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  • Stomach pains for a few days now, still not sure what this could be?

    The pain is around the area of my belly button but it can also travel slightly lower, sometimes goes to the side of my stomach. It isn't a super painful thing, it just feels like my stomach is uneasy and bubbly constantly. Lately my diet has changed slightly. Drinking a lot of soda because I'm visiting family at the moment and that is the drink of choice in this house. I'm not sure if sugar is upsetting my stomach or if maybe I've got some kind of virus? Any information would help.

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  • 2 week late period, stomach pains, nausea ?

    Ok so I have an app on my phone, of course it isn't always correct, but anyways it basically helps me track my next period and when I'm supposed to be ovulating. Usually my period will show up a few days earlier than my last period or a few days later so I set it to a 31 day cycle just to give me an idea of the time I'll be starting. I was supposed to have my period around November 12. Lately I've been stressing out over school A LOT and stressing out over quite a few other things. That is just to give you some background of my situation. Now for the actual question.

    So I've been feeling kind of crampy for these past 2 weeks and I figured it was just my period. I kept waiting for it to show up and it just didn't. I ended up finally getting my period 2 weeks late on Sunday night (25 of November) So I do have my period now. Sunday night I was experiencing some very strange symptoms. I have always had pretty terrible cramps and they become worse when I eat a lot of sugar; now since it is around Thanksgiving time I have been eating a ton of junk food which I do regret. So I figured thats what brought on the severe cramping pains. I took a very hot shower because that usally helps me. When I got out I became very light headed and struggled to put my clothes on. I ended up throwing up. (I've only thrown up one other time on another period so this doesn't happen often.) I decided to just lay down and try to sleep so I slept for about 4 hours and when I woke up I felt a lot better. I still had slight cramps but for the most part I felt fine. About 2 hours later I tried to lay back down and I started experiencing a very upset stomach. This NEVER happens. My stomach does tend to feel a little bubbly during the first day or two of my period but it's never been this bad. The only place I usually get period cramps is in my thighs. Anyways, it took me several hours before I could fall back to sleep due to the stomach pains. When I woke up my nose started bleeding which was so odd and I'm not sure if this is irrelevant or not to my period. I'm currently visiting my family in North Carolina so the air is colder and dryer here I believe, which could be why that happened. I had protected sex wih my boyfriend about 3 weeks before I came here and he never ended up "finishing" because of the discomfort of the condom which bothers him. So it's day 2 now and I still have a pretty upset stomach. I didn't eat anything yesterday except a few ritz crackers and a few sips of a starbucks drink so it's not like I'm over eating or anything.

    I'm just very worried, this kind of thing never happens to me and I really need someone out there to give me a piece of mind. I don't mean to sound silly but could this possibly be pregnancy? Is this due to my stress and anxiety?


    (I'm sorry this was long and all over the place, I really just wanted to provide you with as much information as possible!)

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