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I am not very good at these things I'm afraid, but I will attempt to list the most important things in my life. First and for most is Jesus Christ, He is my everything and I try to base everything I do upon his teachings. Second I am a mother and a wife to a wonderful husband and loving children. and in third are my passions and hobbies. I am passionate about children, I love watching them learn and play and being with them. I am also passionate about animals, we have dogs, goats, chickens, cats, ducks, and a lizard. Last but not least, I have a passion for language, written and spoken, I enjoy poetry, quotes, puns and the like. My hobbies are reading, taking care of my animals, crocheting, and cooking (although I am not very good at cooking.) Well, this is a little about me, I hope you enjoyed reading it.. it isnt't very philisophical I am afraid, but it is the truth.

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