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  • Does anybody actually think Orton could beat Lashley in a fight?

    I got a Yahoo message from some idiot who of course doesn't allow for response messages.

    Message: lol ur a dumbshit lashley is a brock lesnar rip off, yes hes built but hes slow, hes no match for randy orton in a real fight, couple of straight hard kicks by orton and a shot to the jaw and lashley would be finished.

    My response: Are you kidding me? A real fight? Orton's a pansy, he'd get hurt in a second, I don't care how much of an Orton mark you are, he's at least 50 pounds lighter than Lashley.

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  • How convenient. Pat Riley is coming back after the All-Star break?

    So when the Heat were a ton of games under .500, Shaq and Wade were hurt, and the team was about to hit rock bottom, Riley goes off to have his hip surgery. Shaq's back, Wade's back, the team is almost at .500 and in the thick of the muddled Eastern Conference playoff race. Conveniently, Riley says he's ready to come back. What do you think of this...especially after how everything went down after the Stan Van Gundy resignation?

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