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Hi! I love Y!A and I watch way too much TV! You can find me answering questions in: Music & Music Players Polls & Surveys Drama Rock & Pop Celebrities Baby Names Soap Operas And sometimes I go to other categories. More about me: *I love music! In fact I'm addicted to music, I must have have it in my life! *Though I am addicted to music, I hate Rap (but I love Linkin Park), R&B, Hiphop, and Country *My favorite band is Fall Out Boy! *My favorite singer is Kelly Clarkson *My favorite TV show is "Lost". *My favorite movie is "Finding Nemo* *I love playing the Sims 2 in my free time. * I am a college junior which is why you might find me asking questions in some of the academic categories. *I finally reached Level 7 on December 5,2009! *I am a big fan of Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter) and Lumi (Days of Our Lives). *Formerly known as RonandHermione Forever and Put Lumi Back Together!

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