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  • What to wear to a christening? (pictures)?

    Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to my boyfriend's nephew's christening with his whole family, and I have no idea what to wear. I've never been to a christening before. I'm not even religious so I'm totally clueless on what to do. I've got a few dresses in mind but I'm not sure a dress would be something I should wear. Here are two dresses I want to wear. (in pink, and it's longer on me because I'm pretty short so the length isn't inappropriate)


    I would wear gladiator sandals with the dress. Are the dresses too much? Or would they be okay? I just don't wanna be under dressed or over dressed compared to everyone else because this is my first time meeting some of his extended family. Thank you

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  • what are some good driving songs?

    I want some good rap/r&b songs that are perfect for driving. Like songs with heavy bass or chill music. I like asap rocky, meek, kendrick lamar, tyler the creator, the weeknd, kid cudi, ace hood, wale, gucci, waka, asap ferg, mac miller, robb banks...etc. I feel like I can't find any more music by them that I don't already have but I NEED new music badly, especially music to drive to. Any suggestions ?

    3 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop8 years ago
  • back dimple dermal questions ?

    On Saturday I'm going to finally get my back dimples pierced and I'm so excited. I've had other piercings before but never dermals, so I have a few questions for people who have had them done.

    What do you use to clean them with?

    How do you clean them?

    Is it true you should massage around the area while its healing?

    How long will it be sore afterwards?

    How long until you can change the jewelry?

    How long do you have to keep band aids on them afterwards ?

    Have your dermals ever rejected?

    Thanks !

    1 AnswerTattoos8 years ago
  • please help, asthma problems and heart racing ?

    I'm 17 and I've had asthma ever since I was a baby and used to take maxair autohaler as needed, but I recently got bronchitis and my lung doctor put me on all new medicine. My bronchitis is gone but my new meds are permanent. I'm currently taking Singulair once every night, and the Xopenex inhaler every 4 hours. I'm also on Pepcid for acid reflux. The past two days I've noticed rapid heart beat and my breathing feels weird. I notice this even when I don't take my inhaler so it's not from that. I can't even move around without breathing heavily and my heart rate increasing. I'm also jittery. My breathing feels different than normal, I can't explain it. Its almost like I'm forcing myself to breathe. Even just slow paced walking causes my asthma to act up. I don't know what to do. My mom told me to just lay down and rest, but its harder to breathe when I lay down and my breathing starts to sound weird. Breathing is occasionally accompanied with pain but this is normal for me. I've been on these meds for about a month now so I don't think its the medicine doing this to me. What could this be? Should I have my mom call my lung doctor? Thanks

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  • please help!! "stays laced too tightly"?

    I'm doing a research paper on the novel Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and I need some help. The main character says that her "stays are laced too tightly to permit much running", then later says she wishes she could be rid of her tight stays. I thought this meant her shoes but I might be wrong. I think it originally means shoes but symbolizes the authority her family, or even society, has over her and she just wants to be independent. She later becomes emancipated. Am I correct? Thanks

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  • dance costumes???????????

    I have a junior piece coming up next month in school for dance and all the groups need to supply their own costumes. We're doing a dance to peggy lee's big spender but it remixes into the asap rocky version of the song. My question is where can I purchase dance costumes online without being a dance company? Most of the websites require you to register as a dance company to order from them

    3 AnswersDancing8 years ago
  • what should i get done to my nails?

    I'm finally going tomorrow to get my nails done and idk what to get... I always get the gel manicure which is the permanent gel layer and then i get gel polish on top. I wanna get a cute simple design but I want it to be something that no one really has... Any suggestions ?

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  • Can you paint over gel nails ?

    I have a gel manicure along with gel polish on right now, and I usually go back every 2 weeks to get them filled but I didn't get to go last week and I can't go back until thursday or friday. My nails are grown out sooo bad and it's driving me nuts, so I was wondering can I paint over my nails with regular nail polish right now and keep it on till I go back this week?

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  • Good songs for junior piece dance ? Please help?

    I'm in a group with three other girls ad we have to choreograph our dance for our junior piece show at the end of next month, and we need our song picked out by this tuesday. We each are making a playlist over the weekend of possible songs for our dance. It's going to be a lyrical/contemporary piece. So far on my playlist I have

    Lost and Found- Katie Herzig

    If It Means a lot to You- A Day To Remember

    Samson- Regina Spektor

    Feels Like Home- Chantal Kreviazuk

    Never Alone- BarlowGirl

    I need some more songs though so what would be some good songs to throw onto the playlist?

    Thanks !!

    1 AnswerDancing8 years ago
  • Good music ??????????

    I'm downloading more music and I want so get songs by bands/artists that are really uncommon and under gound and I just want stuff that's really good that most people haven't heard of. I like all different types of music, please no country or jazz or any of that classical stuff. Modern music please. Thanks!

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  • PLEASE HELP! Urgent !!?

    Okay.. so earlier today during school I had to pee really bad. I couldn't go cause I had a test though so I held it for about an hour and then i finally went and everything was normal. Later in the day I had to pee again (which is odd i usually dont pee twice in school) and when I was done it kind of hurt down there. Then once I got back to class it was better. But on my way home it began to hurt again. And the pain went away after I got home. I peed AGAIN and it hurt a little when I was almost finished peeing. The pain once again went away after a little while. I've peed so many times between now and then, and it doesn't hurt down there after every time I pee, only half the time. I just peed again and when I wiped there was blood on the toilet paper but not in the toilet. It hurts down there again. What could this be????? A UTI? Would that make you bleed? I got over my period about a week and a half/2 weeks ago so I don't think it's that. Please help me this has never happened to me and it hurts:( its a dull lingering aching/stinging sensation. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this i appreciate it

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  • Whats your favorite kind of milk ?

    Mines chocolate :3

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  • How old were you when you lost your virginity ?

    Where'd it happen ?? And do you still talk to that person ?

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  • Migraines ??????????????????????????????????

    I get migraines really really bad... and it seems like nothing helps ever. The other day I was in tears from one and my mom massaged this part of my neck and it actually helped a little. What do you do to get rid of them ? Besides taking medicine

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • What would you do if........................................?

    The mother of your father's child went MIA in the middle of giving birth to your great granddaughter while conversing with her mother's husbands daughter as she was making a pitcher of lemonade for your daughter to sell out front of your cousins aunts daughters house ?

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  • How do you get a zebra to eat when................................................?

    Its half past noon and the grocery store is all out of lima beans

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  • How do you get out of a room with no doors or windows...............................................?

    All you have is a red solo cup, a sombrero, a pair of tube socks, and a fold up chair

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