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  • Problems running an automotive relay with a low milliamp signal?

    I have a water temp gage that has an external warning light output. it is normally supposed to be hooked to a small LED but I thought I could run a relay with it and run whatever I want off it. Measuring voltage at the output is 12 volts with nothing attached but only 2-3 volts with the LED attached. This will not run the relay. My assumption is that the milliamps required to run the relays are too high causing the voltage to drop to much to run the relay. Is there a way to fix this so I can run the automotive relay?

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  • Is there an aftermarket deck that has superior Radio reception?

    Pioneer advertises their "super tuners" but is it any better then anyone else? and why are there not more compnaies building HD radio into their units? I can find them in JVC and Pyle (of crap) but not in a higher end unit without buying more equipment...

    1 AnswerCar Audio1 decade ago
  • what liscensing do I need to do home theater, security camera, and network installs?

    I am in the State of Colorado. I have a business now that is growing more and more towards this low voltage electrical installations, (right now I offer it for RV's and do all automotive electrical). Other places say the are "certified" but I have not been able to find out who they are certified by. Do they, or is there any licensing or permit requirements?

    I did look on the Colorado state websites but was pretty unsuccessful finding information...

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  • do I need to port forward at the gateway or at the router?

    I need to setup port forwarding for a security DVR system. I have a linksys wrt110 router connected to the internet, and then another wrt 110 conected from port 1 on the "gateway" router to port 1 on the 2nd router. The DVR is connected to the second router. Do i set up port forwarding on the gateway router or the 2nd one. Also, I can connect to the 2nd router wirelessly, but I never can get internet (wirelessly). I get internet connected by wire, but not wireless. How do I solve this?


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  • Running Hardwired Internet line to shop from house, not working?

    Ok, So here is the deal:

    Installing a security camera system in a house and on a shop. Hooked cameras on house and shop to video baluns. Ran Cat5e from baluns in house, to dvr in shop. everything there works great....

    Now, in the process I also added another cat5e line for internet. that Cat5e wire is running from the house router, to a shop router. I do not have any internet at the shop. If I plug my Cat5e wire direct into a computer at the shop,(like it is just a long patch cable from the house router to the shop computer) I still do not have internet. I have tested the wire, have the correct pairings and continunity, just no internet, it does seem like it connects to the router inside (allthough I can't talk to it with, I just don't have internet. If i plug the same laptop in inside the house I get internet....

    The cable run is around 300' from the router, underground, to the shop router.

    I am using Linksys WRT110 Routers

    Also, I have an inside monitor for the security system. I am using the Blue, Blue/white twisted pair in the cat 5e line ran for internet to the shop to work the monitor (through Video baluns and VGA converter) as these are not used for the internet (according to internet research), I can see the picture but there is a ton of noise on the inside monitor

    Is this being caused by a ground loop or something?

    Is the internet not working because of a ground loop since the shop and house are on different electrical drops?

    My thought is the cable run is too long and I need a Switch located somewhere halfway in the system to help boost the signal.... Will that fix it?

    I want answers from people who are ceative and can help solve the problem, don't answer if your going to say it can't be done...

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Kia Sedona Power window Problems?

    2004 Kia sedona. Passenger side front window rolls up and down just fine most of the time, but if you stop while going up or down, the window will be "stuck". If you push down on the window, it fixes this problem. I greased the track but still have the problem.

    It seems like there is alot of play in the window regulator, is there an adjustment for this? I kinda feel like the regulator and motor gears are "binding" up and when you push on the window it "un binds".

    Could it just be a weak window motor? or could the gear on the motor be worn out causing the play?

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  • Cat question, Sick or not?

    so my girlfriend and I adopted a cat from a shelter. she is about 8 months to 1 year old and she was so sweet when we got her. We took her to the vet the same week we got her, and they said she had kennel cough and gave us antibiotics to treat it. when we brought her home, she was not very playfull and was not eating very much even when we tried Tuna fish, Chicken, Catnip, and such that every other cat I have ever owned would have come running for. After a few days of the antibiotics, she did start eating and she became more playfull. however, this week, (about 3 weeks after we got her) she has become very lethargic, and sleeps all the time. She has become very Timid and shy and wont leave our bed. She has no problems with us, but she gets scared when you pick her up or try to play with her, the first two weeks we had her, she loved to be held and did start playing. Now she seems to be going backwards. Any Ideas? she is eating, she is not vomitting, and she does not have Diareha...

