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  • spacers during braces?

    So when I got braces in August, it didn't hurt but i felt soreness for the first few weeks and then I felt fine. Then, I was diagnosed with TMJ and I had UNBELIEVABLE pain in my jaw that I can't even describe. I would cry and cry and I wouldn't be able to sleep through the night and missed school because of it. Eventually it went away but I had to deal with it only with advil. Now two days ago, I got spacers. It hurt even WHILE she was putting them on and I can usually withstand a lot of pain considering I've broken numerous bones. On the way home the pain got progressively worse and at home one spacer already popped out and I woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain that night and found that another one fell out. My gums were bleeding and I couldn't stop the pain so I decided to just start taking them out. I was able to fall asleep after I took them out but the pain got even worse today. It was so bad where I couldn't even eat soft food. The only spacers I left in are two on each side of my top teeth. So today I examined them and noticed how bad my gums looked, dry blood and very irritated; and today proceeded to remove those two as well. Now I feel a ton better and I can chew just enough to eat a bit.

    I only have the top braces by the way, but my bottom teeth are perfectly aligned. I'm considering not even going through with the full treatment (we were planning on doing the bottom anyway to correct a slight overbite and add an appliance). I don't think I can handle any more of this pain in my mouth. What should I do? Are my gums, teeth, or jaws too sensitive to handle these things?

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    Alright, so a few days ago I caught Windows Antivirus Pro, a rogue scanner. Being suspicious about it's sudden appearance on my computer and that I never installed it, I immediately removed it via Add/Remove Programs and looked thru the HKEYS in Command Prompt to remove the processes, dll's, and such that I read about on I know longer see the fake software but my computer is not working right still.

    I have a problem with search engines; everytime I search on msn, google, yahoo, etc., I am redirected to a site not pertaining to what I searched.

    Everyone recommends just downloading malware removers, virus scans... I did all that, but the problem is that my scanners stop working after about 5 seconds of scanning or do not download or open AT ALL. I deleted all the virus scans except for McAffee which I purchased instead of downloaded for free. Even in safe mode (with and without networking) my scans wouldn't work.

    PLEASE HELPPP, I need my computer working perfectly and I'm not willing to pay to get my computer fixed.

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  • T-Mobile Unlimited text messaging?

    I have T-Mobile and unlimited messaging (this goes for text, video, pictures...etc.)

    I want to be able to go on AIM and Windows Live Messenger on my Samsung Behold but my dad thinks it'll charge me. Is this true?

    So can I start using aim and not be charged extra?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • T-Mobile Unlimited text messaging?

    I have T-Mobile and unlimited messaging (this goes for text, video, pictures...etc.)

    I want to be able to go on AIM and Windows Live Messenger on my Samsung Behold but my dad thinks it'll charge me. Is this true?

    So can I start using aim and not be charged extra?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • tmobile plans??

    I have tmobile and a Nokia 6101 w/ a 2 year contract. I want to get a new phone... Perhaps a Blackberry Pearl or a Sidekick LX.

    But I don't really know about this stuff.. like I have unlimited texting on a family plan with my mom and dad. Will i still be able to keep the same plan i have if i get a new phone?

    Everyone talks about sidekick plans but will i still be able to be doing the same things like unlimited texting that i do now, but on a new phone with the same plan?

    sorry if i sound really dumb right now.. lol

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  • debating on hair?

    i've been wanting to get a scene hairstyle for quite some time now.. and no im not a poser i listen to rock music and i wear skinny jeans, shop at pacsun.. etc..

    but im scared because i dont have the time to style my hair everyday. ill like totally damage my hair.

    sooo... i have long hair and i love it and i want a long scene hairstyle.

    how does that hair look when its not fixed? PICS PLEASE

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  • catchy hook and title?

    im writing a persuasive essay on why locker searches should be legal. what are some good titles and beginning hooks to make the paper sound good?

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  • what color??

    if i were to dye my hair a dark brown, what 2nd color should i put in? i want a loud color, like a pink. but what color in your opinion would go best with the dark brown?

    thnx in advance

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  • leap year??

    How do people who are born on February 29 celebrate their birthdays if february has only 28 days when its not leap year?? i always wondered.

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  • everybody wants a wii?

    i need a wii. is toys r us the best bet? i dont need a bundle that costs like 700 or more dollars. i just need the console. im thinking toys r us... what about you guys

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  • breakdancing vids?

    i've been watching people breakdance recently and i think its so amazing. i want to learn how to breakdance instead of ballet like i have been doing. any good video's out there for starters??

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  • more family members in sims 2?

    i forgot where i saw this but now i really need it in the story im making is the hack OR cheat that allows you to have more people in your family. can you guys please help?

    p.s. look out for my story, Abi's World Pt. 1 at

    im arbi94 on there

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  • school supplies?

    I only have a chance TODAY to go school supply shopping w/out rushing all over the place. Im really busy next week.

    But... heres the problem, i get my school supply list mailed to me next week. Does anybody here have a JUNIOR HIGH supply list??

    i know it might not be the same as the school im going to, but anything will help. pleaseee :]

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  • sims 2 objects?

    I've been trying to find a site that shows me step by step on how to make Sims 2 objects, furniture, etc... I got to one site, but i accidently downloaded something on how to make Sims 1 objects. I'm still looking but can't seem to find anything. Anyone know any good places that show me what I need to make the objects, and how to make them?


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  • The Sims 2?

    Hi everyone. I love to play the Sims 2 on my pc but I never found out what CAS! meant. Does it stand for something?

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  • code word?

    can someone help me and tell me the codeword for radio disney?? today is july 3


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  • How do i find the volume of a circle with a radius of 7 inches?

    Can someone please help me answer this math problem?

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  • Simplifying Expressions?

    I need step-by-step help on how to simplify an equation and an inequality.

    Can someone please simplify

    3x + 2 = (-22)


    x/4 is greater than or equal to 3 ( is greater than or equal to is this sign [>] but with a line underneath it.

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  • REALLY REALLY dry skin?




    My skin is just so dry its unbelievable

    I have millions of creams sitting in my bathroom for dry skin but they all just last for a day and they dont make it go away.


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  • How do you simplify equations?

    Can someone PLEASE PLEASE show me how you would simplify this: 5x + 4x + 7 = x + 15

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