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  • Ford Explorer 04' Misfire Puzzle - Help!?

    I have an 04 Explorer, 4.0 105,000 miles. Ive owned it for 8 months. When I bought it (96000 miles) we done a complete tune up. Wires, plugs, coil pack, air filter, you name it. I had the oil changed immediately and continued to on time since. It has ran beautifully since day one with no mechanical trouble. There has been a slight (very slight) miss in it when idling but you have to set very still to detect it. Last tuesday after driving for about 30 min. I was going about 35 MPH and all of a sudden I felt a strong vibration coming from the front end. I let off the gas and it stopped. Pressed the gas and it continued. Very little power loss if any just a strong vibration. The CEL came on, blinking at 1st then stayed on the further I drove. I only drove about 2 miles and then I parked it and called AAA. While waiting for AAA, I re cranked it a few time and it cranked fine even ran fine... just lots of vibration coming from the engine. Had it towed to my backyard mechanic who read the CEL code and it came back misfire cyl 4, 5, & 6. He couldnt find anything after 4 hours so he took it to a muffler shop to see if it was the catalytic converter. Muffler shop says its all clear and suggests timing???. It cranks fine (they even drove it on/ff the rollback). Runs but hesitates/ misses w/ CEL on. All new Plugs/ Wires/ and coil pack. Any suggestions or similar experiences? At a loss for who to take it to next.

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  • Movie name? Mentally Handicapped Young girl. African American family.?

    I was watching The Color Purple this weekend and it reminded me of another film set probably in the same era (early 1900s to the 1940s). I remember the details vaguely. One of the characters was a young African American female (very light skinned) who appeared to be mentally handicapped and near the end of the movie she had become pregnant. For some reason I think she may have been made to sleep out back in a shed/ shack separate from the other family members. Ive searched the internet for 2 days and Ive come up empty handed. Thanks for any answers! Even wrong ones :-)

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  • Gamestop? Pokemon Download?

    OK Im a 33 year old mom and Im so confused! I have a 9 year old who has a DSi and some kids at school told him if he takes his DSi to Gamestop they can download some kind of rare pokemon for him. Is this so? Does it cost anything? Im not going in there and asking them about it (Sounds kind of ridiculous to me, but I am 33 though). Hope someone knows what Im talking about!

    Thanks -

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  • Tires 31x10.5-R15 to P265/75-R15 ? will it be a problem?

    96 Ford Bronco with 4 31x10.5-R15 size tires. 2 are bad, 2 are still quite good. I am going to replace the bad ones and leave the 2 good ones on the back. I want to put the two new ones on the front ofcourse but I want to go back with the factory size of 265/75-R15. Will having these 2 different sizes on the vehicle be a problem?

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  • used Explorer, 97000 miles, change Trans Fluid?

    I bought an 04 2WD 4.0 Ford Explorer used w/ 97000 miles. No maintenance records. There are no leaks all the fluids look good and are full. There is a slight missing when idling but very faint. Im planning to change the air filter and have the oil changed as precautions because I dont know when it was last done. Because of the missing I will alos change the plugs & wires and use a good fuel injection cleaner. My question is should I have the trans fluid changed since I dont know when it was last done or if it has ever been done? I have already ruled out flushing it.

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • long arrival time Russian Federation.?

    I sell items on eBay overseas and I have my first problem. I sold an item to a buyer in the Russian Federation 11/11/10. The item has a tracking number and arrived abroad and was sorting in Moscow on 12/6/10. That is the last update for the tracking number. The buyer is asking for a full refund until the item arrives. This seems unfair because the item I sold is in the Russian Federation, it has the correct address on it provided by paypal. So my item is obviously in his country. Im worried he will open a dispute with paypal and they will force me to refund his $300. Plus his $40 for shipping. Has anyone had any trouble shipping to the Russian Federation and took a long time to arrive?

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  • Stomach pain nausea ever since last Seroquel refill. Help please.?

    My 9 year old (Aspergers w/ ADHD, and mood disorder, possible bipolar) has been on Seroquel 50 mg at bedtime for more than two years, along with other meds. I had it refilled on 11/30 and ever since then he has had stomach pain and nausea every evening right after taking it. The pill doesn't look different but I'm worried there may be something wrong with this batch since the pain happens only at night after taking it and didn't start until right after I had it refilled. After tonight I'm stopping it until he sees the doctor Wednesday. Anyone have something similar happen?

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  • Wrong weight on my shipping label?

    I printed a shipping label through I weighed everything before I packed it, including the shipping box and it was 4lbs. I entered 4lbs and printed the label. after I packed it up, it actually weighs 4lbs & 4ounces. I cant void the label, when I drop it off at the post office can I just pay them to add additional postage to the box and still use the same label/ delivery confirmation number?

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  • How does Adt install the keypad?

