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  • 可以幫我解釋題目的意思和從文章中找出答案嗎?

    (1) In what country is the World Economic Forum located?

    (2) The top four tourist locations are located in what continent?

    (3) What are Taiwan's strengths as a tourist attraction?

    (4) What are Taiwan's weaknesses as a tourist attraction?

    (5) How many tourists came to Taiwan, last year?

    (6) Please, clearly identify and define at least five, domestic, marketing terms from this article (or, closely related to this article.)

    Taiwan's travel and tourism competitiveness was ranked 30th in the world and fourth in Asia, according to the results of a survey recently released by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum.

    It marks the first time the nation has been included in a global tourism rating.

    Previous similar surveys did not include Taiwan, due to the nation not being a member of the World Tourism Organization or the World Travel and Tourism Council.

    The survey, the first of its kind published by the forum, covered 124 economies.

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