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  • Why are members' e-mails to the group being sent to the spam folder?

    I'm the owner/moderator of the R1b1c_U106-S21 Yahoogroup. I'm having an intermittent problem with members' e-mails to the group being placed unnecessarily in the group spam folder. This has happened every day in the last few days and usually involves 1-4 e-mails.

    This has nothing to do with new members. Most of the e-mails placed in spam are from group members who post frequently. Usually there's no problem with their e-mails. But then we get a period of a few days, like now, where this happens every day.

    I try to check the spam folder every morning so that I can send the e-mails to the list, but I shouldn't be seeing any of these messages put in spam. I see no rhyme or reason for this to happen, especially as it's intermittent. Please look at this problem and fix it.

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