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  • Downloading my own video from Nico Nico Douga?

    I dont mean like downloading any video off there but you see here is the thing...

    I have an amv that i made a while back but because of copyright stuff youtube wouldnt let me upload it but nico nico did. I accidently deleted the video file from my computer a while back with out knowing it so i was wondering if there was anyway i could download it from nico nico?

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  • Mecha Anime? With Romance?

    I just recently started watching Mecha anime (giant robots with people piloting them) and I really like it but I would really like it to have more romance in it. I really like Stellvia even though lots of people dont like it i thought it was really good are there anymore like that? Please dont say any of the Gundam series i have watched them before and they are ok but i dont want to watch them again.

    Other series i have watched recently are:


    Strain *Souko no strain* (really good but needs more romance for me)

    Sky girls

    If you could tell me a little about the series and why you think i will like it i would be very grateful.

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  • Photoshop CS2 trial version problems?

    I just downloaded a trial version of Photoshop CS2 because I want to see what its like before thinking about spending that much money so I got it installed an everything but when i run it it says I cant use it because i need to log into an administrator account. I looked on here and found out that means the admin account on the computer but i am on the admin account on this computer so why is it still doing that? and before you ask yes i am sure i am on the admin account because there is only one on this computer

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  • Fringe (Tv Show) Ending Song?

    I really like the ending song of this show and I have tried to find it but all I am finding is the opening song. Does any one know where I could download the ending song?

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  • Beauty school? in Arkansas?

    i am thinking about going to a beauty school i want to become a hair stylist but i dont really know how to go about doing this. do you have to wait until after high school? i read somewhere that some times you can take classes or courses while you are still in highschool? i am 16. are there certain classes you have to take in highschool? i am currently homeschooled would that be a problem? are there any basics that you have to know before entering a beauty school? is it really hard to learn? any information you can give me would be lots of help

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  • 16 and wanting a debit or checking account how do i do this?

    i am 16 years old and i have a savings account with Arvest bank i have a job and right now i am having my parents cash it and give it to me. i generally carry at least $100 with me in cash where ever i go and i would like to get a debit card so that i can just carry the card instead so is it possible to get a debit card at 16? i know there is some kind of debit card that you can only make so many withdraws a month i dont really want that if at all possbile i would rather withdraw when i want to with out a limit (besides the money i have in there limit) i know my parents will have to sign for it but if i do that will it be linked to there account? like will the money i make go into their account?

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  • fingernail help needed badly!!?

    i have bitten my nails for many years they are extremely short any shorter and the would bleed i also bit the skin around the sides of the tip. some of them are rounded at the tip and some are square. i have never pushed back my cuticles so they are long and i get lots of "hangnails"(the little things of skin that come up some times) and i would like to get my nails to be healthy and pretty looking. so what i am really asking is where should i start and what should i do. and i dont really have enough money to go out and get a big manicure or whatever but i can buy things at the store if its not to expensive. so please if you can help with even a little bit it would be appreciated.

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  • Can anyone tell me what Kaleido star episode the masked person comes in?

    its the person that wears a black suit thing with a mask, i know who it is but i don't want to give it away to people that haven't seen it yet. this person swings around in what looks like an amusement park but i don't know if it is or not. and if you don't know the episode could you at least tell me which season it is in? thanks for takeing a look at my question.

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