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  • WOW... ticketed for parking in my own front lawn... is there anything I can do?

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

    I lock the front door and walk out to my car, which is parked in the front lawn (as usual) and come across the most pathetic ticket I've ever received in my entire life. A ticket for "PARKING PROHIBITED: on the grass in front of residence", not to mention this residence is my own ******* private property! What kind of douchebag gives a ticket for parking on your own property, let alone the asshole who decided to waste my hard earned tax dollars on passing a ludicrous law to pilfer additional money?! Moreover, it's not like I want to park in the front yard. I hate not having my own parking spot! We have parking space for four cars -- and no more than that; in addition, between my parents and siblings, we have five cars (soon to be six within the year) and the only place I can park is right there, in the front lawn. We all come and go at conflicting times, so I can't park anywhere else in the driveway and obstruct someone else from leaving. There is also another bullshit law that says that we cannot park on the street (yeah, I know it sounds retarded), so where the **** am I supposed to park? It's not the $50 I'm so riled about, it's the concept.

    1) Is there anything I can do to contest the ticket?

    2)Would I be wasting my time going to court to tell my "sad story" that there's not enough room to park in an attempt to have it removed from my record?

    3) What can I do in my power to get this law completely voided or at least try to have it removed?

    4) Lastly, would a simple fix for my "parking problem" be to kill the grass and throw down some gravel? (I am not going to the trouble of making a concrete slab over tree roots in the front yard.) Does this correct the "mistake" or does it have to be some legit concrete job to bypass the law?

    Thanks for your suggestions, comments, etc. in advance! And please, if you answer my numbered questions, only provide factual responses (preferably backed up by the law, on question #4, if possible).

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  • Laws on laying on the horn in Louisiana?

    How long can you actually lay on the horn without getting a ticket, and whatnot (in BR, Louisiana). 5 secs? Need definite answer and reference to back it up.

    Story behind it...

    I was joy riding around in my car, and it came to a two lane merger. I was in the lane that was not merging, and a civic was in the other lane that had to merge over into my lane. I was already in front of her by at least a good 3/4 car length and her side was running out of space, so she decides to try and zoom ahead of me, cutting me off and forcing me to swerve out into oncoming traffic so as not to end up grazing the side of her car. Of course I was ******* pissed. I layed on my horn for a good 5 secs, and then after I stopped blaring the horn, she slows down to a complete stop in the middle of the now one lane road. She cracks open her door and flashes a police badge. (Piece of **** **** rag *****, like flashing your ******* badge exonerates the **** you just pulled. And had she have said anything, I definitely would have asked to speak with her supervisor. I love how cops think power means you can do whatever the hell you like, break whatever rules of the road there are. So much friggen corruption in the justice system.)

    A) Who is at fault? (I would obviously think it was her, but just to be 100% sure.)

    B) How long can you lay on your horn in Louisiana without getting any tickets or whatnot against you?

    Please state sources or articles in the code of whatever the hell it is so I can see for myself (as far as laying on the horn goes).


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  • Can someone comeback and sue you after a wreck for bs reason?

    The other day I got into a "wreck" in a parking lot full of cars, everyone was literally on each other's ***. There is a woman in front of me, stopped at a stop sign, waiting for the road to clear so she can go out into the road. I'm behind her... I have a stickshift, so whenever there are long waits, I have my car in neutral. So I take my foot off the brake for a sec, and next thing my car rolls forward and lightly "taps" the lady ahead. I get out of my car and check the front of my car and her bumper for damage - no damages at all, thank God. Then next thing you know, this pregnant black woman gets out of her car and starts bitching about how she needs my information and ****, and that she wouldn't move until i gave it to her. She wasn't even hurt at all. So anyways, i'm tired of the ****, so I give her my name, number, lic. plt #, and she even demanded my insurance company (which I gave to her, too)... is there any chance she could come back and **** me over with a bs claim?

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