    I have ADT coming tomorrow to install a basic alarm system. Im curious how they install & hook up the keypad? I mean how do they run power to it?

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  • where can I watch Hero factory season 1, episode 4 online?

    My son missed the last episode of this show and the only thing I can find is a really bad version on youtube with horrible sound.

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  • Help, 9 yr old picky eater, No peanuts at school!?

    So this is the 3rd yr his school has been "peanut free". My son has Asperger's disorder and people with this are notorious for being picky eaters. My son will only eat a select few things period. So I pack his lunch every day. Since there is no way to warm up any food he may want to bring to school for lunch the only other option for him is peanut butter sandwiches. Once the school went peanut free.. we were at a loss of what to do! So I tried heating things he will eat just prior to leaving for school and insulating them to try and keep them warm but by noon most of the food has been room temperature. So at this point he is taking toast (because he doesnt like the texture of plain bread), fruit, yogurt (that I freeze so it stays cold) chips and a desert. I feel so horrible for not providing him with a balanced lunch. He will only eat: mac n cheese, spaghetti, certain chicken nuggets (its a texture issue), plain noodles, peperoni pizza without tomato sauce, scrambled eggs, waffles, peanut butter, potatos, toasted bread, biscuts, - I have to be creative with sneaking in the vegetables and cutting the fat! He will not eat: sandwich meat, cheese, hot dogs, burgers, chicken. So Im trying to think of something I can send to school for his lunch that doesnt need to be heated. Im open to any and all suggestions! thank you!

    7 AnswersGrade-Schooler1 decade ago
  • Transformer question, help!?

    my son has been a Transformer Fanatic for several years and has been trying to find out the name for one particular one that he seen in a random video. It supposedly has a boat & a drill for each of his feet and a dumpster & helicopter as each of his arms/hands. He thinks its a very old character. Does anyone know who he is talking about?

    1 AnswerToys1 decade ago
  • Sturgis, do you have to own a bike to go?

    My husband and I really want to go to Sturgis one year.... if for nothing else but the great bands that play there. My husband says we can't go if we dont own Motorcycles. Is that true? I mean has anyone else been who just drove their car?

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  • Burger King Iced Coffee?

    Is it available all day or only during breakfast?

    1 AnswerFast Food1 decade ago
  • Will flexeril hurt my stomach ulcer?

    I have a stomach ulcer that is being treated but my menstrual cramps are awful. Tylenol isnt helping and obviously I can't take Ibuprofen.

    I have some flexeril and I know it will help with the cramps... will it hurt my ulcer?

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Help! First Time Home Buyer credit?

    I bought a home for $128K in 2009. Amended my 2008 return to claim the credit. Married filing separately. But I bought the home with a co signer who is not my spouse. I only claimed $4000, but I believe I was eligible for the full $8000 since I was the only buyer eligible for the credit and I didn't buy the home with my spouse. If I am eligible for the full $8000, how do I go about getting the other $4000 since I already filed an amended 2008 return to claim the first $4000.

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • I am looking for the blue floral fabric JCPenny Johanna Quilt?

    I bought this quilt since it was on sale but the accessories are still a bit pricey for me. Im trying to find the blue pattern used for the bed skirt to make Pillows .. etc.

    One woman mentioned finding the pattern on a fabric web site but I check that entire web site and it must not be available any longer. Any help finding this pattern would be greatly appriciated!

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • 8 month old Basset puppy drinks own urine?

    We have an 8 month old Basset Hound. He is "almost" house broken. We take him out continuously through out the day and he holds his poos until we go out (he used to do it inside and the promptly eat it.) He pees 2 or 3 times an hour. (no urinary tract or bladder infection) and he has always done this and promptly laps it up, cleaning up his messes. now that we have him trained as far as pooing inside Im trying to find out if there is something we can give him that will make his urine taste bad. He will only do it inside if he can lick it up, I feel if I can make it taste bad then he will not do it inside because he can't lick it up. I've tried "NO" and other things to discourage it but it hasn't worked. He doesnt hike his leg either , he just squats randomly so trying to catch him and rush him out the door doesnt work that easily, you can hardly tell he has done it until you hear the licking sound. Thanks!

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Central A/C not cooling right, after service & repair?

    I have an older central A/C unit, its been service correctly, I keep the filter changed . earlier this summer we had the fan motor replaced and about a month ago the air coming out at the vents was about 70 degrees so we had a repair guy come out and he said the coils were dirty so he clean those real good. started working fine immediately. (58 degrees). a month later the air is reading 70 degrees at the vents again. Freon level checked and that is fine. What could be the problem now?

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Crue fest 2 question for anyone who has already been?

    anyone who has been to Crue fest 2, what time did the gates open and about what time did Charm City Devils hit the stage?

    1 AnswerRock and Pop1 decade ago