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I'm a big fan of Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens. I'm currently attending a semi-government university. I'm taking Diploma In Mobile Technology

  • Is there a way I could change my iPad 2's iOS 5.1.1 to a different OS like Android, Windows or so?

    Hey, I recently got a iPad2 and got bored with the OS. I would like to try out other OS like Android or Windows. Thank you...

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)?

    (1) What is HDMI?

    (2) What is the advantage/s of HDMI?

    (3) How does it work?

    4 AnswersOther - Electronics10 years ago
  • Java OOP problem...ASAP?

    I'm having problems understanding a few questions...It's an OOP assignment...I need 2 submit this on Monday...So any1 kind enough 2 share they're codings wit me...It's 4rm Interactive input & Methods...

    a)Create an application named Numbers whose main() method hold three integer

    variables. Assign values to the variables. Pass both variables to methods named

    sum() and difference().

    Create the methods sum() and difference(); they compute the sum of and difference

    between the values of three arguments, respectively. Each method should perform

    the appropriate computation and display the results. Save the application as

    b. Add a method named product() to the Numbers class. The product() method should

    computed the multiplication product of three integers, but not display the answer.

    Instead, it should return the answer to the calling method, which displays the

    answer. Save the application.

    Plzz & TQ

    4 AnswersProgramming & Design10 years ago
  • Why sound is important in Multimedia?

    1)Why sound is important in Multimedia? Explain your reason by giving an example.

    2) The meaning of lossy and lossless compression.

    *Differentiate them

    *Any other information about these compression will do so

    This is my Multimedia class questions. I've already done this yesterday but I'm still not satisfied with my answers. Be kind enough to answer these questions if u do know the answers

    2 AnswersOther - Computers10 years ago
  • What is the difference between Bitmap & Vector? (Based on a few factors)?

    HELP ME!!! I need the difference between bitmap & vector...based on size, resolution n quality...i also want d names of software applications tat will extract their extensions...Apologize if I'm being so demanding but i need these urgently....Plzz & TQ

    2 AnswersOther - Computers10 years ago
  • Prime Number C++ using "While, For, Do...While" Loop?

    I'm pretty new to programming. So please help me


    Write a program using "while, for, and do...while" loop to determine is a prime number. A prime number is a number which is divisible by 1 or itself without leaving any remainder. For example: 4, 9. 15 and 16 are NOT a prime number while 2, 3, 5 and 7 are prime numbers.

    That's all it says in the book. This is my post-lab activity and I need to send in 2 days. Please and thank you

    4 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Answer this if you're in love?

    Answer this if you 'LOVE' someone, you can arrange these letters in '3 WORDS';


    If you do not solve this, then it means u do not know 'HOW TO LOVE'

    Good luck, I'll be waiting for your answers

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Help me with my English Game B???

    Im having some difficulties solving the questions below. Its a lil tuff for me. Can you help??

    Read the clues and solve the puzzle by rearrange the letters. These are the questions:

    1) Thought of object or fact that is not real or solid. (AABCTTSR)

    2) To give an untrue explanation or describtion. (MNIEEESSRRPT)

    Plz try to solve it. I really need those answers.

    1 AnswerHomework Help1 decade ago
  • I want some maps, Malaysia? Help me.........?

    Hello! I am a Malaysian. I urgently need a map from Malaysia. The map is from Taman Sentosa, Batang Berjuntai, Malaysia.

    More info:

    Batang Berjuntai is at Daerah Kuala Selangor. Taman Sentosa is one of Batang Berjuntai's place. I just want Batang Berjuntai map & Taman Sentosa map. This is all for my Geografhy project. Please help me. I am begging u all even the non-Malaysians. My life depends in it. Please & Thank You.

    3 AnswersMalaysia1 decade ago
  • Help me, Malaysia?

    Hi, I am a Malaysian. Could u guys or girls out there known something about Malaysia's sports? I want some pictures of M. Jegathesan & M. Rajamani. There are the first atlets to get the best atlet award in 1966. And I also want the pictures of the trophy & also some of the atlets picture. Help me please. Take ur time, but be quick. Cuz the answer that I helped me a lot will be chosen. U do want that 10 points, right? So, hurry up and give me the website or the pictures I asked. U can do it.

    1 AnswerOlympics1 decade ago
  • Points??????

    What can we do with our points? What do we get? Prizes? I really really want to know about it.

    9 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Did u know that????????

    Did u know that there is another High School Musical named The High School Musical 2 coming in 2007? Where can I get the web site to download all the posters and Songs? Help me...........

    4 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • Bad Boys?????

    What do u think about B5? How can get all B5's songs? Which web should I use?

    2 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • I feel boring................?

    What game should I play now?

    13 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Did you know that?????

    Did you know that Steven Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) died yesterday? He is only 44 and he was too young to die. He was stinged by a Stingray. How did it happen? Tell me the story......Thanks.

    3 AnswersOther - News & Events1 decade ago
  • Kids ONLY..?

    Yo, kids out there. What do u think about BREAKING FREE from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL that was performed by Vince Chong, Alicia Pan and Nikki Gill? I think it was off the hook. Have u been invited an invatation for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL? Did u got a chance to see the BREAKING FREE performers. I loved it. Tell me ur answer.

    10 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • Map help!!!?

    How can I find myself a map. I want the map to be located at Taman Kilauan. It is at Taman Kilauan, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. HELP ME!!!!!

    3 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • What do u think?

    What do think about the dining in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? It's my hometown.

    1 AnswerKuala Lumpur1 decade ago
  • I want some pictures?

    How do I get some traditional pictures in Chinese and Indian's pictures like food, games, festivals and clothes? Help me..............

    4 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • What should I do?

    My parents always fight because my father has a girlfriend. My sister and I are afraid because my father maybe kick me,my sister and my mother out of the house. So, that is why I'm asking you for advice. What should I do??????????

    7 AnswersFamily1 decade ago