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I am a Stay at home mom of 3. I like to help others when I can. I have a 3 year old daughter that has Type 1 diabetes, an 8 month old baby boy who was just diagnosed with it also and a very healthy 6 year old boy. I have a wonderful husband that I love very much. That's me and my life. Thanks to all that answer my questions and I hope the answers I give are helpful to all of you.

  • I have 3 kids and 2 of them have type 1 diabetes, HELP?

    I am hoping that some of you out there can help me here. 2 out of the 3 kids I have have type 1 diabetes and I cant seem to get there sugar levels under control. we have tried so many different scales, carb to insulin ratios everything. They are 5 and 3 years old. and also need help with getting them to understand why they cant snack whenever they want and stay on the schedule. it is so hard to tell a 3 year old NO you cant have a snack right now. I was raised knowing if a kid is hungry then feed them. I need tips on all of it. anything that you can tell that could help even with diabetes things that i haven't asked about. I am VERY open to any and all the help i can get from all you. T

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  • Husband and I split up for awhile now back together but...?

    while we were separated i started seeing someone else and ended up moving in with him. I never fell out of love with my husband. We ended up getting divorced and a week after that we got back together and are still wearing our wedding rings and saying we r married. The problem is that my man cant seem to get over me leaving and being with someone else. He asks me questions and I answer honestly but he doesn't believe anything i say and then we just end up fighting and usually for an hour or longer. I love this man and hate myself for leaving in the first place and I want me and my husband to be together happily for the rest of my life but hes pushing me away by continually bringing up all that and not believing me. I want to make him feel better and for him to believe in me again but i don't know how. PLEASE HELP. Also we have been together 10 yrs and married 6 of them

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  • my 8 month old baby was just diagnosed with type1 diabetes...?

    Does anyone have a child that was diagnosed at such a young age? and if so how did they get it under control the best and how long did it take for them and you to get there blood sugars under good control. Also i have a 3 year old with it too. She is also very hard to keep under control does anyone have any ideas on how i can help her too? Thanks. Oh yeah i don't want answers that are just telling me to see a web site that they know of that has the answers. I am researching it online too. if there is 1 specific site for infants with it then you can give it to me.


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  • My daughter was dx with type 1 diabetes 1 year ago. need help?

    I try to stay on a regular sschedule but it is hard. She always asks for some juice or something when it isn't snack or meal time and it is soo hard to tell a 3 yr old no when she is thirsty or hungry. Does anyone know a good way to help this?

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  • My son was8 weeks premature, should I be worried that he in't...?

    sitting up yet (at 7 months) and he also doesn't rollover from his belly to his back just from his back to his belly. I know preemies develop slower but he isn't small for being 7 months old, he is actually a big 7 month old especially for being a preemie of 3lbs 15oz. but i am getting worried about his development mildstones (they say a preemies brain is only as developed as what age he would be if he was born on time) Am i just getting worked up and worried for nothing?

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