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  • What Would you Choose Semi Detached or New Mini Home?

    Why would you choose one or the other?

    Mini home you have your own unit, where as a semi you don't

    Semi detached seem to have a better resale value where as mini don't

    Mini homes are cheaper to buy but loose money on sale, and equals same monthly as semi when you pay lot fees in some cases.

    These are my thoughts what do you think?

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  • What would you choose Black, or a Dark Cherry Bedroom Set and Why?

    For decoration purposes, and whats hot right now would you say. Black to me seems modern and I like that.

    I just got my bedroom set delivered today, and they brought dark cherry instead of black, screwing up the order, sigh.

    Trying to decide if its worth it to go through the effort to get the Black, which I wanted first.

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  • Water cooler Question?

    My water cooler seems perfectly fine, but there are these odd moments I hold down the switch and water just trickles out or just a couple drops.. The water jug is full, what is going on, any ideas, why water doesn't want to come out sometimes


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  • Can a truck driver loose his job for 1 speeding ticket?

    I was wondering, while employed with a trucking company and you get your first speeding ticket while driving the truck, can you loose your job from this?

    Plus you also had a speeding ticket prior to your employment, but with your own car.

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  • Went to school for something, I don't like anymore? >_<?

    ->Well I went to school for aesthetics, and I'm just finding the money isn't great, and I don't like working in spas. I actually had some bad experiences working in some spas, and now I'm feeling jaded with the industry. I still think I may work out of my home someday on the side.

    The thing is I'm in my late 20, I'm thinking of going back to school for something else maybe occupational therapy assistant, or physical therapy assistant, because at least I know its a solid job, with a good income. I already have a degree in Communications, which I don't know what to do with, and did the degree for the wrong reasons cause of my parents influences.

    I have so many questions, like:

    -> Am I getting to old for school again, people would probably dis the fact I'm going to school, again.

    -> The cost of going back to school. I still have some small student loans left and still want to get a house/ have a kid. Plus with a kid I'll probably be home with them for a while, and if I go back to school 2yrs that pushes back having a kid.

    I really do wonder if its worth it, my husband does make a decent income, we could just continue to go with that, but I wonder sometimes if its enough to raise a family ( 2kids). Plus I don't want to work where I am for the rest of my life, I could just find something better, without having to upgrade.

    I just think its good to be able to have a income that I can support myself on, but its another 2yrs of school x_x

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  • I have a cat bringing me dead mice?

    I know this may sound silly, but did I offend him when I disposed of the gifts in front of him lol? I enjoy feeding this cat that comes by to show my appreciation I'll just keep feeding him. Although its weird he hasn't been eating much of the food when he comes by lately, just brings me gifts.

    What does this mean, on my front patio, I gave him a little wet food on a plate, but instead of eating it he walked around it, and was scratching at the wood around the plate, like what a cat does when using the litter box, was he thinking of burying it or something. He walked around scratching the wood around the plate.

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  • Sims 3 downloading problems?

    So I downloaded Riverview and 2 new sims, from the sims 3 site and installed them, then clicked a button, that said run in game.. but Riverview doesn't show up and my sims characters are not in the bin..?

    What am I doing wrong/ what step am I missing?


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  • Twilight question: Just finished reading first book "Twilight"?

    Ok no spoilers although I kinda get the vibe that Bella will eventually turn into a vampire...

    Question one: 1)

    What is bothering me is, won't Edward find Bella a lot less interesting/ attractive once a vampire. I mean her smell is gone right, like no more tasty smell anymore. I get the impression that he loves her humanity and everything that comes with it, and who she is.. but that will all change once she is a vampire.

    Or lets just say "if" she becomes a vampire ~~ I'm trying to pretend I know nothing


    Plus I don't know if I like the ending of the book, its pretty much just Bella and Edward arguing about how she wants to be a vampire.

    You know I get the fact that he loves her so much, that he wants her to not miss out on her human existence. (to turn her, would be sentencing her to death)

    #2) ( Next Sort of Question: )

    BUT-I just can't help but feel like ok, you love Bella so so much, but you don't want to be with her forever and ever? Otherwise it feels like she is just a passing fling, she'll die off, then move on to the next love in next century.. each love will have a expiration date. Plus can you really see Edward whom is like 17, with a 80yr old Bella...just doesn't seem right to just watch her get old.. I dunno

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  • Two Weeks Notice Question, Work Ethics?

    Hello there,

    I just started a job somewhere but kept my old job as well. My old job is great, Iove the people I work with and my manager even told me if I don't like the new job, she will hold my position. ( crazy huh)

    Well I don't like the new job, the people I work with just suck, they are cold, never smile, and it's more money, but just unfriendly. I've only worked there for maybe two weeks max. I wrote up a letter of resignation, but do I have to give two weeks notice.

