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  • what should i do (college)?

    so i didnt really know what section to put this in, but since it has to do with horses and people in this section are usually pretty helpful, i figured i put it in here!

    anyway, i am now a junior in high school and in just a few short months, i need to start looking into colleges and what i want to do in the future. because of finances, i am going to a local community college for at least the first year of my college education. i really want to own my own horse barn in the future, but until then i need a job and a carrer. i was thinking of going to school to become a vet tech, then after those two years, go to school and get a bachlors degree in business. i figured by the time i was in my mid 30s, i would be able to start up my business. by then i would have enough money, experience, ect. does this sound reasonable to you? i was also thinking that i could double major the first two years, but considering the fact that only one of the classes would overlap, and i want to work, i think that would put way too much stress on me.

    i could also do it the other way around, get my bachlors in business, then go the two years to become a vet tech. but i do want to be working with horses all throughout college and i figured working as a vet tech would be more beneficial then as a stable hand for four more years.

    i just have no idea! any answers and opinions are greatly appreciated, just try not to be too harsh, im only a 17 year old girl trying to figure out my future. thanks! (:

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  • what should i get her for christmas - a few questions (plus BQ)?

    so i take care of an older mare and i was wondering what to get her owner for christmas. she lives a few states away for school and isnt coming home until the middle of january - so i have some time to get something nice for her. she doesnt need anything for her horse, but i still wanted it to be horse related. i was thinking of getting something made with her horses picture on it (mug, ornament, cup holder, phone case, something like that). i also have a friend who makes necklaces and bracelets with horse hair you give her so i was maybe thinking of having one of those made for her. i have no idea though. any ideas would be appreciated! *also, im a 16 year old girl with no job, so under $150ish please*

    also, what should i get her horse? i have a stocking and put all of her favorite treats in it. she also has bells to put on her halter and antlers. her stall is all decorated too. any ideas of just something fun i can put in her stocking? - she cant be ridden and also doesnt need a new halter or lead rope. she also just got brand new brushes (she does need a mane and tail brush though, so maybe just that?) idk! any ideas appreciated!

    BQ1: what are you getting your trainer/horsey friends for christmas?

    BQ2: what are you getting your horse for christmas?

    thanks in advance! (:

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  • what should i say (job inquire)?

    i saw an add for a local stable that was hiring. they just want someone to clean stalls and turn in/out horses on the weekends and maybe once a twice during the week. the add was from awhile ago, but i have heard that they always need help, nobody works there for too long. i was thinking about contacting them and seeing if they need some help. how should i approach them? should i call or email them? what do i say? this would be my first actual job, so any advice would be apprecitated!

    thanks in advance (:

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  • what to wear and bring to horse show (+BQ)?

    so im going to a horse show monday, im not showing, im going with my trainer and two of my barn friends who are showing. i already asked about what i should wear, i got good answers, but everybody said something kind of different and im still unsure. the weather is going to be 90+ degrees realllyyyy hot. should i wear jeans or is it okay if i wear jean trainer said i could, but i dont want to stick out..ive never been to a horse show before, do people wear shorts? if i wear shorts, should i wear sneakers? if i wear jeans i was thinking of wearing my riding boots..your opinion?

    also, i want to bring a bag..what should i bring? i was thinking my ipad to take pictures, my phone, a little snack, two bottles of water, and money. anything else i need? what kind of bag should i bring? im not a fan of purses or anything, could i bring like a draw string backpack? i also have a small, cute vera bradley backpack..should i use that? say the bags you like best, my mom has a bunch of different kinds/styles that i could use! sorry for all the questions! please be as specific as possible. also, its an english show..our barn is showing in w/t/c and some small jumps. the riders going are around the age of 13..its a pretty big show though. thanks in advance! (:

    BQ: what was your first horse show like? did you show? or just go with your friends/family/trainer/ect.? if you showed, did you place? just tell me all about your first show!

    BQ: what kind of boots do you wear to muck out stalls and do other barn work? i just have cheap rubber ones, but im looking into better ones, mine give me blisters :/ (links are appreciated!)