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  • What do departments pay to upfit new cop cars with equipment?

    Just wondering, Police departments get new vehicles every year, and they usually get a new warning package on them. What does it cost for this equipment to be installed? Lightbar, Front warning, Rear warning, Window bars, push bumper, siren, speaker, swtiches, MDT mounts ETC..... A well equipped cop car. What does it cost?

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  • Flathead V8 Carb Question?

    I am a member of a volunteer orginization that cares for our cities old antique fire trucks, and we don't have a ton of money to spend on repair, but we do need a new carb for this truck so we can get it running. It is a 1939 Ford Panel van with a flathead V8. is there any aftermarket options for a bolt on carb made by Holley, edelbrock etc.... or other ways to get around this to make it cheaper to fix? a new stromberg carb is around $330...

    5 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • RV electrical License?

    do you need to have an electrical liscense to work on mobile electric such as 120volt ac in an RV or 12 volt dc on a trailer, boat etc (in colorado)??? THis would be to do contract work for people who need ELECTRICAL work done on their RVs and such. I am looking to start a business (Recreational Electrical) and have more then enogh on the job electrical experience (both 12volt and 120 volt) to do the job. I do sideline work for a few people and they have had better luck with me fixing their electrical issues then with an RV dealer and service department and are pushing me to start my own company. In my aream there seems to be a huge need for it so I want to give it a shot but I want to make sure I wont be getting in trouble because of liscensing. Any other thoughts on operating a buisness in this field?

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  • who needs more money?

    I do! what about you?

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  • what did it cost you to register your 2006 dodge ram truck in colorado?

    perferably quad cab 2500 diesel... but all responses will be nice (just put what kind of vehicle you have). Thanks!

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  • how good is the precut window tint?

    I found a place online that sells custom made to order computer cut window tint for my truck. (it is cut to the exact shape of the window. has anyone used this? does it work? did it go on nice? any problems? any tips? just want some general info before I buy. don't want to waste my money!

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  • 2006 Dodge 2500 cummins black smoke?

    Just bought a 2006 cummins with 33000 miles on it. I notice that even after replacing the air filter I get black smoke out of the exaust pipe (normal acceleration). I have driven other 06 cummins that did not seem to smoke at all let alone this much. I have plenty of power, and the truck runs awsome. what could be some other causes. I have looked for chips, or aftermarket products installed in the truck and have not found any. any thoughts would be great!

    10 AnswersDodge1 decade ago
  • dodge ram quad cab 2500 diesel Registration in colorado?

    Just bought an 06 dodge ram 2500 diesel 4x4 for 30000. paid all the taxes at the dealer, but I need to get an idea of what my plates are going to cost? just want an average of what you all paid for the same or SIMILAR vehicle, and don't tell me to go to the colorado dmv or county clerk website, they tell you NOTHING!!!

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • Haggling price with car dealer?

    I am looking to buy a 2004-2006 Dodge ram 2500 quad cab 4X4 Diesel Pickup. prices for these trucks are around $29000 for the options and mileage I want. what is a good price to offer the dealer to start haggling without them laughing at me?

    6 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • Ac fan runs intermittently?

    When I turn my central air unit on (fan switch on auto, heat/cool switch on cool) the condessor unit will come on (outside) and then shortly after the inside blower fan will come on. However, the blower fan will only stay on for about 1-2 minutes and then shut off for 1-2 minutes then turn back on and so on consistantly untill finally it will reach its target temp. even if I turn the fan switch to "on" it turns on and off every 1- 2 minutes. is it supposed too so this? I am no where near my target temp of 71 F while it is doing this...

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Why is there 6 volt batteries in R.V.s instead of 12?

    I have seen RV's that have 2 6 volt batteries connected to make 12 volts, but why do they not just get 12 volt batteries?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • just bought a new phone with bluetooth, will any headset work?

    Just bought a samsung SCH-i730 with blue tooth, can I buy any blue tooth headset and make it work with the phone?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Will a lawn vacuum pick up dog doo?

    some say they will pick up small stones, but will it pick up dog doo, fresh or old? Just wondering before I spend the money on one....

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