    (Basically been at a place for max two weeks, do I have to give two weeks notice ~in short)

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  • Wheat Germ Food Question, Adding Wheat Germ to Food.?

    Hello there,

    Just wondering, how healthy is wheat germ? I enjoy adding it to my food. I wonder though does it loose any nutritional value when added to something hot? Like soup or beans, or any hot meal.

    Plus~~ If you know of great ways to enjoy wheat germ let me know

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • The Human feeling of lust compared to a vampires lust?

    Hey there,

    This is just a crazy vampire question

    When humans desire (lust) and feel that strong impuse, that chemistry someone gives off. Its almost like a drug, that passion and raised heart beat ect... I wonder if it's comparable to the lust vampires have for blood?

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Men: Is a woman less attractive once she has a baby?

    A woman who has not had a baby vs. a woman who has had a baby.. does it matter?

    Plus lets say that both woman no baby/ woman with baby are in great shape.

    ( I just want to still feel sexy after baby, and man I'm going to get my body back some how =P)


    3 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • What is More Attractive Long Vs. Short Hair, on Females?

    When you have your man/husband/ a family and feel all settled and comfortable, it seems like a lot of woman are more inclined to cut their hair short. It's easier more manageable, less work.. but at what cost, in the process do we loose the sex appeal?

    I have sometimes seen friends who have had kids, then shortly after get the 'mom cut', the more manageable shorter hair style.. I just wonder if it's like the next stage in life hair cut...

    ( I'm just having fun with this one)

    6 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Mother 3 GBA story line?

    Hey there I just started playing Mother 3, and I gotta say and I don't want any spoilers, but man the beginning of the game has quite the sad story line, I mean the mother dies and apparently the other brother dies geez.

    Ok now that, that speel is over, I enjoy the concept how the game begins in a little town that doesn't know money, doesn't seem to know greed. People take what they need, and everyone works together for everyone. ( What a nice world that would be)

    Then 3 yrs later everything is expanded, people are focused on money, greed, making lots of money, and working, and all this ultimately makes someone happy, that is the key to happiness.

    What do you think of the theme of the game, and the point it's trying to make?

    Obviously such a simple world, would not be able to exist in reality because of greed, and other aspects of human nature. Although I like to think about it, it's sort of similar to Star Trek, people work in order to achieve the communities needs

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  • Stay at home moms, are you ever criticized by others for your choice?

    I Just wonder if you've ever felt society/friends/ judge you for your choice, to be a stay at home wife/mom?

    ( I do understand friends, wouldn't be friends if they judge you, I'm just trying to say in general, do you ever get that look, or judgment)

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  • When is it to late to go back to school?

    Thinking about getting my masters in Occupational therapy I'm 25 yrs old now, and still would like to have kids. I feel going back to school puts my life on hold for 2 years.

    4 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • How to handle a friend that seems to have it all?

    I have a friend that I've been friends with for years, from university where we met. She has always been a go getter, she is always busy. She is involved in everything, and man oh man people including myself sometimes wonder how she does it.

    Many people I know say, they can handle her is small dosages, much like myself sometimes. I'm pretty easy going by nature, so her strong personality that usually frightens many, I seem to be able to handle.

    Well she has a great career now, and is getting married to a guy with a nice paying career, and they just bought a house. My husband and I are on our way to better careers and are still saving for a house. It just feels like there is a race, going on who can get everything first or something. Sometimes talking to her I feel like she could be looking down at me, and judging where I am in my life compared to her.

    I dunno she is just so involved in everything and always has so much more going on in her life when we talk, it makes me feel so pathetic. she always has so much more to say about her life, and how important everything is.

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  • More Friends of Mineral Town, Harvest Moon Question?

    Ok so I screwed up early in the game and used the goddes game on tv and got golden lumber.

    This is like day 2, and everyone in town is calling me greedy which!~~Since I placed it outside.

    I've removed the golden lumber from my yard, will the towns people grow to like me again?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Whats the best way to tone up this summer?

    I'm fairly slender, but I'd like to tone up this summer, would running help?

    Running would help to burn excess wait from my school year, but what about weights and I hear a ball is a good idea

    What would you suggest?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Sims 2 cheats!??

    Hello there,

    I'm trying to make this cheat work, but I can't seem to make it work. I want to max out their skills/ plus max out relationships with people.

    Apparently you input the code:

    boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

    then.. you go to the skills screen and your suppose to hold down the mouse and drag and press the shift key as well... I think and the skill meter fills up as you drag..

    I've tried this many times and only once has it worked for me.. (one occasion while I was playing)

    What am I doing wrong >_<

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