I know that this is fate

    Maybe our time isn’t now but for this girl I will wait

    Because shes got a boyfriend that doesn’t even care

    Half as much as I would if me and her were a pair

    OH if she let me have her heart, I wouldn’t break it

    But shes got a boyfriend and I cant take it

    I want to be the guy to wipe away her tears

    I want to be the guy to shield her from her fears

    Ill stay up on the phone on her sleepless nights

    Shes scared of the dark so I will be her light

    Ill help her to her feet when she cant stand

    When no ones there to help her she can take my hand

    Ill always be there for her, through good and bad

    And ill give her the best memories shes ever had

    But shes got a boyfriend, who she loves with all her heart

    She smiles when shes with him, and cries when they’re apart

    So I will watch her as she smiles, and hold her when she cries

    And I will gently take my finger and wipe the tears from her eyes

    I will wait for her, because shes worth waiting forever

    I will wait till me and her are together

    If she let me have her heart, I wouldn’t break it

    But for now shes got a boyfriend and I cant take it

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  • does age matter in relationships?

    okay. this might sound bad...but im 17 and there is this girl that is 3 years younger than me. she acts really mature and i just fell hard for her. i just dont feel like age should be a factor if we truly have feelings for each other. i mean there are tons of married couples that are five or more years older than the other. it is acceptable for them. if this is the girl i feel like i want to spend my life with then should age be a factor?

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  • i need advice!! i dont know if i want to be with my girlfriend. :'(?

    okay. i am 17 and in high school as a senior. i have a girlfriend that i have been dating for almost eight months now. we go to different schools. i love her. however i feel like i am not happy with her anymore. heres why:

    1. she is kind of too clingy. she tells me to call her EVERY SINGLE morning as soon as i wake up and talk to her while i get ready for school and until the second the bell rings to go to homeroom. so i do to try to make her happy. then on days i dont go to work i go to her house. on days i do work she tells me to call her the second i get out of work until i go to sleep. she doesnt want me to sit with my best friend (who is a girl) on the bus and she said that she just wants me to talk to her ten minutes a week. i dont see my friend outside of school at all. and she only wants me to text my friend when she texts me. i cant call my friend cuz my girlfriend would go crazy. she even has a boyfriend so there is nothing to worry about. so i miss my friend.

    2. another reason is i feel like she doesnt trust me. like i said she doesnt want me to sit with my friend or even talk to her. every time i get on the bus she asks me whos sitting with me. she reads my text messages. she has even read my messages on facebook.

    3. lastly i miss my friends. she wants to see me every chance she gets and i never have time to hang out with my friends any more. if im not at work im at her house. im at her house more than my own. i just need more freedom. i need to be able to hang out with my friends. i miss everyone.

    i have talked to her about all of these things and i feel like she doesnt want to change it. i have even brought it to the point of telling her i cant be with her if these things dont change. i love her and i dont want to leave her but i feel like i have to.

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