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  • Trade Brian Westbrook?

    Would you trade Brian Westbrook straight up for Steven Jackson? Westbrook carried my team last season but he's getting up there in age. Do you think it's a good time to sell high and get a younger keeper? Jackson should be a top 5 talent for the next 4-5 years if he stays healthy. I will miss all the receiving yards but maybe Al Saunders and a healthy QB can help Jackson regain his 2006 form.

    Keeper League (2 keepers)

    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, Flex, K, Def

    No PPR

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  • What player would you keep (fantasy football 2008)?

    Who would you hold onto between Laurence Maroney, Ronnie Brown and Marques Colston?

    I'm in a 10 team league and we get two keepers from last season. Last year I finished second so I will be picking ninth. I'm already keeping Westbrook but I'm struggling with my second choice.

    Laurence Maroney:

    Positives - looks to be healthy coming into camp, with the departure of the Pats CB's they could be looking to control the clock more

    Negatives - can't stay healthy, Sammy Morris will steal TD's

    Ronnie Brown:

    Positives - looked to be coming into his own last season, good amount receiving yardage early last year

    Negatives - Questions about his ACL, time share with Ricky Williams

    Marques Colston:

    Positives - lots of yards/TD's, addition of Shockey should open up some more space to roam

    Negatives - I would have to pick RB, RB with picks 9 and 12 (after keepers), could be a thin group to choose from

    Positions - QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex, K, Def

    (No PPR)

    Thanks for the help.

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