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I enjoy the simple things in life, like camping, fishing, and reading/writing poetry. I like to dance, but am kinda shy, so don't do it much. Have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, and one of my hobbies (and work) is fixing computers. There's always something new to investigate, so it keeps me learning. I also have a tatse for astrology, palmistry, and a curiosity for the occult (only white magic, anything else disturbs me). I believe in karma, that what goes around comes around.

  • Need a little career advice?

    Looking for some ideas on what I should pursue for a career, and where I should move if necessary to obtain financial security in this tumultuous market. I got a degree in Computer engineering back in 2003, but was unable to find a job in that direct field. Since then I worked for Best Buy in Geek squad for two years, for Comcast for two years, then worked for a local school for a year as a Computer technician. Was going through divorce, and decided to quit my job and go to Brazil for a year. while there I taught English and just took it easy. Now I am back in Massachusetts, working for Dominos Pizza... I am close to 40, finally quit smoking and drinking, and finally ready to be serious about life again. I am studying Networks, and soon wil be taking my Network+ exam. Any ideas or suggestions which careers may be the most suited and stable for me? And also how to make myself credible after goofing around for the last few years.... primarily because of the emotional issues caused by divorce. I am a new man, but feel a little overwhelmed. Thanks.

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  • I am in love with a woman from Brazil, but she doesn't want to move to the US to be with me.?

    So what can I do?

    Move there? I speak portuguese fluently, and have a son with a brazilian woman. My son is a dual citizen, so he could visit me on summer breaks.

    One problem is that I am crazy in love with this woman, but she can be mean and hurtful sometimes. I am afraid that she will not support me about my son.

    Confused and lonely from missing the woman of my life.

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  • I have a BS in Computer Engineering, now what?

    I obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from an ABET accredited school, but that was five years ago. Since then I have worked two years for Best Buy in their Geek Squad, two years for Comcast putting commercials on air, and have spent the last year abroad being an English teacher. Anyone have any ideas how to utilize my college degree to get my feet into the doors of prospective companies. Was wondering if anyone knows which companies to look for jobs and what more I need to do to become a prospective employee of engineering companies.


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  • Is there a chance of reconciliation?

    I was dating a girl for a few months, and she got really mad at me and told me to get out of her life. I was very sad, and went out with her brother, ended up getting really drunk, and he brought a prostitute over. It was hard to resist a naked woman.... so a few days later I got back together with my girlfriend and we made up. Things were going great until I confessed to her what happened. She still talks with me, but is apparently hurt and upset with me. Is there a chance that we can get back together, considering the circumstances?

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  • Capricorn Female - How to win her love back?

    I have a Capricorn girlfriend, and I'm a pisces. She is the very jealous type, and seems to carry heavy baggage from her last relationship, since she was cheated on various times, hence the lack of trust. We had a big fight this weekend, and I yelled at her. After this she says that we just don't work, and that she wants to be friends. Before this fight I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. After the fight she says she won't marry me anymore. Any ideas on how to get her to see that I am the one for her....

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  • Have two Gateways not powering on properly?

    Hi guys, I know these machines stink.... but I'm curious about what's wrong with these machines. I have two gateways, one GT4010 and one GT4022, and as soon as I plug them in the P/S and CPU fans come on, and sounds like the HDD is running, but no power light on the front of the PC. I can power off by holding the power button for seven seconds, or unplug it, but if I power back up it does the same thing. I've removed memory and mobo battery, and powered on, but no beeps or nothing, same old bum deal. I'm leaning on the side of needing new motherboards. Boy these machines stink !!!! :) Thanks, any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Would you move to another country if you loved someone from there?

    I'm divorced from a Brazilian woman, and am dating another Brazilian woman, who lives in Brazil. I have a 10 year old son who has dual citizenship, and have a feeling his mom wants to send him to Brazil for some time to understand her culture. I speak very good, almost fluent, portuguese, and have a good education and have become passionate with a true, kind hearted woman who doesn't want to live in the US. So I'm considering moving there to pursue my love with this woman. Would anyone else move if they thought there would be a better life there than here, I mean closer knit family, and all around the people are nicer to foreigners than we americans are. I'm ready for it!

