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I have been tattooing since 1991 and own a tattoo studio just outside of Chicago. My background before then was in nursing and I still keep up my license as an RN. Remember that everyone has opinions here and the variety of opinions should be respected. Archaic and my way or the highway attitudes are never respected by me - everyone should continue to learn and study this wonderful art. I don't block my questions and answers in general as I feel the time I have spent here will hopefully provide value. If my questions and answers appear private to you it is because you have been blocked.

  • Does anyone know about mobile phone rental at London Heathrow airport, Terminal 3?

    I travel tomorrow and just realized my cell phone does not work there and I was wondering if anyone had experience renting from the airport? I will be arriving in terminal 3 and cannot find out if a rental place even still exists there. I am traveling alone so I really don't want to be without. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Anyone get a MOM tattoo in honor of Mothers Day?

    If so, let's hear about it! Photos a plus!

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, too!

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  • Do you have a name tattoo?

    This is a serious question requiring specific answers - I need lots of answers.

    IMPORTANT: Only answer if you have a tattoo of some sort on your body.

    No opinions from the untattooed, please.

    Just respond "no" if you don't have one and state how many other tattoos you have.

    If you do have a name tattoo -

    1. Please describe how long you have had it.

    2. Whose name is it? (Is it the name of a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, child, etc.)

    3. Where it is located on your body?

    4. Do you regret it?

    5. Please answer 1-4 if you had one and if you had it removed or covered up and add details please as to after how long and by what method?

    6. How many other tattoos do you have?

    You can give more details on any of this if you wish. For example, is it a memorial?

    This is important to me. Thanks for sharing your info.

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  • Should we report abuse? Regulars please respond.?

    When someone asks a question about tattooing, no matter what the question is, the haters always have nasty comments, impose their religious beliefs, and/or are not at all answering the question as posted. They just see the word tattoo and feel justified in harassing the individual who posts the questions and those others that respond.

    If it is an opinion about tattoos in general type question, that would be fine; but if someone asks about after care, for instance, what gives these people the right to denounce our choice to have a tattoo? This is completely discriminatory. I think I would like to start reporting these haters for abuse, what say you?

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