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if i had known what wonderful men my children were going to be i would have had more then two.

  • how much communication with an "ex" is too much?

    my hubby, i feel, talks too much to his ex. they have a seven year old together and i have absolutely no problem with contact at any time about the child. i do ask that phone calls stop after 10pm but definitely call at anytime if its an emergency. at first it was 1am phone calls then that stopped after months of me fussing. now she will wait exactly until 10pm to make a phone call that is not an emergency. she even had her daughter calling after 10pm. i think late phone calls are rude unless that is your thing, my husband agrees but continues to allow it. also, he knows all of her personal business when i feel the only thing they have left to discuss is their child. i do not talk to my ex at all and i have two children, but mine are grown and refuse all contact with him also. am i out of line to be upset or am i overboard. this small thing is really causing a big problem. my husband is just as nosy about our neighbors as he is his ex. i know nothing about my neighbors and prefer it that way. what to do?

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  • here's a twist on the blonde jokes?

    Why did the blonde get so excited after he finished the jigsaw puzzle in only six months?

    Because on the box, it said "From 2-4 years."

    Did you here about the blonde who shot an arrow into the air?

    He missed.

    What's the difference between a blonde and a tree?

    The tree knows when it's being cut down.

    Why are most blonde jokes one-liners?

    So men will understand them.

    What did the blonde do with her ******** in the morning?

    Packed his lunch and sent him to work.

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  • my horizontal scroll bar is missing, how do i get it back?

    ive never had this happen before, but i have about 3 inches of tan blank space at the bottom of my screen before you get to my task bar. how do i fix this, my progress bar is missing too.

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  • I recently dropped AOL after years of using it. Its so full of spam that its pathetic, but I find that yahoo?

    does not get the mail thru or it may take two or three days for an email to get to where its going, how come?

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