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  • what should i wear (horse show)?

    soo im going to a horse show on monday, but im not showing. im going with my trainer and three of my barn friends who are showing..i wont be riding, ill just be helping with the horses and stuff. i dont know what to wear. my trainer said i could wear anything, even flip flops and short shorts if i wanted.hahah. im not going to wear that though! i just dont know, its an english show, i dont want to look professional, but i dont want to look like a bum. here are the clothes i have that i could wear;


    yoga pants

    yoga capris


    jean shorts

    running shorts


    riding boots

    work boots (there the rubber kind)

    sneakers (running, converse, or other crappy sneakers)

    flip flops

    as for a shirt, i have well fitting t-shirts, i was going to wear one of them.

    sorry! i wasnt sure what to wear and i dont want to embarrass myself at the show :p thanks in advance (:

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  • what riding clothes should i buy? and BQ?

    im a 16 year old girl, i have been riding english for three years now. i have never had any real riding clothes because i couldnt afford it, plus i wasnt showing so i didnt make my mom go out and buy me any special clothes. i have been riding in cheap jeans, $10 boots from walmart, and a $30 helmet. i switched barns last year and have been feeling awkward because its a huge show barn and everybody always looks very professional there. i have saved up $300 and got really good grades in school, so my mom is taking me to a tack shop to buy actual riding clothes - there arent any tack stores near me, we have to drive a good hour and a half to find one. anyway, im so excited(: theres just one problem, i have absolutely no idea what to buy! im still not planning to show, so it doesnt have to be anything super expensive. i know i want riding pants, should i just get breeches? and for boots, maybe just paddock boots? should i get half chaps too? should i get any special riding shirts? like polos or something? as for a helmet, whats a good brand thats not extremely expensive? i also dont want it to be extremely big, the one i have now makes it look like i have two heads. haha. what else should i get?

    sorry for all the questions (and the fact that this is kind of long), im just really happy and i want to buy all the right clothes! any questions, just ask and ill answer! thanks in advance (:

    BQ: what do you wear when you ride? what about when you just hang out at the barn (groom, muck, ect.)?

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  • wooden tack trunks?! plus other questions?

    im not getting a horse for at least another year, but when i get one, i will need a tack trunk! i am planning on getting a wooden one, but i have a few questions; are wooden ones better? what kind of wooden tack trunks do you like the best and why? whats all included when you get it? where can you buy it? links would be helpful too!

    - what do you have in your tack trunk? (i know this will be hard to answer because there is so much stuff and you might not remember it all, you dont have to be overly specific, but if you want to, you can!)

    - do you keep your blankets in there or do you have a seperate bin for them?

    - what all should be in a tack trunk?

    - about how big should your tack trunk be?

    if you have any questions or anything, just ask and ill be happy to answer them!

    thanks in advance (:

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  • should i do this? would it be an awkward situation?

    i didnt really know what to put the question on the top as, sorry if it dosent make sense. anyway, with in the next year or so i am hopefully going to be looking for a first horse. i have been riding for almost three years now. i switched trainers a year ago, when i switched trainers, it was kind of a weird situation. my old trainer would never return my phone calls and would always make excuses on why i couldnt have a lesson. also, i was riding with her for two years and i was only walking and trotting on the lunge line. half the time i would just walk around in a little circle and we would talk. i knew nothing about horses, there care, or riding. nobody in my family rides so we didnt know if this was normal or not, unitl we started talking to a family friend. i then just left my old trainer. i didnt tell her i was leaving or anything. it was about three months later and she texted me asking me if i was going to come for a lesson soon and i kinda just said, "idk, i dont know how much i can afford it, im still riding though!" she kind of was just like oh. and, it wasnt a lie. i couldnt afford lessons then, but it wasnt 100% the truth. i just remember this pony i rode a few times when i was there. he is about 14hh and super sweet and i have always loved him. i always think about him, its kind of weird. haha. anyway, the other day on facebook i saw that he was for sale. under the circumstances, would it be weird if i talked to her about me buying him, or maybe even leasing him? i just wouldnt really know what to say or how to bring it up. i have only talked to her i think twice since i stopped riding with her. what do you think? should i just forget about it? what should i say to her? thanks for reading this! sorry its kind of long! of you have any questions, just ask! thanks in advance (:

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  • would this be rude or offensive or something?

    sooo i dont really know how to word this, but i will try my best!

