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  • What's the penalty for possession of a stop sign? (North Carolina)?

    One of my friends here in my dorm went to her hometown this weekend (she's a freshman) and took a stop sign from an empty parking lot. She says she thinks the parking lot was a public (state-owned?) parking lot, but she's not sure.

    Parked in the lot was a truck full of orange traffic cones, and laying next to the truck were a few street signs - a couple of stop signs, maybe a work zone sign, maybe a do not enter sign, something along those lines. It wasn't roped off or anything, just all sitting in the corner of the parking lot.

    So, she took a stop sign, and drove off back to her college dorm in Greensboro. But before we start planting this stop sign in people's rooms... what sort of trouble can you get in for possession/stealing of this sign?

    Is it really stealing if it's just sitting there in a parking lot? Can you get in trouble for simply possession of a sign? I've heard everything from "it's no big deal, no one really cares" to "it's a felony", but at any rate our RA is pretty uptight and she's pretty scared of having something that could seriously screw her over.


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  • I installed a driver on Windows 98 with a USB flash drive still in the port, and now it won't recognize it?

    Soo.. I KNOW it says that you're supposed to remove the flash drive before you install the driver that lets USB flash drives be accepted on Windows 98 - but I didn't. And now the flash drive won't work in that computer.

    It works on other computers, and other flash drives work on the computer it doesn't work on. But how do I get THIS flash drive to work on the computer I installed the driver on?

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  • Would you be offended if I prayed in school?

    If I was in school and I prayed, let's say over my food, or was seen reading my Bible, would you be offended?

    I can see how you'd be mad if I prayed right in your face (i.e touching you) but is there a problem with praying or reading my Bible?

    The Bible TELLS us to pray all the time. So, schools saying I CAN'T pray is going against my beliefs.

    That's one of the reason's I'm homeschooled.

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  • Would you be offended if I said "Merry Christmas"?

    Is there anyone out there who, if I passed you in the street and said "Merry Christmas", would you be offended? Even if you don't celebrate it, it still exists.

    People don't make this big a deal out of, say, St. Patrick's Day. Nobody says "Happy Spring Season" or something like that on St. Patricks day. So why do they make such a big deal about Christmas!

    If you would be offended if I said "Merry Christmas" to you, please reply.

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  • How is silver frosting made using only red, green, yellow, and blue food coloring and a white frosting base?

    This is for a science experiment i'm doing. I'm more concerned about the "why" instead of the "how". There was unlimited white frosting.

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