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  • Planning on moving from states to brazil, any suggestions....?

    Well, I was married for 12 years to brazilian woman. Have a 9 year old son. I want to move to Brazil by myself, and my son will come and stay with me for lengthy periods of time. I also am chatting with many Brazilian people online just to try and make contacts. I also have a "girlfriend", but we're just starting to hit it off, and it's great. Most of all I want a better quality of life than what I have seen here. And I ain't talking about the money, I'll get by. Any ideas, suggestions, or pitfalls. Maybe just a cheers, and go for it buddy!

    Thanks guys. Also I'm planning on moving to Minas Gerais, medium sized city (100,000)

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  • What is one thing you'd like to change about your life, and what's keeping you from doing it?

    I would hope that the change you'd want would be for your betterment :) Be honest now!

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  • Loneliness?

    If it wasn't for the sun

    I couldn't see how alone I was

    And not for the moon,

    Could I feel the emptiness inside.

    Does that qualify as a beginner's attempt at writing dreary poetry?

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  • Were there ancient civilizations that lived underground... some 60-70 million years ago?

    Just curious, I read an article a few weeks back about a guy who had built a tower on top of an ancient underground city, I think it was in Hungary.

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  • Are people really serious when they say they believe the any religious book is fact?

    Keep reading.... don't get me wrong, I believe in God, just different from the mainstream. I just have a hard time beliving that some of the folk in the bible lived for 900 + years, and this whole people thing started with just two people.... I think it's a bit more complicated than that, but has everyone fallen asleep and accepted that Santa is not real, he's just a story of a generous wealthy orphaned man.

    I'd like to know if in fixating on this believe brings happiness to the soul, or is it just a panacea to excuse all the evil in this world.

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  • Anyone have good news stories about being separated and getting back with husbands/wives?

    I'd like to know if anyone wishes to share stories and let me know if they've had very rough time in marriage, how bad and hopeless it seemed, and what they did to keep themselves from falling apart, and best of all if it ended with you getting back together with your spouse. Generally I'm curious to hear similar stories as my own, because I'm in the separation stage, and she is unwilling to talk with me. I see the hurt in her eyes, and hear it in her voice, but basically get the idea that she doesn't trust me to be a good boy anymore. Of course I like the stories with good endings, but am curiious to hear what some good people have to say. I'm also getting into religion now, hoping to learn some valuable tools so that I will treat my wife like the woman she deserves to be treated like, rather than be selfish and expect her to fulfill my needs first....

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  • Separated for almost a year, want to get beck together?

    I've been separated from my wife for almost a year. We've had a rocky marriage over the past 7 years, and we have an eight year old son together. After being separated, I've learned that I've been dealing with depression for a long time now, and realise that it has caused us to grow apart, and for her to be bitter with me. I went to church with her and my son last week, and it was the first time she smiled at me in a long time. Recently she's scoffed at me when I say I want to move back, and has called the police several times due to me becoming verbally explosive.... Finally I'm seeing what a jerk I was, and feeling terribly guilty. With the help of God, I've managed to even stop smoking cigarettes, which I've done for 20 years. If I keep my promises to myself and God not to yell anymore, and not to smoke and/or drink, anyone think she might want me back as a husband, and forgive me for my mistakes?

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  • tenho algums website para conhecer mulheres brasileiras?

    Eu morro nos Estados undios, mas gostaria conhecer algums mulheres brasileiras antes de visitar Brasil :) Eu so americano, mas fala portuguese bem

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  • I met my soulmate, but think I've lost her, what can I do?

    She's married, and her family will hunt her down if she leaves and files for divorce. Situation could get hectic for us if we want to be together, but we can't stand being away from one another. We are planning to get back together, but have to disappear for a while. Any suggestions on which path to follow would be appreciated.

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  • Internet dating question regarding emailing?

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to meeting and chatting with people online, but I've met a few gems along the way. I have a question for anyone who has used an internet dating site. If the person posts their username and they have an associated email that coincides with that username, is it ok to send them an email other than being confinec to the constraints of the dating site, i.e. some people cannot read their email unless they pay a fee. Btw there are two foxes I am chasing, hope they're both for real :)

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