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  • when I move my head my shoulder hurts (Doctors welcomed)?

    I was a color guard practice and I did something really simple but for some reason it injured my shoulder, but the pain is sharp and it only hurts when I move my head. When I move my shoulder I'm fine but if my shoulders are relaxed and I tilt my head anyway i feel this sharp pain in the middle of my shoulder and it not something that can be rubbed out or fix with a epsom salt bath, it's not even sore, and I'm pretty sure it's in the muscle and not in the bone. I'm just looking for anyone that might have experienced this or heard of it and give me some advice or tips

    2 AnswersInjuries7 years ago
  • I have no muse someone please give me inspiration?

    I love writing poetry but lately I have trouble finding good inspiration. I will start a poem but I can't seem to finish it someone give me good inspiration PLEASE!!!!

    5 AnswersPoetry7 years ago
  • I feel as if my butt is not as big as everyone make it seem?

    I believe that my butt is big compared to my waist I think everyone else is exaggerating

    People always make comments on like why is your butt so big, or do you do squats? it makes me feel uncomfortable and i personally don't thank have a big but is great thing i hate buying jeans because i always have to wear a belt with them and i feel like boys only like me for it

  • What's a good Punishment?

    I do color guard and the rule was that I cannot have anything lower than a D on my report card if I wanted to continue into the next season or do any other extra curricular activities. Well I received two D's that were only 1 or 2 points away from C's, so my mother told me that she would not make me quit color guard because she realized that I was trying, but she said it will not go unpunished. The new deal is that if I want to continue color guard I must make up my own punishment that seems fair. Taking my phone isn't an option because I go very far away from home for competitions and my mom needs to reach me. So what are some good creative, different punishment ideas?

    5 AnswersAdolescent7 years ago
  • What to do with my life?

    I liked him because he could hold a conversation and i needed a little bit of attention and affection. He ask me to be his girlfriend to belong to him, and I am his girlfriend but he's not my boyfriend, and I feel, I know if I continue down this path that I will love him, and I dont want to. So what to do should i just ride it out because i don't wanna be lonely, or just let it go and please don't answer if never having been in my shoes because its easy to judge looking in the looking out

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  • What are the lyrics to Alysia Harris's Death poem?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Can someone please write in the answer the lyrics to the poem above

    I can't find them everybody like its so easy to find and its not so please just write it out or give me the link to the lyrics if just that easy

    4 AnswersPoetry8 years ago