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  • Where's the "hood" in San Jose?

    You know what I'm talking about. I'm moving there soon and I want to know what part of town to avoid. Give me some advice. Thanks.

    2 AnswersSan Jose9 years ago
  • Can you play "Scramble with Friends" by yourself?

    I love the game and I would like to practice and get better at it. Is there a game mode that allows me to play by myself and not have to wait for my opponent to take their turn?

    1 AnswerBoard Games9 years ago
  • Why do my elbow joints hurt after weight lifting?

    I am a male in his early 20s who is new to weight lifting. I have never “worked out” before this stage in my life. I have been lifting weights every day for about 4-5 weeks now. I probably have only taken 6 days off total. To keep my body from wearing down, I have been alternating the days when I work out upper and lower body (like my buddies have told me).

    Within the last week I have noticed that I have been experiencing a pain located around my elbows. The pain is usually at its worse right after I do bicep curls. The pain continues after I leave the gym. I go home and find it painful to fully extend my arm. This pain in my elbow joints keeps me from opening my arms to full capability. For example, when I reach my arm out to grab something, a sharp pain is felt in or around my elbow joint.

    I asked a few weight lifting friends what the problem could be. They said they have never heard of this happening before and I should take a few days off. I took 2 days in a row off and the pain disappeared but returned when I began lifting again.

    HERE IS MY MAIN QUESTION. Am I putting myself at risk of elbow joint injury? OR am I simply feeling the pain of a new set of muscles being worked that I have never worked before? Am I actually feeling pain in my bones or is this just sore muscle pain that I need to overcome to get stronger?

    If it helps, the pain is felt directly behind the pointy bone that appears when you bend your arm (located on the upper arm, not the hand/wrist lower half of the arm).


    12 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • What is up with Deja Vu (Coaster)?

    I live near Chicago and the largest theme park around is Six Flags Great America. I have been there 4, count `em, 4 times since Deja Vu opened. Each of thoes 4 times, Deja Vu was closed to the public. The first time I went, they were only testing it and nobody was alowed in the line. The other 3 times it was complety shut down.

    The first time I went (the time they were testing it), my brother and I asked a very important looking park offical why the ride isn't open. The man responded by saying, "The ride is an engineering cluster f*ck."

    Im just looking for a reasonable answer to why the ride never opperates. Was the man I asked correct? I also read that there are other Deja Vu rides at other Six Flags parks. Are these rides also shut down all the time? If not, then what is up with the Deja Vu at Six Flags Great America? I really wish I could go on it. I know people who have and they all say great things, but they all agree it is shut down more then it is open.

    Any help?

    4 AnswersAmusement Parks1 decade ago
  • Is "BIGFOOT" real? (Seriously)?

    Before you all answer, please hear me out on this one.

    People say there are over 2,000 sightings a year. Think about that for a second. You mean to tell me that NOT A SINGLE one of the witnessess have been able to snag a logical photo. I have seen some pretty compelling things online, but nothing "shocking." Nothing that makes me quiver in my chair. You know?

    Here is my point...

    Out of all the bigfoot witnesses, not a single one of them have gone out on a limb and tried to touch it...snap a photo of it...throw somthing at it....heck, even kill it. You would think somebody, somewhere would get 50 guys togeather and go find it or somthing.

    Bottom line:

    All these sightings/witnesses and no "award winning" evidence. I can't help but to think that somebody would eventally go out and try to put an end to this delema..OR...ON ACCEDENT do somthing that proves it is real.

    Catch my drift? I am very serious about this question. "Real" answers please...

    Thank you

    12 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • What was Vince Youngs 40/40 time in sundays game winning TD?

    It's all over sportscenter and espn.

    I thought i herd he ran 47 yards in under 5 seconds. That means he was running a 4.1-4.17second 40/40 time. That should be a new nfl record. Or was it more like 47 yards in 5.7 seconds. I don't remember what is was but they did the caclulations on NFL live or whatever. Can somebody help me out?

    1 AnswerFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • What is your favorite thrill ride of all time?

    Anything counts. Roller coasters, carnival rides, or any type of amusment ride. My top 5 favorites would be...The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at Universal Studios Orlando is my favorite of all time. My number 2 favorite thrill ride would have to be Exebition: Everest at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. Number 3 would have to be Vertical Veloicty at the Six Flags Theme Parks. This ride is also called the Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. My number 4 would have to be Dudley Do Right's Rip Saw Falls also at Universal Studios Orlando. The 5th would have to be the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World's Disney Studios. As you can tell, I'm a Disney/Universal kind of guy. I would love to hear your all time favorite. OR maybe your top 1-5. Thanks.

    29 AnswersAmusement Parks1 decade ago
  • Is the given delivery date accurate for UPS order tracking?

    I am currently tracking an order I made at an online store. I got an e-mail that allows me to recieve updates on my order as it is shipped to me. The UPS order tracking site says my order is on-time and is shedualed for delivery for 8/24/06. Now, here is my question. Will the package be dilivered to my door on 8/24/06? OR will the package be in the general area on 8/24/06? OR will it be in the state on 8/24/06? OR will it be in the nearest major city on 8/24/06? Catch my drift? Am I going to have this thing on 8/24/06 or is it going to take an extra couple days to get it specifically to my house? P.S I do not live in the "middle of nowhere."

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Why does my Star Wars game freez on my computer?

    I'm trying to play Star Wars: Empire at War on my 6 month old E-machine. For some reason, whenever i try to play the game online, its really slow and usually freezes 30 seconds into the match. I am able to quit the game and exit though. Whats wrong? Why is it freezing like this? I checked the system requirements and my computer blows them all away. I have a ton of open free space and the biggest program on my computer, other then Empire at war, is microsoft office (300mb) What else could this be? It's really bothering me. Do i have a virus? Is my internet conection bad (the icon in the corner says "excelent")? Is there a setting that I have to switch too? Firewall problems? I know there's a lot of brillent computer people out there. Can some of you please help me?

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • What is up with this "phrase"?

    I never really understood the phrase, "Whoever wants it more will get it." It could be said a number of ways, but I think you get the picture. It's usually said around sporting events and areas of compition. I recently came off a really bad tennis season. When I went to friends and family for support, they said, "You didn't want it enough." I think that this saying is completely garbage. I really do not understand why somebody would say that. Not just to me, but to other people too. What gives other people the right to say who wants what more? For example, the phrase was used in The Contender. The host, a very famous retired boxer, said the reason a guy won was because he wanted it more. How does he know that? Does he think the other guy DIDN'T want it or somthing. How can there be different levels of "wanting" somthing? I'm just saying you cannot blame someones failure on "not wanting it enough." The fact that somebody is compeating is evidence of their WANTING to succeed. Bad quote.

    6 AnswersQuotations1 decade ago
  • What are the best quotes from the following shows?

    Alright, here we go.

    The best "quotes" from the following 3 shows.

    1- Family Guy

    2- The Simpsons

    3- Seinfeld

    I guess I will dictate this one and pick the funniest answers. Good luck!!!

    14 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • What does an Airline Pilot make a year? (Money wise)?

    What is the base starting salary (on average)?

    Does it matter what Airline you work for?

    How long do you have to work for the Airline to make the "big bucks"?

    Any other additional coments about the profession would be great.


    I wish to have some "hard core" answers. No large scale/range answers please.

    2 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago
  • What is the #1 accomplishment by USA Soccer?

    The USA National team, (The same team that plays at the world cup) What is their number one win? Or their number 1 accomplishment. Ex- A upset win over a team or a record amount of goals scored in a game. Somthing along thoes lines.

    3 AnswersOther - Soccer1 decade ago