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  • What is he trying to tell me when he keeps saying I love you... we are friends?

    I have been friends with this guy for almost 2 years now... I really like him a lot. We both have said "I love you" before but that was just as friends. He was dating this girl for 4 years but she broke up with him last year and keeps telling him to be with other women because she is just too busy running their business. We starting messing around in April of this year. He told me he really likes me a lot, he has a lot of respect for me... but twice now, more recently, he has said "I love you... we are friends" and yesterday he said "We love each other... we are friends" I ignored it both times because he followed it with "we are friends" But yesterday, there was a pause before that. Is he trying to tell me he loves me as more than a friend or as only a friend?

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  • What does he mean: "You make me "feel ..."?

    And he followed that with "and for a woman to make a man feel like that with his clothes on is a really nice thing." We have been talking online for 5 months now (online because we live very far apart). I know he has ptsd. I just don't understand what it is that I am making him feel.

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