    i have been riding at my recent barn for a year with my current trainer. she is the best trainer and all the horses there are amazing! in the summer and over the holidays i always go up there and help her with the daily chores and stuff. and i take lessons usually everyother week, sometimes once a week. i have been offered a job at a different barn for in the summer and on the weekends during the school year. would it be rude to take the job? i would still be taking lessons with my trainer and helping her. also, my mom and i have been talking about me getting a horse, but its too expensive where i ride so we found somewhere else a little bit cheaper. would that be a bad idea too? i really want to make it somewhere in the horse world when i get older. pretty much just owning my own barn with lessons, training, ect. and i feel like my trainer could help me get there. and so i want to get as much experience as possible. im only 16 by the way. just give your honest opinion! if you have any questions just ask! thanks in advance (:

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  • meetinga horse for the first time. i have a few questions?

    soo tomorrow i am finally meeting this horse forthe first time. i will be taking care of her for a while while her owner is a few states away at school. the horse is about 30 years old. as far as i know, im not going to be riding her. i met the owner for the first time yesterday and we just said hito eachother and that was it. soo my questions:

    1. what should i wear? since i dont think ill be riding, i was just thinking jeans and a pair of sneakers. is this okay or no? i want to make a good impression

    2. what all questions should i ask her? or what should i talk to her about?

    3. how many times a week should i agree on seeing her horse?

    4. what all do you think she will have me do?

    if i think of anything else ill add it! ask any questions you like, ill be sure to comment almost right away! thank you in advance, im just nervous that ill do something wrong and she wont want me near her horse or something. haha. (:

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  • are there any free websites that you can make a powerpoint on?

    i want to make a powerpoint presentation for my mom. i cant find any online. im trying to make it on my ipad. i would like for the website to be free. or, if you know of any apps i could make one on? last year i made one on the computer, and i thought it was through google but i couldnt find it. thanks (:

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  • how high can a cat fall from without hurting itself?

    i understand that a cat can hurt itself even falling from very short distances. im not asking this to test it or anything, i have 7 cats, all taken care of, healthy, and very spoiled. haha. anyway, my one cat loves climbing ontop of my one set of shelves. the shelf is exactly 6 feet high, and he always jumps onto from the desk aside of it. he always wants to jump right down onto the floor then. i think its more of a game to him, but it gets me very nervous. everytime he does this, i get a chair and carefully take him off of the shelf. i think its because i dont trust him, he is very clumsy and sometimes his balance is a little off. hes just my baby im so afraid that hes gunna get hurt. hes only one and a half. should i let him jump down by himself? it just seems so far down and there isnt even a lot of space on the floor to have him jump down from. i have heard that cats can jump down up to about 2 stories? is this true? please help, im just worried. thanks in advance(:

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  • would you/have you ever done this? or know of anybody that has?

    so i was on craigslist and i saw this add, the lady said that she needed help with some of her horses, that she doesnt always have the time to ride them all and wanted someone to ride them for her. she also said that maybe someone would like to go on a trail ride with her (using one of her horses). she gave a phone number. she is located only about 10 minutes away from me and this seems like a good opportunity for me. most of the time i only ride everyother week because i cant afford lessons, but with this maybe i could be riding once or twice a week. should i contact her and ask about details? if so, what should i say? would there be any money envolved? would you trust something like this? what are your opinions on this? you can be 100% honest, i wont judge. you can ask any questions too, ill be sure to answer them. thanks in advance(:

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  • am i ready to own a horse? your opinions?

    so putting money and stuff aside, i just want to know if i have enough experience with horses to be able to own. heres a little about me:

    i started riding english when i was 13. i knew absolutely nothing about horses then. i just always loved all animals and was begging my mom for YEARS to let me start riding. up until i was almost 15, i got awful instruction on how to ride. i would go for my lesson once a week and she would just have me on the lounge line, walking with a little bit of trotting. it was awful. my family didnt really know anything about horses so we didnt know if this was right or not, but we didnt think so, so we talked to my neighbor's daughter in law about it (she is very experienced with horses). i was riding for two years and i couldnt even post my trot correctly, i knew nothing about leads, two point, ect. thats when we decided to leave that trainer. i began with a new trainer a few months after and i have progressed SOO much! its really weird to think back about everything i learned with her. i actually enjoy riding now and im doing so many different things that i never even knew exsisted. i have been going to her for almost a year now. now im 16 and this is what i can do (riding wise):

