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  • I will graduate in dec w/ my bachelor's. I will have a 2.16 gpa. I want to go to grad school. What can I do?

    I know I messed up, but now its too late. (I switched majors from Bio to Poli Sci after my Junior yr.) I want to continue my education starting school in Jan '10. I know for most grad schools you have to have an undergrad gpa of AT LEAST 2.5, but are there any where I can still do a program. I was thinking maybe go to grad school online. Do you guys know where or what?

    I'm a Political Science major, and if possible I think I'd like to do a grad program in Pubic Admin or Policy. Are there any post-bac programs out there that don't pertain to medicine? That I could do coming from Political Science?

    Please, someone, answer as MANY questions as you can. Thanks!

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  • Does anyone know where I can take an online course and finish by Feb. that is transferable to boost my GPA?

    I want to take an online course or online courses that will boost my GPA and have it finished by February 2007. It doesn't matter what the name of the school is or where it is, as long as I can register now and finish it by Feb. 2007. But the school has to be accredited. I go to school in Louisiana, and I already checked with ULM. Also, does anyone know of any WinterSessions or other short-term semesters at colleges/universities that offer online courses without prerequisites? I really hope someone can help me. Thanks.

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