    - walk

    - posting trot

    - sitting trot

    - diagnals

    - jump crossrails - i did it for the first time yesterday(:

    - back

    - two point while walking, trotting, and standing

    - walk & trot over poles

    - also, i have cantered twice before, they were both on accident, amd werent with this trainer, the first time i fell off and the second time i was on a trailride with a horse that was hard to control (i was in a western saddle though) but, my trainer now says that i am going to start cantering with in the next few weeks.

    i feel like im forgetting something, if i remember i will add it later on. also, i can do all of these things confidently and pretty well.

    as far as other stuff goes:

    - i can tack and untack a horse without any help

    - i know how to properly muck out stalls

    - i know the difference between some types of hay

    - i know the difference between some types of grain

    - i can turn out and bring in horses on my own

    - i know how to properly lounge a horse

    - i know about feeding and watering horses daily

    - i am very confident around horses both on the ground and in the saddle

    - i can recognize some common health issues (colic, ect.)

    - i have ridden many horses with different riding habbits and can adjust to them pretty easily

    - i can tell horses moods by body language

    - i have worked properly with both difficult and young horses on the ground before

    - i understand how much horses cost and how much work is envolved with them

    - i have handled some tricky situations, maturely, on both the ground and while riding

    - on the weekends, during the holidays, and in the summer i go up to the barn and clean up to seven stalls, ride two or three horses, water, turnout, and feed.

    if i can think of anything else, ill add it. sorry this is so long, thank you for reading and for the answers. if you have any questions just ask and ill answer! please be 100% honest but not in a super mean way. haha. thanks again(:

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  • free music downloading websites?

    what are some good websites that you can download music from for free? i just got my ipad and i domtnkmow what website to use. my music from my computer wont download onto my ipad, so i need to know. any suggestions appreciated. thanks(:

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  • Just got my ipad mini.. i have a few questions?

    1. should i completely charge it before i use it?

    2. i got a card thing so that i could go to the apple store and they could help me with switching my email, apps, ect. should i take it to them first before i put any other apps on it or anything?

    3. i was thinking about getting it one of those covers with a keyboard. do you suggest this? why or why not?

    4. any good apps to download? whats your favorite? which do you suggest?

    thanks in advance(:

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  • how would you be able to do it possible to do this?

    so next week is my birthday and my mom is going to get me an ipad mini. i have and ipod touch and i wanted to know if i could transfer all of my music and games and everything onto my ipad. is it possible to do this, and if so, how? also, on the ipad mini, are there free games or are they all 99 cents and up? i only ever got free games, and if you have to pay for them then i would really want to transfer them. haha. would i do what i did when i got my new ipod and just plug it into the computer, or what? thanks for the answers(:

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  • newest ipad or ipod touch? which would you buy and why?

    the question pretty much explains itself, but my birthday is next week and my mom is either letting me get a new ipod or the ipad. which would you get? why? which one do you think is better? which is more portable? i think im kind of leaning toward a new ipod so i can take it everywhere, because its tinyer and everything. and plus, i have a laptop.. so i dont know. i really dont know anything about either. so just give me your opinion, thanks!(:

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  • what "games" could i play with her?

    my trainers friend is keeping her horse at my trainers house and i get to spend time with her. what are some fun things i can do with her? im going to be going to visit her two to three times a week and for however long i want. for the first time or two i was just going to groom her off, and let her get to know me. but then after that i was hoping to do something a little fun with her out in the arena. she is very old and cannot be ridden. what could i do? i was thinking of teaching her how to shake or give hugs or something but i just dont know. i was also thinking of setting up a little course with cones, ground poles, and anything else i could find. i was also thinking of one of those big ball things, but i dont know. i have never meet this horse before, so i dont know what she is like. what do you suggest? any answers appreciated! thanks and happy holidays(:

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  • what all a horse should know?

    when it comes to training, when the person says that the horse is greenbroke, what exactly does that mean? also, when they say that they have had 30 days professional training? what about 60 days professional training? and 90 days professional training? what all should the horse be able to do in the ring and know about riding when it comes to these terms? im just curious. thank you and Happy Holidays!(:

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